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Pilot case Suitcase with laptop compartment and hanging register function Alassio® VERONA
  •  made of genuine leather
  •  very good room layout
  •   very large space


Pilot case Samsonite Transit 2 Scopic 16.4
  •  good interior layout
  •  can be pulled longitudinally
  •   stable processing
Price-performance winner


Pilot case Alassio - 45028 - GENOVA, imitation leather, black
  •  very robust workmanship
  •  good interior layout


Pilot case Dermata Trolley leather 50 cm
  •  with laptop compartment
  •  with outer pocket
  •  also usable as a trolley


Pilot case d & n Business Line 01 black
  •  Simple interior layout
  •  with outer pockets
  •   made of imitation leather
Name Pilot case Suitcase with laptop compartment and hanging register function Alassio® VERONA Pilot case Samsonite Transit 2 Scopic 16.4 Pilot case Alassio - 45028 - GENOVA, imitation leather, black Pilot case Dermata Trolley leather 50 cm Pilot case d & n Business Line 01 black
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5Excellentpilot case

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodpilot case

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,8goodpilot case

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodpilot case

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com2,1goodpilot case

Manufacturers Alassio Verona Samsonite Alassio Genova Dermata d n
Material outside Cowhide, black Nylon cloth Leatherette Leather Leatherette
Material inside synthetic Nylon cloth synthetic synthetic synthetic
bag Distribution Laptop compartment, inner compartments, folder compartment, zippered case Laptop compartment, removable order system Large storage compartment, zippered case Laptop compartment, folder compartment, inside pocket for papers Main compartment with two file divisions, two flat outer pockets
Handles / straps Handle Handle, pull-out handle Handle Handle, pull-out handle Handle
Shutter Snap closure, combination lock Three-digit combination lock Combination locks Snap closure, combination lock Snap closure, combination lock
capacity kA 35L 15L 41L 29L
Features The cowhide is very robust and resistant. Due to the longitudinal arrangement of the pull-out handle even narrow ways can be passed quickly. The sturdy workmanship allows great stress and long life. The interior side compartment can be accessed via the zipper on the front pocket. The interior layout is simple and well suited for large folders.
  •  made of genuine leather
  •  very good room layout
  •   very large space
  •  good interior layout
  •  can be pulled longitudinally
  •   stable processing
  •  very robust workmanship
  •  good interior layout
  •  with laptop compartment
  •  with outer pocket
  •  also usable as a trolley
  •  Simple interior layout
  •  with outer pockets
  •   made of imitation leather
Summary Top in material, workmanship and comfort. For us a real comparison winner! The arrangement and handling may seem unusual, but is very practical. Ideal for versatile demands. Very good quality for a great price! The artificial leather is high quality and robust, the interior layout is suitable for everyday use! Good workmanship and quality, but only partially theft-proof. Through the front pocket can be used in the entire suitcase. A simple pilot case without a lot of bells and whistles. The workmanship is solid and appropriate for the price.
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Our comparison chart for Pilot case comparison does not replace one Pilot case testin which a special Pilot case test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external pilot case test of trustworthy sources. Only you decide which model your personal Pilot case test winner is.

Pilot case: Indispensable in field service and customer visit!

Trade fair visit, customer appointment or field service: one pilot case is considered a space miracle when it comes to having all the important documents and utensils on the move at hand. But what are the differences between the different models and manufacturers? And what should one pay attention to to buy the best pilot suitcase?

Test-vergleiche.com has five popular pilot case put under the microscope and selected a pilot case comparison winner. We will also explain how you can recognize a robust and durable case. Find with our pilot case comparison your own personal pilot case test winner.

At a glance

  • A pilot case is a mix of Business Trolley and briefcase. In the pilot case comparison, handle were pilot case, as well Pilot case trolley considered. Both variants are characterized by their large amount of space.
  • The best pilot case does not have to be leather. Synthetic Pilot Cases are sturdy and offer high quality. Who one cheap pilot case looking for a good look, is well advised with an artificial leather pilot case.
  • Great differences exist in the Layout and in Storage space, Depending on whether you are transporting a few folders or many small items, you will need different divisions.

That's what makes a pilot's case

A pilot case can easily be recognized by the typical look. It can be opened from above and has small feet and sturdy side walls. The transport typically takes place via a single handle, so that when Buy pilot case should pay attention to the weight. For heavy files and catalogs, a pilot suitcase trolley is better. These pilot cases have two wheels and an extendable handle.

More about the different ones Pilot case types see the next section. First, let's look at the main advantages and disadvantages of the best pilot cases compared to other briefcases.

