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Meat grinder - Uncompromising processing of food

Whether vegetables, meat or fish, with the meat grinder can shred various foods. He works quickly and reliably and delivers a consistent result. Not least the sharp knives responsible for this are responsible for this. After the so-called Faschieren further processing of the mass for fillings or similar is easily possible.

The meat grinder is available in different versions, whereby a distinction between a manual device and an electric meat grinder. After processing the food, the mincer can be wonderfully hygienically cleaned so that nothing stands in the way of reuse.

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Meat Grinder Kenwood MG700 Brushed Aluminum Rotary Grinder
  •  2 speeds
  •  metal screw
  •  big filling bowl
  •  noise
  •  overload protection


Meat grinder Bosch MFW68660 Pro Power Blocking Power Rotary Grinder
  •  strong engine
  •  high blocking performance
  •  Cord storage
  •  disc Storage


Meat grinder Moulinex ME6251 including Schnitzelwerk rotary grinder
  •  metal grinder
  •  accessory
  •  cable rewind
Price-performance winner


Meat grinder Bomann FW 447 CB rotary grinder
  •  metal screw
  •  accessory compartment
  •  user-friendly


Meat grinder Westmark cast steel
  •  Screw clamp for table mounting with protective element
  •  wood crank
Name Meat Grinder Kenwood MG700 Brushed Aluminum Rotary Grinder Meat grinder Bosch MFW68660 Pro Power Blocking Power Rotary Grinder Meat grinder Moulinex ME6251 including Schnitzelwerk rotary grinder Meat grinder Bomann FW 447 CB rotary grinder Meat grinder Westmark cast steel
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
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Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5Excellentmeat grinder

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodmeat grinder

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodmeat grinder

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,9goodmeat grinder

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com2,1goodmeat grinder

Manufacturer/Model Kenwood Bosch Mulinex Bomann Westmark
Performance 2000 W 800 W 1800 W 1200 W manually
Material Brushed metal Stainless steel / plastic Metal, plastic Metal partially chromed cast steel
Weight: 7 kg 6 kg 6 kg 4,1 kg 2 kg
Dimensions approx. 38,5 x 22 x 38 cm approx. 33 x 28 x 40 cm approx. 40 x 18 x 34 cm approx. 17 x 33 x 35,5 cm approx. 28 x 15 x 10 cm
Quantity processing min 3 kg 4,3 kg 2,9 kg kA kA
Reverse function
Preparation Meat | Fish | Kebbe | Sausage Meat | Fish | Kebbe | Sausage Meat | Fish | Kebbe | Sausage | Vegetables Meat | Fish | Kebbe | Sausage Meat | nuts
What's in the box 3 perforated discs | 2 sausage filling attachments | Kebbe attachment 7 various attachments juicer | replacement driver 3 perforated discs | 3 drum attachments 3 stainless steel perforated discs | 4-blade knife | Perforated disc ø 4,5 mm
Features ETM test magazine review 11 / 2012 ?? very good ?? | reddot design award winner 2010 20 functions including Schnitzelwerk to grate, cut and grate Etm-test magazine 11 / 2015 with a good rating Various perforated discs can be purchased
  •  2 speeds
  •  metal screw
  •  big filling bowl
  •  noise
  •  overload protection
  •  strong engine
  •  high blocking performance
  •  Cord storage
  •  disc Storage
  •  metal grinder
  •  accessory
  •  cable rewind
  •  metal screw
  •  accessory compartment
  •  user-friendly
  •  Screw clamp for table mounting with protective element
  •  wood crank
Summary Very sturdy device in all-metal design and practically at two speeds Stable powerful device with many accessories Powerful device, with the additional Schnitzelwerk very universally applicable. Good price, quality ratio with good rating classic spin grinder, good for small quantities and painting bakery ingredients
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  • With a meat grinder you can make your minced meat quickly and independently of the butcher himself. Depending on the version, it is suitable for mincing meat and fish, for producing kebbe and sausage as well as for crushing vegetables and nuts and even for biscuit production.
  • The meat grinder is also called rotary grinder, because rotating movements of a knife or a grinder crush your food. There are two types: the electric rotary grinder in the human body and facts about the Rotary grinder manually, Both provide the same result, with great differences in comfort and operation.
  • Especially in the summer you should not eat minced raw. Self-made, in compliance with the cold chain, the meat grinder delivers hygienic results. The special thing about it, you can process any kind of meat or fish, make your own sausages or kebbe for frying.

