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Hairdressing scissors Takai hair clipper scissors Dual 50 S-2028, size 5,0 inches
  •  With Hamaguri cut
  •  Professional hair scissors
  •  upper price segment
Price-performance winner


Barber scissors ZWILLING TWINOX hair scissors, stainless steel 14cm
  •  I got caught
  •  readjusted
  •  Professional tools
  •  very good workmanship


Hairdressing scissors Olivia Garden SilkCut hair cutting scissors 5 S-1002, 75 ”right hand
  •  Planner cut
  •  very sharp
  •  very durable
  •  ideal for beginners


Hairdressing scissors Jaguar 14574 Gold Line CC39 5,5 inch, 1er Pack (1 x 1 pieces)
  •  With toothed blade
  •  high quality
  •  stainless


Barber Scissors Victorinox Barber Scissors Stainless 17 cm
  •  Swiss army knife tradition
  •   very high quality
  •  without finger hook
Name Hairdressing scissors Takai hair clipper scissors Dual 50 S-2028, size 5,0 inches Barber scissors ZWILLING TWINOX hair scissors, stainless steel 14cm Hairdressing scissors Olivia Garden SilkCut hair cutting scissors 5 S-1002, 75 ”right hand Hairdressing scissors Jaguar 14574 Gold Line CC39 5,5 inch, 1er Pack (1 x 1 pieces) Barber Scissors Victorinox Barber Scissors Stainless 17 cm
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comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5Excellentbarber scissors

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,6goodbarber scissors

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodbarber scissors

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodbarber scissors

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodbarber scissors

Manufacturers Takai Hairdressing Scissors ZWILLING TWINOX Olivia Garden SilkCut hair trimmer Jaguar 14574 Gold Line Victorinox hairdressing scissors
Material Enrichi Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Length kA of 14 cm kA kA 17cm
Sound Hamaguri-cut with micro-toothing Polished blade Modeling scissors with micro-toothing with micro-toothing
Handle 5,0 ?? 5,5 inches, customizable with plastic rings medium size, adaptable with plastic rings 5,75 inches, suitable for right-handers 5,5 inches, customizable with plastic rings medium size, suitable for left and right-handers
With finger hooks?
Readjustable joint?
Features The concave cut and the convex cutting allow a very precise haircut. If the handle seems too small for you, you can expand it by removing the plastic rings. The Olivia Garden hair scissors is ground flat, but convinces with outstanding sharpness, which is preserved for a long time. The toothed blade allows a versatile application. The traditional Swiss company Victorinox stands for high quality.
  •  With Hamaguri cut
  •  Professional hair scissors
  •  upper price segment
  •  I got caught
  •  readjusted
  •  Professional tools
  •  very good workmanship
  •  Planner cut
  •  very sharp
  •  very durable
  •  ideal for beginners
  •  With toothed blade
  •  high quality
  •  stainless
  •  Swiss army knife tradition
  •   very high quality
  •  without finger hook
Summary An original Japanese hair scissors at its best. The steel used is specially made for the forging of these scissors. The cut is also extraordinary! Zwilling is a well-known manufacturer of cutlery and scissors and knives. This hair scissors offers beginners and professionals a solid tool of good quality. Olivia Garden places special emphasis on the lifelong quality of his scissors. In fact, the Olivia Garden hair scissors is characterized by enormous longevity. Jaguar is not only in the area of ​​cars for the special. The toothed hair scissors is of high quality and meets professional demands. If you own a Swiss army knife, you probably also know Victorinox. The traditional Swiss company offers with this hair scissors high quality for a solid price. Top for beginners!
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Our comparison chart for Barber scissors comparison does not replace one Barber scissors testin which a special Barber scissors test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external hairdressing scissors test Trusted sources. Only you decide which model your personal Barber scissors test winner is.


Using the barber scissors to cut hair like a pro

Washing, cutting, refreshing, setting accents, blow drying and styling? And please every four weeks? If you recognize yourself in it, you are a person who likes to put a lot of value on their appearance. But surely you have asked yourself more often, can not I just do it myself? For example, if only the pony is one centimeter too long or the tips have a bit of split ends? Many people go far more pragmatically and regularly cut their hair at home. Whether it is the simple 3mm cut in men with the electric razor or the tips of the girlfriend, maybe a bit more stepped through. Even with pets, many people save eg the dog hairdresser and do the haircut comfortably at home. Always with you: one professional barber scissors, The special blade shape and the cut make it a precision tool when it comes to hair cutting. Reason enough for, five of the most popular hair scissors to compare more closely.

