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Blackrox Nail Case Manicure Pedicure Set Comparative winner set for men and women, 7-part care for hands and feet
  •  elegant case
  •  extensive content
  •  high quality
  •  robust lining


Nail case ZWILLING TWINOX® case made of spazzolato leather with press stud
  •  Noble execution
  •  Leather cover with decorated push button


Nail case premium manicure set 7 pieces, real leather case, pedicure set - nail care set
  •  File from Solingen
  •  durable lining
  •  custom-fit brackets
Price-performance winner


Nail Case LUPO® 12-part Manicure Pedicure Cosmetic Set Nail Care
  •  Practical clip closure
  •  Case in crocodile look
  •  durable


Nail Case Manicure Set, DancingNail 7-Piece Pedicure Tool For Well-groomed Hands And Feet
  •  attractive color
  •  Klappetui
  •  ideal for women's handbags
Name Blackrox Nail Case Manicure Pedicure Set Comparative winner set for men and women, 7-part care for hands and feet Nail case ZWILLING TWINOX® case made of spazzolato leather with press stud Nail case premium manicure set 7 pieces, real leather case, pedicure set - nail care set Nail Case LUPO® 12-part Manicure Pedicure Cosmetic Set Nail Care Nail Case Manicure Set, DancingNail 7-Piece Pedicure Tool For Well-groomed Hands And Feet
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,3Excellentmanicure set

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,5Excellentmanicure set

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodmanicure set

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,8goodmanicure set

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodmanicure set

Manufacturers Blackrox Twin smart & gentle WOLF Dancing Nail
parts 7 pieces 5 pieces 7 pieces 12 pieces 7 pieces
Cases artificial leather Leather Leather artificial leather Leatherette / plastic
Closure Drucknopf push-button zipper Bügeletui Bügeletui
Instruments stainless 403 stainless steel matt satin finish Bright nickel-plated steel, polished Stainless Steel kA
Shear 1 2 2 1 1
Filing 1 1 1 1 1
clippers 2 1 2 4 1
Tweezers 1 1 1 1 1
Planer / Rasp
more diverse parts
Features Ideal for the care of fingernails and toenails, scratch-resistant case Noble high quality execution handy and easy 1 year warranty attractive appearance
  •  elegant case
  •  extensive content
  •  high quality
  •  robust lining
  •  Noble execution
  •  Leather cover with decorated push button
  •  File from Solingen
  •  durable lining
  •  custom-fit brackets
  •  Practical clip closure
  •  Case in crocodile look
  •  durable
  •  attractive color
  •  Klappetui
  •  ideal for women's handbags
Summary The nail case is high quality, elegant and can be taken anywhere. A nail case of the upper class with excellent workmanship and the best stainless steel This nail care set contains all necessary tools for optimal nail care Rich nail case for a small price Optimal nail case for on the way
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Our comparison chart for Nail case comparison does not replace one Nail case testin which a special Nail case test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external nail case test Trusted sources. Only you decide which model your personal Nail case test winner is.

  • A nail case is one of the best-known hygiene products. It is also called a manicure / pedicure set and can contain many individual parts in content, which can be used for manicure and also for pedicure.
  • A nail case usually contains manual nail care utensils. Best manicure pedicure set's should contain at least a pair of scissors, a file, a clippers and tweezers.
  • Those who pay attention to their hygiene should own their own manicure set and not share it with other family members or friends. In addition, it is always thoroughly clean and disinfect.

Even with a cheap nail case, you can save the way and the money for the cosmetic or nail salon. The difference between one cheap nail set and a Professional nail set is actually only the material used and the durability of the same. In terms of equipment, all price categories can compete with each other. In our nail case comparison of We would like to show you the differences between the individual categories, to give you an understanding of the unmanageable nail case and to give you an idea of ​​the individual products we offer Nail Case Reviews already active users.

The Nail Case Motto: Clean-shorten-molds

Unkempt fingernails are a no-go in all circumstances. The comfortable one goes for it in a nail salon and can be maintained by the experts nails, but not everyone can afford such a wellness manicure. Therefore, many grab themselves to a nail case. There is certainly no one who does not have a nail scissors, file or clippers in his bathroom cabinet. But for really well-groomed hands and feet it may be something more than just scissors and file. On Nail kit professional has a lot in the hindquarters for really neat fingernails and toenails. Also for the care of the hands and feet it may be something more. When working with a manicure set, the entire hand is also included and for a good pedicure also the sole of the foot including the cornea. And already enough cheap nail set no longer the requirements.