The professional chef chops fish, meat or vegetables with one of his noble ones Damastmesser in the smallest pieces. But not everyone has such a hand-forged gem in the house, not to mention the dexterity needed for cutting. For the amateur cook, the meat grinder replaces the high culinary skills of star chefs. Especially when it comes to preparing hack is one Stainless meat grinder the right choice. It saves time, strength and is unbeatable when preparing larger quantities. It is uninteresting, if your Meat grinder manually is driven or you for one electric meat grinder decide, the operation is the same.

In our Meat grinder comparison report from Let's explain the topic in more detail to help you choose your Meat grinder comparison winner from the big one Meat grinder offer to facilitate.

What is the meat grinder used for?

In technical terms, shredding in rotary grinders is referred to as "mincing" or "wolfing". Therefore, the rotary grinder is colloquially referred to as a meat grinder or expertly as a Faschiermaschine. It can be used to finely chop up raw or cooked meat or fish or even vegetables and similar foods. Depending on the model, the meat can be mixed with other ingredients before the mass is squeezed out of the holes in the perforated disc inserts. This meat mass can be further processed into meat, hamburger, sausages or fillings. In our Turning wolf guide we will go into more detail on the individual functions.

The 3 main arguments for buying a meat grinder are:

  • Remains can be optimally utilized
  • Meat, fish or vegetables, creativity knows no bounds
  • You know what's in your food

Today more interested in the Meat grinder price comparison and how cheap that is Meat grinder offer presented in the market. In former times the possession of a meat grinder was the guarantee to save money. Many emergency recipes showed how to mix meat and leftovers with other ingredients, such as bread and onion, vegetables or cereal, under the hack to stretch it. So even the smallest remnants, pieces of meat could be cut or leftover processed to delicious meatballs.

Another argument about one Order mincer online or in the specialized trade one Rotary Wolf to buy, is the creative handling of meat or fish. Added to this is the desire to know what you eat. When packaged minced meat or sausages, they must blindly trust the manufacturer's information. The certainty, which is really only in it, which is also on it, believes hardly anyone, because not everything must be declared.

Arguments that today have their right to exist again, away from our throwaway society. Cooking, baking and preserving seasonal items is back in time. A meat grinder is an indispensable helper and im Preserving can be freshly harvested or minced preserved as a store. Do one Meat grinder test and you will be convinced of the benefits.

Our advice: Become self-sufficient and take your life back into your own hands. The advantages are obvious.

The pros and cons, which result with the purchase of a meat grinder, you can see here:


Make fresh minced meat yourself

Recycling leftovers

Know what's in the food

Make sausages

Making shortbread

Mince fruit


weight and height

purchase price

cleaning needs

operating noise

How does a meat grinder work?

A meat grinder is basically a case and these 5 important items:

  • filler pipe
  • worm shaft
  • diameter disc
  • Perforated disc intent
  • Drive (crank or electric motor)

The roughly minced meat, etc. is added to the filler neck and falls onto the screw conveyor. This is driven manually or electrically and presses the meat against an exchangeable perforated disc in front of which a likewise rotating knife is attached. This crushes the meat and pushes it through the holes of the perforated disc.

Becomes a Meat grinder manually operated, he usually has three different perforated disc inserts. Of the best meat grinder however, it can be equipped with a variety of intentions. So sausages can be filled, breadcrumbs produced or biscuit pastry shaped.

Our advice: If you like and often faschiert a higher quality device, like the Kenwood rotary grinder MG700 Hachoir Pro Puissance 2000 W, our comparison winner rotary wolf gain from the comparison. High quality appliances have little problem with tendons in the meat and chop them up so that they do not wrap around the snail.