At a glance

  • A barber scissors is characterized by long, straight blades. Often, a special cut supports the straight cutting of the hair. The best barber scissors from Japan are ground much more elaborate.
  • The Buy hair scissors is often the eye size (technical term for the handle holes) specified. 5,0 and 5,5 are common sizes. With reduction rings (removable plastic rings), the hair scissors can be customized.
  • The materials are Stainless Steel or Steel alloys, A Hair scissors buy cheap is possible, but only high quality Hair cutting scissors keen for years. Good steel can also be regrind easily.

This distinguishes a barber scissors

At first glance, a barber scissors does not look extraordinary. Usually off Stainless Steel or Steel alloys made, they look like conventional household scissors. But if you take it in your hand, the differences are quickly apparent: A small finger hook supports the hand with the cutting movements. The inside of the handle may still have a rubber coating. The blades are equally long and very straight. If you look at the best hair scissors exactly, you can see the micro-toothing, which holds the hair during the cut.

You see, that one hairdressing scissors can not shave with eg household scissors on a comb. Before we follow you step by step to best barber scissors We would like to show you the most important advantages and disadvantages of the hair scissors:

Top product barber scissors:

JAGUAR hairdressing scissors PRE STYLE Relax 5.5 - hair scissors in ergonomic offset design - satin finish | Made in Germany
  • SOLID BASIC SCISSORS: The PRE STYLE RELAX hairdressing scissors in the size 5.5 inches offer good quality, are reliable and inexpensive.
  • COMFORTABLE: The one-sided micro-serration of these hair scissors prevents the hair from slipping.
  • SATIN FINISH LOOK: The brass-colored screw and the finger hook show a nice contrast to the silver-matt finish of the ...
  • ERGONOMIC FORM: The hairdressing scissors in an offset design with an angled thumb eye ensure an ergonomic hand position and relaxes ...
  • QUALITY MADE IN GERMANY: Traditional Solingen company since 1932

Advantages and disadvantages of the hair scissors


Cuts hair smoothly and precisely

Very sharp, rarely needs to be reground

Handle and finger hooks support the cutting movements

made of high quality steel


More expensive compared to the household scissors

Requires care and careful handling

Which barber scissors type is right for me?

No matter if yours Order barber scissors online or buy at a specialty store: they should be the different ones Haarschere Know types. That's the only way you can get yours best hairdressing scissors choose.

Barber scissors with micro-toothing

Wie der Barber scissors comparison has revealed micro-toothed barber scissors Bestseller, No wonder, because the fine teeth on the blade hold the hair tight and cut very precisely. This makes barber scissors with micro-toothing ideal for beginners and laymen. There are hairdressing scissors with one or both sides micro-toothing available.

Hairdressing scissors with micro-toothing in comparison:

  • Twin Twinox barber scissors
  • Jaguar Gold Line
  • Victorinox hairdressing scissors

Barber scissors with polished blade

Barber scissors with polished blade are often found at professional hairdressers. Although the handling requires some practice and skill, the barber scissors with polished blade allows very accurate cuts. It is ideal for cutting tip and is characterized by unusual sharpness.

Polished barber scissors in comparison:

  • Olivia Garden Silk Cut


A ThinningLike the Jaguar Gold Line barber scissors, it has a heavily ribbed blade. Due to the comb shape only about half of the hair is cut off. This gives the hairstyle volume and makes the hair lighter overall. The Thinning is only used when the basic form of the hairstyle already exists.

Hair scissors Purchase guide: How to find the right barber scissors

Maybe you already have an idea, which Barber scissors Your comparison winner could be. So you get that Try hairdressing scissors we have summarized the most important purchase criteria for you. So you are on the safe side.

buying criteria

  • Material


A Barber scissors buy cheap is possible, but we do not recommend this. To ensure optimal care for your hair and to purchase a durable product, you should become one Stainless steel barber scissors to grab. Although these are arranged in the middle price segment, they are characterized by high quality. The steel used for the hairdressing scissors in hair scissors comparison is stainless and stays sharp for a long time. Are you looking for a special hairdressing scissors? Then we can recommend you the Japanese barber scissors. These excellent barber scissors are used by professionals in the best salons. The steel used is a specially made alloy and the grinding is done by a master craftsman.

  • Cut

As explained in detail above, various Barber scissors types in comparison considered. The Hair scissors offer ranges from micro-serrated blade over the polished barber scissors to modeling scissors. While the micro-serrated barber scissors are best suited for beginners and laymen, special techniques such as slicing are only possible with the polished barber scissors. When slicing the hair scissors is led obliquely through the hair to create smooth transitions.

Note: The cut of the barber scissors says nothing about the sharpness of the blade. hairdressing scissors are generally characterized by an extraordinary sharpness. To properly care for your best hairdressing scissors, you can regrind them every now and then. This is especially recommended for frequent use, for example in the hairdressing trade.