Note: As a travel nail case or for the most important nail work scissors, file, clippers and tweezers are sufficient. However, if you want to do a complete manicure and pedicure yourself, one should Buy manicure pedicure best with many utensils Professional manicure pedicure Set.

Top product nail case:

BLACKROX Nail Case Manicure Pedicure Set Comparative winner set for men and women, 7-part care for hands and feet Black Nail Scissors Cuticle Scissors ...
  • High quality content: The Blackrox nail case convinces with an excellent quality and is perfect for finger and ...
  • Exclusively packed: The nail case offers the perfect protection for the nail care set. It consists of an elegant outdoor area with ...
  • Excellent quality: The first-class manicure set is made of high quality stainless steel. It convinces with an excellent ...
  • Ergonomic design: The ergonomic design ensures excellent handling comfort. The blades of nail clipper ...
  • Great gift idea: Whether for a birthday or other occasion, the Blackrox nail case can be wonderfully give away. It is...

Nail case benefits / disadvantages


Saves the issue for manicure

also foot care possible

the more utensils the more options

Storage in a case

a cheap nail set you get from about 10 €


Purchase price for high quality materials

Risk of injury for beginners

low quality with cheap offers

Manicure Pedicure - what do you need for what?

There should be contemporaries who cut their nails with a normal household scissors. Especially like is sometimes the barber scissors used, of course, is blunt afterwards. Especially men like to look for uncomplicated methods. But he would be expensive razor use to cut the bread or the Shaving brush to paint the doors? So get used to your loved ones in time for a real manicure set!

Note: As a present has one Nail Case Bestseller Status. At Christmas, birthdays or for confirmation fulfilled Nail case the best Requirements for a welcome gift at everyone.

But what do you really need for an acceptable manicure pedicure offer in set?

The scissors

Scissors is not equal to scissors and nail scissors not equal to nail scissors. Therefore, there are also a variety of scissors in a nail case, as ours Nail case comparison winner in a set with 23 parts.

cuticle scissors

A scissors is small and very delicate. The scissors have a curved, thin and extremely sharp edge. It is used to remove detached cuticles and skin remnants from the nail bed. The tip of the cuticle scissors is also called a spire and has a very fine and thin leaf.

nail scissors

A nail scissors is small and stable. It has a short, mostly curved cutting edge and is used to cut fingernails and toenails as well as to cut into shape. There are also special nail clippers for left-handers.

toenail scissors

It is analogous to the nail scissors but has a stronger cutting tip and slightly longer legs. The shorter cutting head cuts even the toughest nails. It is more for professional use.

nose scissors

Nose and ear hair scissors are also very handy. In order not to inflict injury on themselves, they have a rounded tip.

pair of needlework scissors

Often there is also a embroidery scissors in a multipart Professional manicure set, It is indispensable for small sewing and has a fine lace for filigree work.


The hair or hairdressing scissors are hollow ground in the leaf. It is extremely easy to move and has a finger hook for better grip.

The nail clippers

A nail clipper is used to remove foot or fingernails and is one of Nail kit Bestseller in a nail case. In contrast to nail scissors, it does not cut but snaps off a nail part as a whole. The nail clipper can be rotated and opened by 360 ° and is shaped like a pliers. The two parallel opposing pliers are concave and a lever translates the power to cut. To stow the tongs arm is turned back. Nail clippers are available in different widths and lengths and they are always made of hardened steel

The nail files

It is one of the most important and commonly used utensils in a nail case. In a metal version, its blade tip is often shaped as a nail cleaner, with plastic handles as a skin pusher. It usually has two sides, one rough and one fine to smooth. Nail files are also available in different designs, materials and sizes.


It is one of the most popular files in a nail case and should also be in one cheap manicure pedicure set not missing. It has a hardened file blade made of steel, in which sharp-edged abrasive material is embedded. Both sides can contain different surfaces. They are very stable and robust.

ceramic Nail file

The ceramic file is made entirely of ceramic material, which is very hygienic and easy to clean. However, ceramics are very brittle, so they should be handled with care. Then they are also very durable and can be used for many years.

Glass nail file

A glass nail file is very versatile. It can be used as a cuticle knife or corneal file at the same time. It forms gently, is durable and easy to clean. After Nail set opinion of experts Glass nail files are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and diabetics.

Sandpaper nail file

These are often found in drugstores. Their body is made of foam and on each side a differently grained sandpaper is applied. They wear off quickly and actually have in best manicure setThere's nothing to be looked for.

