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Having a nice home means more quality of life. Anyone who puts a lot of value on his interior knows that beautiful and high-quality furniture has its price. In addition to the furniture you need decoration to complete the whole thing and make it more comfortable. And once you've found your own interior design style, you'll need regular additions or a few new pieces to give the home a fresh new life.

A cheaper alternative to the furniture store offers shopping on the Internet. Designer furniture can be found here for a bargain price. You also have the opportunity to conveniently search for the right piece of furniture from home, compare offers and have your favorite part delivered to your home. So you not only save money, but also valuable time.
In our subcategories bedroom, living room, bathroom and office you will find current trend products around living. Different suppliers and their goods are compared by us for you. We will work up the information for you and summarize various tests and reviews for you to give you a holistic rating. As a result, you can see at a glance the price-performance ratio and the respective advantages and disadvantages as well as general differences.

Isn't it a great feeling to find a new apartment after a long search? Or is it maybe even the first independent apartment? In both cases, you will certainly need more furniture and home accessories. A cozy evening watching TV is nothing without your own couch and where should your friends be if there is no dining table? Not to mention the bed ... Whether you buy furniture individually or as a completely new interior, furniture is indispensable. But they also want to be the right choice, because what is the use of your own home without appropriate wellbeing? And once I've organized my furniture, how can I configure it correctly? You can ask yourself a lot of questions. The first thing you need to do is take a closer look at the topic so that you can feel at home later.

How to choose the right furniture?

The first step when it comes to furniture and home accessories, of course, is the right choice. I do not want your home to look boring and chic. So, what do we have to look at first? The soil is an important factor. To keep your home in harmony, laminate, parquet or other coverings should of course fit into your interior. For example, if the floor is warm, the furniture should also be warm. The same applies to cold colors. Who wants to create a contrast should at least pay attention to something in common. For example, strong grain in wood. If the two components can not be connected in this way, the situation can be solved with the help of a buffer. For example, place a rug under the dining table to protect it from the wooden floor. In such combinations, however, care must be taken that no more than two or three main colors are used in the room, otherwise the room quickly becomes inharmonious. If you are not sure, you can always use white furniture that matches all colors.

How are the furniture set up at home?

If you have selected the right furniture and home accessories, you are already faced with another challenge. Proper positioning. Precise planning is a universal solution and saves you a lot of trouble. Start by measuring the room. For a better picture, it is also advisable to create a sketch of the living space in all its dimensions. Then check the light sources. For example, you can put a desk in the window because you need light to work with. Otherwise, the windows should remain free, because otherwise the room quickly seems small and dark. So there are no big cabinets. They should be attached to the walls and fill them perfectly. Buy a little larger furniture, because a tall cabinet affects the indoor climate better than many small ones. High furniture can also be used as partitions to create, for example, a living and dining area.

How do I care for my furniture?

Once you have made your choice and set up your furniture and home accessories, you can simply relax. The new apartment is appealing and is proudly presented to the first friends and relatives. But when they leave, another chore appears: cleaning. This should be done at least once a week. Upholstered furniture can be varnished with special paints. Wooden furniture can be oiled or waxed and then simply wiped off. Kitchen and bathroom are best treated with antibacterial cleaners and the apartment shines again.

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