  • Handle and reduction rings

The eyes, as the handle holes of barber scissors are also called, have a standardized size. This will, like the Barber scissors comparison showed in inches. Important here is only the rough guideline, since the so-called reduction rings, the eye size can be adjusted individually. The soft plastic or rubber rings can be removed on request to enlarge the handles. When a Barber scissors in hair scissors comparison with reduction rings, we have noted this for you.

  • Barber scissors for left-handers

Not only items such as Fountain are made especially for left-handers. Also the best barber scissors is as Left-handed scissors available. A left-handed barber scissors can be recognized by the fact that the inside of the upper blade faces the handle. That is, when the scissors are held with the left hand, the cutting edge is visible. Have the hairdressing scissors manufacturer made a note on this issue, so we have noted this in barber scissors comparison.

Which known manufacturers for hairdressing scissors is there?

Among the best known manufacturers for hairdressing scissors counting:

Twin | JaguarOlivia Garden | Victorinox



Olivia Garden:


The best-selling hairdressing scissors at the moment are:

PriceBestseller no. 1
Pamara hair scissors premium, extra sharp hairdressing scissors or thinning scissors, sharp and precise cut, perfect haircut for women and men, perfect ...
  • BEAUTIFUL CUTTING FOR EACH HAIR: first class for cutting and shortening full but also fine hair
  • PROBLEM FREE RETURNS: if you do not like the Pamara hair scissors, you can easily send them back to 30 days ...
  • ALSO SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS: The Pamara hair scissors is the perfect entry-level model for those who want to make their own haircut ...
  • Premium stainless steel hairdressing scissors -- Pamara hairdressing scissors are made of high-quality stainless steel, extremely sharp and precise....
  • Portable Hair Cutting Scissors -- Comes with a scissors case for safe carrying, a good choice as a gift for your...
Bestseller no. 2
Utopia Care 6.5 inch stainless steel hair scissors barber scissors - professional hair and beard cutting scissors - professional barber scissors - sharp, durable (silver)
  • High-quality hair scissors: 100% stainless steel for high durability and premium quality, with hand-crafted blades for optimal ...
  • Convenient Design: The super sharp blades can easily trim hair and achieve desired results with ease. That...
  • Versatile: It is the perfect tool to be used in the salon by barbers and hairdressers and for personal work, ...
  • Ergonomic handle: Ergonomically designed finger rest and non-slip handles with removable elastic band for superior grip and ...
  • DURABILITY: Our premium scissors are packaged with care and have the ability to remain functional for long periods of time. The...
Bestseller no. 3
Hair scissors, CIICII hairdressing scissors professional set 6,7 inches (hair cutting scissors & thinning scissors) hair beard trimming shaping care for men women pets family ...
  • ✄Premium material hair cutting scissors : ● CIICII hair scissors are made of titanium black coated 440C Japanese stainless steel, all ...
  • ✄Simple style & ergonomic design: ❶ Offset handle design - Very ergonomic & reduces fatigue ❷27 teeth ...
  • ✄Multipurpose hairdressing scissors: With a length of 170 mm, CIICII professional hair scissors are suitable for trimming hair care, ...
  • ✄ Great gift for DIY haircuts: CIICII hairdressing scissors set come with the gift leather case, It will be used as a gift for your ...
  • ✄ WHAT You Can Get: 1 × Hair Cutting Scissors, 1 × Hair Thinning Scissors, 1 × Haircut Comb, 2 × Hair Clips, 1 × ...

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Questions and answers about the hair scissors

The best hair scissors can sometimes cost a whole lot of money. For hairdressing professionals and star hairdressers, however, the purchase is worthwhile, as this Barber scissors comparison winner are in use every day. So that you can still cut hair after years like on the first day, some notes have to be observed. has researched for you the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

1. Is there a Stiftung Warentest hair scissors test?

Stiftung Warentest, that's the Test experts in almost every area of ​​life. A variety of products and services have already been scrutinized by the Consumer Protection Institute. On Barber scissors test Unfortunately, it was not among them. Therefore, the idea of ​​a barber scissors test winner at this point is unfortunately still out. However, Stiftung Warentest carried out a test in April 2016, which we would like to recommend: 11 commercially available hair tints have been tested. The testers tried to find out if a tint from the drugstore can replace the hairdresser's visit. The result: 10 products were satisfactory, only an intensive tint could not convince.