Top product pilot case:

WENGER Granada laptop trolley for notebooks up to 17 inches, with organizer, 24 l, women men, office business travel, black, 600659
4.851 Reviews
WENGER Granada laptop trolley for notebooks up to 17 inches, with organizer, 24 l, women men, office business travel, black, 600659
  • SIMPLE BRIEFCASE FOR MEN AND WOMEN: This modern laptop bag with wheels is straightforward and yet stylish. With your...
  • PADDED LAPTOP COMPARTMENT: In various compartments with lockable zippers, this bag offers enough space for ...
  • EXTENSIVE EQUIPMENT: Thanks to the telescopic handle and smooth-running wheels, the case can easily be converted into a trolley....
  • SCOPE OF DELIVERY AND DIMENSIONS: Wenger laptop bag with wheels, dimensions: 25 x 42 x 35 cm, storage space: 24 l, weight: 3,9 kg, model: ...
  • HIGHEST QUALITY: Wenger is a manufacturer of watches, luggage and business luggage and thus offers a wide range of ...

Advantages and disadvantages of the best pilot case


Great space

Carry or pull possible

Very clear

Shockproof and dimensionally stable than eg cabin trolleys


Bad to carry over longer distances

Bulky shape

Usually needs to be opened completely

Pilot Case or Pilot Trolley Case: That's the right way to make a decision

Different professions and situations require different demands on yours pilot case, For example, a trade fair visit requires many catalogs and papers. In addition, you have to go on a fair long ways to walk back, so a Pilot case for pulling would be more useful than a Handle pilot case.

On the other hand, sales representatives have to carry not only documents but also product samples. For this they put the long distances by car back and have the pilot case only take directly to the customer. Here, a handle offers pilot case, as it is easy to store and offers a good overview.

Handle pilot case

Handle pilot case must always be worn. Since they do not have a shoulder strap, you always have to turn off the pilot case handle to have both hands free. That makes him the ideal companion for short distances and customer visits. Fair visits or air travel you better with one Pilot case trolley.

  • Alassio Genova
  • Alassio Verona
  • d & n business line

Pilot case trolley

A Pilot case trolley combines the best of both worlds: The compact storage space of a pilot's suitcase is combined with the comfort of a business trolley. There are differences in the orientation of the telescopic handle. With a traditionally transversely oriented handle, as in the Dermata pilot case, you can use the bag as one Business Trolley use. Samsonite has designed a longitudinal alignment of the telescopic handle on the Transit 2 Scopic Pilot Case.

  • Dermata pilot case
  • Samsonite Transit 2 Scopic

Note: Are you often out and about at the airport or on confusing exhibition grounds with narrow passageways? Then you should get one Pilot case trolley buy with longitudinal orientation (eg the Samsonite Transit 2 Scopic Pilot Case). This is much narrower when pulling. So you can easily pass between parked cars and pass through gates and turnstiles in an instant.

With these criteria you will find the best pilot case

In addition to the decision for one Pilot case type you should consider further purchase criteria. It does not matter if you have yours Order a pilot case online or buy in specialist shops. Size, materials and workmanship are important factors that determine how long your pilot's suitcase will last. You can judge some of them in the store more easily than buy them online at the Pilot Case. Other criteria, such as handling on the road or comfort at high weight, you can judge only after a few days of use.

A Pilot case comparison is definitely worth it. Especially with known pilot case manufacturers, such as Samsonite or Alassio, there can be large price differences between stationary and online shops.

buying criteria

  • Materials


Although pilot cases seem to look very similar at first glance, there is a large selection of different materials. As the pilot case comparison has shown, the usual fabrics

  • Leather
  • artificial leather
  • Synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester

A Real leather pilot case is not only characterized by a special look and feel. Genuine leather, for example from cattle, as in the case of Alassio Verona pilot case, is very durable, durable and resistant. Leather Pilot Cases are in the upper price range and are therefore ideal for regular, if not daily use.

If you want to dig deeper into your pocket without sacrificing a well-kept look, you can use the imitation leather pilot case. However, artificial leather is very susceptible to scratches and scratches, so when car or airplane transport, the well-kept look can soon be a thing of the past. This brings us to the price and optical compromise: the synthetic pilot case made of nylon or polyester

At this point I would like the Samsonite pilot case lead, however, our pilot's box comparison winner made of genuine leather significantly outperformed. This may be due to the technical finesse, such as the five-limbed telescopic handle, the removable classification system and the three-digit luggage lock

Handle pilot case made of nylon or polyester are already available from about 40 €. They are characterized by a solid workmanship and an average lifespan. For occasional use on business trips and customer appointments, they are quite well suited. If you need a sturdy pilot case that accompanies you in the field service everyday, then you should buy a leather pilot case.