Correct Wolfen - step by step instructions

  • Grind food that is to be processed first
  • Fill your food in the attachment neck or funnel
  • Transport the food by means of a hand crank or an electric drive through the conveyor screw. Here, the ingredients are already partially mixed and crushed.
  • If necessary, add vegetables, bread or spices
  • Through the propulsion, whether manual or electrical, the small cut mass is then pressed through a perforated disc, which results in a finer or coarser structure depending on the size of the hole.
  • Next, the subsequent rotating criss-cross knife crushes the mass again on this knife
  • At the end of the auger is a so-called Vorschneidemesser, which cuts the filled ingredients again

Important: Only spin fresh meat through the mincer. Do not use previously frozen meat. Microorganisms spread quickly, especially in minced meat, therefore process or freeze on the same day.

The mechanical meat grinder

The mechanical meat grinder was invented in the 19 century by Karl Freiherr von Drais, an inventor who also invented the wheel (Ur-Fahrrad) and the first key typewriter with 25 letters. Before the age of ubiquitous electrification, there were many hand-cranked kitchen tools such as mixers or the rotary grinder.

The manual meat grinder still has its right to exist today. It is ready for small work much faster, does not require much space and can be attached with a table clamp even where there is no electricity, for example in the garden. Of course, the effort and the physical effort should not be underestimated. If you work a lot and often, you should get one buy electric meat grinder.

The electric meat grinder

Electric meat grinders are very robust and have a compact appearance. They are quite big and not so easy to stow. In addition, they also bring a pretty heavy weight to the scale.

You can work much more efficiently and faster with the electric meat grinder. Meat meat, mince & co. Can be prepared here at the push of a button. Special additional compartments allow you to add spices or vegetables to the meat mixture. One Professional meat grinder can even cool itself and makes the addition of ice or water superfluous. Other models have pre-cutters with which even bony and sinewy pieces of meat can be minced and ground.

The more power behind a meat grinder, the more powerful he works. But more important is the indication of how much meat can be processed per minute. Whoever slaughters himself should get one Buy meat grinder with enough power and a high meat processing volume. Here is the accessories important. Various large perforated discs and Wurstfüll- and Kebbeaufsätze or Reibeaufsätze complete the best meat mincers.

Operating a mechanical meat grinder

Operating an electric meat grinder

The differences between an electric meat grinder and a manual one here:

Meat grinder manuel


Easy to stow


Fixing by means of screw clamp

independent of the electricity


power consuming

only suitable for small quantities

little accessories

Meat grinder electric


No effort

large quantities

various accessories

a variety of programs


Compact and heavy

price intensive

The 5 Best Meatwolf brands:

A short overview of the brand manufacturers
Bosch | Kenwood | Lurch | Philips | Professional cook





Professional cook

 Which are the most important functions?

A meat grinder has to work hard. He has to be robust and functional. If you want the best meat grinder, it should have the following characteristics in any case.

  • The mincer must work smoothly and quickly chop or mince meat and fish or dried baked goods
  • The knife or blades should be self-sharpening, which saves the removal and sharpening
  • The meat grinder should have a firm footing and not slip on its surface. Rubber feet or a non-slip surface prevent the risk of injury. You can do that with yours Meat grinder test Test yourself if you have bought a meat grinder.
  • Dishwasher safe accessory is very convenient for cleaning. In a cheap stainless steel rotary wrench, however, it is recommended to clean in the kitchen sinkto avoid discoloration
  • Each meat grinder should have a suitable pusher or stuffing mechanism to ensure speedy operation
  • Pay attention to the supplied accessories and whether one of them can be bought.

Where can I buy a meat grinder?