2. How do I properly take care of my barber scissors?

A sharp, rustproof and well maintained Haarschere not only makes the job easier for the hairdresser. Also the hair health benefits visibly from the best barber scissors, So that you still like to cut hair scissors after years with your personal comparison winner, there are some care instructions to note:

  • Except hair, nothing comes in the bag! Even if it is tempting to cut the plastic bag or the label with the nearest pair of scissors: For anything but hair, the barber scissors are off limits!
  • Treat yours Hair cutting scissors after each use a bath in lukewarm water. Occasionally, the use of a stainless steel cleaner This is only necessary for intensive use and not every cleaning.
  • Dry the barber scissors with a soft cloth and let it dry open.
  • For storage, the hair scissors should be closed and stored in a clean, dry place. Also make sure that the barber scissors are not kept together with other scissors, knives or metallic objects. By touching each other, the blades of all knives and scissors can become dull.
  • Treat yours best barber scissors occasionally a drop of care oil. It is true, less is more.
  • Yours should be at regular intervals Regrind hair scissors become. With a little practice, you can do it yourself. With micro-serrated hair scissors, you are on the safe side by having regrind.

3. What is meant by "hot scissors"?

One "Hot pair of scissors"Is a special one barber scissors, It can be connected to a wall socket and heats up, similar to a straighteners, Hair that is cut with the hot scissors should be less susceptible to split ends, as a seal of the hair tips takes place. Since a hot pair of scissors, however, requires years of experience in the hairdressing trade and the purchase is expensive, even a cut with the hot scissors costs a little more.

4. Which hairdresser tasks can I perform at home?

Do I have to go to the hairdresser for a small make over? Or maybe I can do some things myself? This question has certainly been asked by one or the other. As numerous "Fail" videos on the Internet prove, a homemade haircut can go completely wrong. So that you do not become the mockery of friends and colleagues, you should leave sophisticated styling and cuts in any case, your barber! Cutting tips or you can shorten the pony by one centimeter, but you can also do it yourself Application of hair masks Styling products can be comfortably performed in the private bathroom.

Video: The best men's haircuts 2016 / 2017


The best barber scissors Does not make a layman Professional hairdresser, But a high-quality hair scissors, such as our barber scissors comparison winner Takai, cares for the hair and makes the hairstyle look healthy. Hairdressing scissors like these are very expensive and are therefore mainly used in the best salons. But even the barber scissors home buying can be worthwhile. A DM barber scissors or a Rossmann hair scissors are cheap models that make cutting home easier.

Other recommended hairdressing scissors selected for you

What kind of product did the hairdressing scissors compare earned a top spot?

The product took the top spot in our ranking Hairdressing scissors Takai hair clipper scissors Dual 50 S-2028, size 5,0 inches earned and placed the crown among all other, also very good products.

Which manufacturers dominated the hairdressing scissors comparison of places 1 to 5?

From the many different manufacturers that are available in the hairdressing scissors, we have for you in our hairdressing scissors comparison such recognized manufacturers as Takai Hairdressing Scissors, ZWILLING TWINOX, Olivia Garden SilkCut hair trimmer, Jaguar 14574 Gold Line and Victorinox hairdressing scissors selected for you.

Which product is right in the hairdressing scissors comparison of Price and performance?

As the hairdressing scissors presented with the best price-performance ratio, the Barber scissors ZWILLING TWINOX hair scissors, stainless steel 14cm from us the classification regarding the best constellation.

What is the price range of the hairdressing scissors products in the Comparison were presented?

With us you can barber scissors Products for less than 15,50 € acquire. For all those who place more demands on quality, prices should start 246,99 € be expected.

Why did the editors of in the hairdressing scissors comparison these articles taken into account?

How did the editors compare in hairdressing scissors set the order of precedence?

Which top products belong to the hairdressing scissors comparison of, besides first place and the price-performance winner

Our hairdressing scissors comparison is mostly based on 5 different bestsellers, of which our editorial team chooses one in first place and one gets the rating as the price-performance winner. The other three Hairdressing scissors Takai hair clipper scissors Dual 50 S-2028, size 5,0 inches, Barber scissors ZWILLING TWINOX hair scissors, stainless steel 14cm and Hairdressing scissors Olivia Garden SilkCut hair cutting scissors 5 S-1002, 75 ”right hand but are at least as good, but only one can be the winner.


Hairdressing scissors test & comparison guide

So choose the best barber scissors Product from our Test- Or settlement proposal

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As an author, I like to write about my hobbies. If I could animate you to participate, I would be happy. That's why I have this one too Barber scissors comparison written for you.

My little table gives you an overview of my five Barber scissors Bestseller, The basis of my research was sales figures, surveys, Hairdressing scissors reviews or opinions from customer reviews.

I always look for one Barber scissors test of the Stiftung Warentest around. If I find it, you will find out in my guide text. This should also make my comparison the cost-benefit factor in mind in order to facilitate the right choice.

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Best recommendation

Hairdressing scissors Takai hair clipper scissors Dual 50 S-2028, size 5,0 inches

4.7 / 5 - (158 votes)
Price-performance winner

Barber scissors ZWILLING TWINOX hair scissors, stainless steel 14cm

4.5 / 5 - (203 votes)

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