  • Size

The size of yours best pilot suitcase should be well chosen. A too small pilot case is quickly cluttered and cramped, you will have to search long and dissatisfied. Is the pilot case On the other hand, if you are too tall, you will quickly get annoyed about the bulky item of luggage and question the purchase.

The golden mean to meet is therefore the goal in the pilot case order. To help you find your way around, we have the volume as the criterion in the Pilot case comparison recorded.

As you can see, the pilot cases range in sizes from 15L to 35L.

Note: Do you already know that you want to transport a lot of papers, folders or catalogs, you should have a spacious Pilot case Trolley buy, The tendency is for a larger sized and more spacious pilot's suitcase than a pilot's suitcase.

  • Equipment and interior layout

The interior layout of your Pilot suitcase winner is directly related to the size. Say: A large pilot case with a bad interior layout will satisfy you just as little as a small suitcase with few compartments and tabs.

The various systems inside the case are divided according to the following aspects:

• Laptop bag

• Folding compartments for loose documents or flat folders

• Main storage space for files or product samples

• Zip case / pen holder in the lid

This Features Depending on the model, they are rounded off by outer pockets.

Now the point has been reached where compromises are made Buy pilot case become difficult. If you need a lot of small inner pockets, eg for calculators, laptops, business cards, charging cables and product samples, you will have to do without a suitable storage space.

In other words, if you need the pilot case for catalogs, file folders or documents, you will not be able to accommodate a lot of small items. The Samsonite Transit 2 Scopic was convincing in its pilot case comparison. The removable inner part takes care of a lot of small stuff for order and provides space when needed.

  • Lock and lock

The Pilot case comparison has shown that a combination lock is standard from the factory. Whether you actually use this is up to you. On air travel, it makes perfect sense Kofferschloss to install. However, you should buy a TSA lock instead of relying on the suitcase's own combination locks.

Important when closing the flight bag is the handling. The snaps should be easy to open and close, but not too light. Otherwise you risk that the content rolls out unintentionally or strangers can look into it unasked.

Too tight closures will also spoil your pleasure quickly. If you need excessive force each time to open the latches, you will not want to use the pilot case.

  • Facial Cleansing

As with every commodity you will come to best pilot case around an occasional cleaning not around. Outer dirt can be removed well with synthetic materials with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Leather is best cared for with a leather grease and a soft cloth that does not fluff.

It gets trickier with the internal cleaning. Do you have Pilot case comparison winner a folding compartment for documents, so you should pay attention to whether it is completely closed at the bottom or whether slips can slip through under the separations.

A fully closed document folding pocket has the advantage that you are spared from just these slipping leaves. Your documents arrive safely, smoothly and arranged at the destination. However, these folding roofs are correspondingly difficult to clean, because crumbs and dust can settle in each pocket.

This applies in principle to the whole pilot case, If you have a model with little inside pockets and a large main compartment, cleaning with the vacuum cleaner is very easy.

The more small pockets and compartments your pilot case has, the harder it is to clean it from the inside.

Is there a foundation product test pilot case test?

As one of the most renowned consumer protection institutes in Germany, Stiftung Warentest has already tested many products and services. In September 2016, a suitcase test was included, which assessed various pieces of luggage for hand luggage. Unfortunately, the Stiftung Warentest Koffer test comparison limited itself to cabin trolleys with hard and soft shells. In this respect we can hardly draw any conclusions for you Pilot case test winner pull.

Which known manufacturers for pilot case is there?

Among the best known manufacturers of pilot cases are:

LEITZ | Wenger | Lightpak | Me and my

LEITZ: http://www.leitz.com/de/

Wenger: http://wenger.eu/

Lightpak: http://www.juescha.de/lightpak/

Me and my: http://www.meandmy.de/

The currently bestseller pilot cases are:

Bestseller no. 1
Alassio 45028 - Pilot case GENOVA, made of durable imitation leather, approx. 46 x 35 x 20,5 cm, black
  • High-quality pilot case GENOVA of the brand ALASSIO
  • Large main compartment, suitable for DIN A4 folders
  • 2 number combination locks
  • Zipper case in the lid
  • Dimensions: approx. 46 x 35 x 20,5 cm
Offer for your event.Bestseller no. 2
ALUMAXX Pilot Case Aluminum Case Trolley OMEGA
  • High - quality pilot case OMEGA of the brand ALUMAXX made of matt silver aluminum
  • Integrated, lockable telescopic trolley system
  • For 17 '' notebook (about 43 x 30 x 7 cm)
  • 2 number combination locks
  • Dimensions: approx. 48 x 38,5 x 23 cm, approx. 4,02 kg
Bestseller no. 3
Alassio 92301 - pilot case SILVANA, imitation leather, approx. 48 x 39,5 x 23 cm, black
226 Reviews
Alassio 92301 - pilot case SILVANA, imitation leather, approx. 48 x 39,5 x 23 cm, black
  • High quality pilot case SILVANA of the brand ALASSIO
  • Lockable trolley system
  • Lockable front pocket
  • 2 combination locks
  • Dimensions: approx. 48 x 39,5 x 23 cm

Why is there no aluminum pilot case in comparison?

Alu pilot case are a minor form of the classic pilot suitcase. The models in the pilot case comparison are among the so-called soft shell suitcases. An aluminum pilot case is a hard case and thus has completely different properties than the models presented here.

Alu pilot case Protect their contents very reliably through the robust aluminum shell. However, such a pilot case quickly becomes shabby with regular use, as dents and scratches can not be removed. Also not to be neglected is the weight. Alu pilot cases are less suitable for being carried by hand. Therefore are aluminum Pilot case trolleys an often encountered construction.


A pilot case is an indispensable companion in many professions and business fields. If you are looking for a pilot case to accompany you as long as possible, we advise you not to save money. Good leather, a high-quality workmanship and a sensible division of the compartments are the most important factors. If you pay attention to this, nothing stands in the way of the pilot suitcase, the winner of a comparison!

Further recommended pilot suitcases for you

Which pilot's case item was earned in Test-Vergleiche.com Comparing the top spot?

The article became the front runner in the ranking for the top spot Pilot case Suitcase with laptop compartment and hanging register function Alassio® VERONA which has successfully prevailed against 5 other competitors.

Who are the manufacturers that are in the ranking of the pilot case comparison of Test-Vergleiche.com have excelled?

The number of manufacturers who offer pilot case products is very large. So that you can concentrate on the best products, we have in our pilot case comparison well-known products from these manufacturers Alassio Verona, Samsonite, Alassio Genova, Dermata and d n selected for you.

Which product had in the pilot's case comparison of Test-Vergleiche.com a good price-performance ratio?

All in the pilot case comparison of Test-Vergleiche.com The items presented are among the best currently on the market. As the price-performance winner, the Pilot case Alassio - 45028 - GENOVA, imitation leather, black crystallized out.

How expensive can the products from the pilot's case be compared Test-Vergleiche.com be?

pilot case High-quality products have their price and are with us up to an amount of 129,95 € to find. You can get our cheaper alternatives 37,56 €.

What kind of pilot case manufacturers were made by the editorial staff of Test-Vergleiche.com with which products is considered for comparison?

The editors of Test-Vergleiche.com has provided you with a wide range of different manufacturers and articles in the pilot's case comparison. We present these products to you: Pilot case Suitcase with laptop compartment and hanging register function Alassio® VERONA, Pilot case Samsonite Transit 2 Scopic 16.4, Pilot case Alassio - 45028 - GENOVA, imitation leather, black, Pilot case Dermata Trolley leather 50 cm and Pilot case d & n Business Line 01 black

How were the items in the pilot's case compared by Test-Vergleiche.com rated?

The colorfully mixed items in the pilot's case comparison are almost all of the same class. The differences are not great and are mostly in the details. This results in the following ranking: The article is in first place Pilot case Suitcase with laptop compartment and hanging register function Alassio® VERONA followed by 2nd place Pilot case Samsonite Transit 2 Scopic 16.4 as well as Pilot case Alassio - 45028 - GENOVA, imitation leather, black, Pilot case Dermata Trolley leather 50 cm and Pilot case d & n Business Line 01 black.

What was in the pilot's case comparison of Test-Vergleiche.com next to the comparison winner and the price-performance winner?

In addition to the best pilot case items and the price-performance winner, our selection also includes other, also very good products, which are: Pilot case Suitcase with laptop compartment and hanging register function Alassio® VERONA, Pilot case Samsonite Transit 2 Scopic 16.4 and Pilot case Alassio - 45028 - GENOVA, imitation leather, black.

Author test-vergleiche.com


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Best recommendation

Pilot case Suitcase with laptop compartment and hanging register function Alassio® VERONA

4,6 / 5 - (144 votes)
Price-performance winner

Pilot case Alassio - 45028 - GENOVA, imitation leather, black

4,6 / 5 - (159 votes)

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