The nail nipper

A nail nipper is similar in principle to a side cutter from the Toolbox, Only you should not use these for cutting the nails. Nail nippers are preferably used as a professional tool for cutting the toenails. Thanks to the long thighs can be used to build more power, which is very useful for thick toenails. They are also available in different designs, materials and sizes.

The skin nipper

The cuticle nippers are similar to the nail nippers but are much more filigree. This is why it is particularly good at clipping off rivets or removing excess cuticles. They are also ideal for removing skin residues from nails.

The tweezers

This tool is also allowed in the Nail set offer not missing. They are indispensable and are offered in principle in three different forms.

Oblique tweezers

The oblique tweezers are designed for the plucking of eyebrows and facial hair. With the sloping contact surface you can grasp the hair well and pull it out.

Straight tweezers

She is also used for plucking of annoying hair.

Pointed tweezers

It is mainly used as splinter tweezers, which can be used to remove slate from the skin or sting and similar objects.

Other useful things in the nail case

If you are a Buy manicure set, you are often faced with the question of what should be included in the content. You do not need a professional manicure pedicure set for traveling or on the road, but if you would like to take care of your hands, feet and skin yourself, you should buy a nail set with a lot of accessories. Here is a short list of what else in a nail case or a Nail set test winner could get stuck:

  • Pusher to push back the cuticle
  • Hoof sticks also for pushing back the cuticle
  • Cleaner for cleaning under the nails
  • scratch
  • Comedone squeezer for removing blackheads
  • Cornea plane for removal of the cornea on the feet
  • Callus
  • ear cleaner

What should you look for when buying a nail box?

buying criteria

  • The material


In our nail case comparison we almost exclusively found nail sets made of high quality steel or stainless steel. These parts can easily be cleaned or disinfected. By your Nail set test You should also pay attention to the suitability of nickel components if you are allergic and may avoid it.

  • The content

A multitude of individual parts allows a multitude of applications. However, if you only want to work on the nails, then a set with the main components is enough: scissors, file, clippers for shortening, shaping and cleaning.

  • The case and the closure

Who wants to give away a nail case, should also pay attention to the exterior. Genuine leather is the hit here. Small colorful cases are more suitable for the handbag and the very pragmatic is satisfied with a simple suitcase. Also remember the closing of the nail case. A zipper is very handy here, but if it breaks it is the whole case in the bucket. Better is a stable clip closure. It can be opened well even with wet hands. Do it in the shop of your choice Manicure set testto find out the best closure.

Where can I get one manicure set Want to buy

Drugstores, discounters, department stores or cosmetics retailers offer nail cases in great variety. Even more extensive is that Manicure set offer on the Internet. Here you can not only carry out a detailed nail case price comparison, here you can also buy nail cases reduced or cheap nail cases. You can also use the nail case to deal with the experience of other users and read through nail set reviews. You can check it out at Geofeminin & Co Nail case reviews And last but not least, your personal Nail case test winner elect. In addition, here are the main producers in a concentrated form, as these four:

And the nice thing about it, you can choose your online business right here Order nail case. The postman simply brings it to your house and if you don't like it, you send it back.

Which nail case did we test?

 A nail case is an important utensil for the care of fingernails and toenails. No matter whether men or women, the various care accessories are used by both equally. That's why we have that Blackrox nail case Once looked in detail to find out if the quality is up to the requirements.

In our current Nail case test from Blackrox nail case shows that quality, handling and workmanship are perfectly coordinated. The ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to use. The care utensils lie comfortably in the hand and thus make perfect care of the fingernails and toenails possible.

The case has an elegant design. It is made of high-quality synthetic leather and is equipped with a robust, color-contrasting inner lining. The attached brackets, which are also made of synthetic leather, the nail file, Klipser and Co. can safely and easily accommodate.

Blackrox Nail Case - Perfect care for hands and feet

The Blackrox nail case ensures perfect nail care. The individual care utensils are in an elegant case, which is compact and robust. The care set is well protected and can be transported in each bag at the same time.


What do you get with the Blackrox nail case?

The well-equipped Blackrox nail case comes with everything you need for your nail care. It contains:

  • Nail clippers for fingernails
  • Nail clipper for toenails
  • nailfile
  • tweezers
  • Double-sided cuticle pusher

Stylish and elegant

The high-quality nail care set is in an elegant nail case made of black synthetic leather. The inner lining is tough and robust and with its color scheme represents a perfect contrast to the content. Thanks to the matching brackets, the care set stays in place and does not slip. Due to the compact design, the manicure set is perfect for traveling, because it easily finds its place in every pocket.