The meat grinder or Rotary grinder selection is huge. Between the many models you quickly lose your orientation. The devices not only differ in their drive type, they also differ in terms of quality and functionality. But before you buy yourself in the trade a meat grinder, you should first make smart on the Internet. Not everything the specialized trade offers is also optimal for your needs. The Internet offers numerous platforms with different models. You will definitely find your own here Meat grinder test winner, And what's nice about it, you can be your personal test winner Order meat grinder online and have him without stress and parking usually in two days at home.

The pricing should also play a role. This is usually the online trade emerges victorious. There are no inventory and personnel costs, no shop rent and no business hours. This advantage is reflected in the price offers and you always have the price comparison between the models. If you do not like it, you can return the goods at any time without costs and explanations. In retail, this is sometimes not so easy and depends on the goodwill of the seller.

Is there a meat grinder test by Stiftung Warentest?

Unfortunately, the meat grinder at the Stiftung Warentest has not been rotated by the lack and there is none Meat grinder test winner. Only Food Processors with spin wolf caps were tested. Therefore, we had to rely on the many objective reports from Fleischwolf owners and then separate the positive and negative things to present you our spin winners comparison winner.

At the end...

A meat grinder is an indispensable part of butcher shops and gastronomy. It also makes work much easier in private households and meets many needs. Homemade sausages, mince or meat loaf are a healthy addition to your kitchen list. You not only determine what goes into the sausage, you also have the key to many creative dishes in your hand. Try it!

Other recommended meat mincers selected for you

Which meat grinder model was rated as the winner in the comparison?

The article was rated as very good in our comparison Meat Grinder Kenwood MG700 Brushed Aluminum Rotary Grinder cut off and prevailed against the other 5 other articles listed in the comparison.

Which manufacturers offer in the meat grinder comparison of Your products?

Our meat grinder comparison is based on a number of well-known manufacturers. With us you can easily find out which product in the meat grinder belongs to which brand. We have chosen these manufacturers for you: Kenwood, Bosch, Mulinex, Bomann and Westmark.

Which product had in the meat grinder comparison of a good price-performance ratio?

All in the meat grinder comparison of The items presented are among the best currently on the market. As the price-performance winner, the Meat grinder Bomann FW 447 CB rotary grinder crystallized out.

How high-priced can the products from the meat grinder compare be?

meat grinder High-quality products have their price and are with us up to an amount of 207,26€ to find. You can get our cheaper alternatives 25,76€.

Which products were in the meat grinder compared by the editors of considered?

In order to offer you a wide range of products compared to the meat grinder, the editors of selected these 5 different products for you. You can find these products here: Meat Grinder Kenwood MG700 Brushed Aluminum Rotary Grinder, Meat grinder Bosch MFW68660 Pro Power Blocking Power Rotary Grinder, Meat grinder Moulinex ME6251 including Schnitzelwerk rotary grinder, Meat grinder Bomann FW 447 CB rotary grinder and Meat grinder Westmark cast steel

How did the editors of the ranking in the meat grinder compared?

After thorough research on function, own test results or publications such as a Stiftung Warentest test report or other independent specialist testers, the editorial team crowned the article Meat Grinder Kenwood MG700 Brushed Aluminum Rotary Grinder to rank 1, followed by Meat grinder Bosch MFW68660 Pro Power Blocking Power Rotary Grinder, Meat grinder Moulinex ME6251 including Schnitzelwerk rotary grinder, Meat grinder Bomann FW 447 CB rotary grinder and Meat grinder Westmark cast steel.

What was next to the comparison winner and price-performance winner in the meat grinder comparison of selected other top products?

All products from the meat grinder comparison were edited by Selected for popularity and top ratings, including these top products such as Meat Grinder Kenwood MG700 Brushed Aluminum Rotary Grinder, Meat grinder Bosch MFW68660 Pro Power Blocking Power Rotary Grinder and Meat grinder Moulinex ME6251 including Schnitzelwerk rotary grinder.


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Best recommendation

Meat Grinder Kenwood MG700 Brushed Aluminum Rotary Grinder

4.9/ 5 off 148 Reviews]

Price-performance winner

Meat grinder Bomann FW 447 CB rotary grinder

4.4/ 5 off 171 Reviews]

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