Perfect care for hands and feet

The 7 Manicure Kit contains everything you need to give nails and fingernails a neat look. The high-quality manicure instruments are excellently processed and, thanks to the ergonomic shape, are optimally in the hand. They are sturdy and stable and can be easily and easily cleaned after use.

Quality you can see

For the production of robust stainless steel is used, which is very durable and absolutely rust-free. The dark manicure set looks elegant and noble, which is further emphasized by the leather case. This complete set is great as a gift to make others happy. No matter if it's a birthday present, a small Christmas present or just in between, the elegant Blackrox nail case is the perfect gift idea for any occasion.

What does Stiftung Warentest say about a nail case test?

As so often, we have to say that Stiftung Warentest does not put everything to the test, not even one Nail set test, Your personal Manicure pedicure test winner as well as yours Nail case test winner Therefore, you yourself must be based on our Nail set comparison or other independent test portals.

Conclusion on the nail case

Well-groomed fingernails and nails should not be the focus of sandal time. Well maintained is an expression of your own personality. You do not have to spend hours in the beauty salon, you can do a manicure and pedicure with a little skill even at home. Our comparison of the nail cases should be an incentive for you to deal with this matter even once. It will definitely look good on your looks.

Other recommended nail bags for you selected

What kind of article received when comparing the nail case a "very good"?

The Blackrox Nail Case Manicure Pedicure Set Comparative winner set for men and women, 7-part care for hands and feet was rated as “Very Good” by far in our comparison and was chosen as “Best Recommendation” compared to other articles.

Who are the manufacturers who compare the products in the nail case produce?

Many different manufacturers offer nail cases. So that you get the best possible overview, we have in our nail case comparison products from such well-known brands as Blackrox, Twin, smart & gentle, WOLF and Dancing Nail selected for you.

Which product had in the nail case comparison of a good price-performance ratio?

All in the nail case comparison of The items presented are among the best currently on the market. As the price-performance winner, the Nail Case LUPO® 12-part Manicure Pedicure Cosmetic Set Nail Care crystallized out.

What do the nail case products cost in Comparison are presented? 

You already get nail case products 6,99 € to buy. If you place more value on high-quality products, you should pay up to 154,80 € expected.

Which selection of nail case manufacturers and products was made in the nail case comparison by the editors of used?

How did the editors in the nail case compare from set the order of precedence?

What was next to the comparison winner and price-performance winner in the nail case comparison of selected other top products?

All products from the nail case comparison were made by the editorial team of Selected for popularity and top ratings, including these top products such as Blackrox Nail Case Manicure Pedicure Set Comparative winner set for men and women, 7-part care for hands and feet, Nail case ZWILLING TWINOX® case made of spazzolato leather with press stud and Nail case premium manicure set 7 pieces, real leather case, pedicure set - nail care set.


Nail case test & comparison guide

So you can choose from our suggestions in our Test or comparison Their own manicure set Choose a bestseller

Hello, I'm David and I love Do-it-yourself. Before a craftsman comes to my house with me, I try it myself and for the most part I succeed. Does not work, does not exist. It's scratching my image if I did not at least try it. Although sometimes there are setbacks, I learn from every mistake.

You can too. Show what is in you. That's why I have this for you Nail case comparison compiled. From the big one Nail case offer I have five the best nail case and best-selling models selected and compared in a table.

My research from customer reviews, surveys or opinions as well Nail case Tethat's it independent guidebook portals were reflected in my extensive guide. This always includes the advantages and disadvantages of a product group as well as the selection criteria that are important for the purchase.

Maybe you already have your personal one Nail case test winner found, then let me know. Here you can communicate with me and give your personal opinion. I'm happy about your posting!

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If you are on the YouTube video portal real and concrete information about our products manicure set search, this source of information gives you direct access to the appropriate video clips.

On the platform of The Amazon You can discover almost every product you want to buy online. So you will find this too manicure set Product on Amazon. At the same time, many more articles can be found for your search on this portal.

Ebay is one of the world's largest online marketplaces where you can also discover our articles. Next to the manicure set from commercial traders you will also find the manicure set as used items from private sellers

Best recommendation

Blackrox Nail Case Manicure Pedicure Set Comparative winner set for men and women, 7-part care for hands and feet

4.8 / 5 - (95 votes)
Price-performance winner

Nail Case LUPO® 12-part Manicure Pedicure Cosmetic Set Nail Care

4.5 / 5 - (193 votes)

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