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22.07.2019 E-micromobility on two wheels - Which are the best E-Scooter providers?

Only a few years ago they were a dream of the future, but most recently you have conquered our larger inner cities: the electric scooters. Especially in view of climate debates and ever shrinking traffic space, they represent an innovative, environmentally conscious and sustainable alternative to cars and public transport.

Under which conditions you can use the innovative means of transportation and what you have to pay attention to in dealing with them, we examine in detail in this article. We also introduce you to the leading ones E-scooter providers Among other things, we deal with their specific offer and their availability in Germany.

E-scooter test & comparison

05.06.2019 Fast and sustainable through the city: e-scooters in comparison

The e-scooter registration for road traffic has been granted and mobility in our cities is breaking new ground. The e-scooter comparison on test-vergleiche.com provides an overview of electric scooters with street legal. Which models are there and what can they do?

The current top models in comparison

Small, fast and sustainable: that's what it looks like, the solution for private transport in our inner cities. The renaissance of the electric scooter brings us numerous new models, the most important in ours Electric scooters comparison were listed and graded. Six top models from six well-known manufacturers can be found with all their strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages.

Our comparison uses the results from the current one E-scooter test, We list the most important features clearly and show which electric scooter can come up with which features. Only E-scooters with street legal registration are treated. We point out which model is best for which target group and have also voted the top model as Best Recommendation and a Value for Money winner.


BBQ grill

28.04.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX Looking forward to the grill season - the best grills at Test-Vergleiche.com

The beginning of the summer is getting closer and so is this year's barbecue season in front of the door. Cozy barbeques in good company with sausages, barbecue steaks and veggies as culinary highlights are for most people the most beautiful moments in the warm season. According to Statista, there are whole 95 percent of the German population, the grill on a regular basis every year.

In addition to the good weather and delicious grilled food, an unforgettable barbecue experience is also required. Every season, numerous new barbecues are finding their way onto the market. Keeping track of this plethora of offerings and ultimately finding the product that best meets your personal needs is no easy task. The online portal test-vergleiche.com therefore compares the best grills in terms of quality, features, comfort and price with each other in order to finally be able to give a sound recommendation.

The comprehensive evaluation concept in portrait

When evaluating the different grills The comparison website goes into a lot of details and clearly presents all facts in an orderly overview. For an ideal direct comparison, the product properties are listed in tabular form and compared with each other. So the reader can find out things like the size of the grill area, the material used or special extras of the grill at a glance. It is particularly convenient that for each product a mini-conclusion was written, in which essentials of each product are aptly put to the point. Finally, the jury will distribute an overall grade and in this way will determine one test winner, Through a link to the sales platform Amazon, all products can be purchased directly. The difference to institutes like Stiftung Warentest is that Test-Vergleiche.com does not self-test the products listed, but performs an independent classification based on research, test results and testimonials.

Eyes on the barbecue purchase!

Another positive aspect of the product comparison of test-vergleiche.com is that the individual grills are divided into different categories. Since the requirements for a good barbecue can vary greatly depending on the type of device you are looking for, the website identifies a test winner in each category, in each case depending on different evaluation criteria. Anyone looking for a classic gas Grill, a practical charcoal grill, a noble Smoker Grill or a handy kettle grill can filter the test results according to its preferred category. In addition to the product comparison service, you will also find general guides on barbecue equipment on the website. Newbies and passionate grill masters learn here, for example, which type of grill has what advantages and disadvantages. Also questions about the matching barbecue accessories are answered in detail in the guide section of the comparison portal.

Press averaging 1000 article

22.09.2018/1.000/XNUMX - over XNUMX articles - anniversary at Test-Vergleiche.com


The online comparison portal test-vergleiche.com takes a variety of utensils from A like Argan oil to Z like Drawing board Exactly under the microscope. The website is a service that evaluates the product reviews of certified test sources such as journals or Stiftung Warentest, analyzed and prepared for the consumer clearly. In each of the myriad categories, the Guide Portal finds one Compare winner and gives one buy recommendationin order to facilitate the decision-making of the consumer. On the occasion of the 1.000sten published article on the in-house website, the team of practical comparison portal give his readers an insight into his daily work.

The best products at a glance

The website offers a completely independent evaluation of market leading products and services from different industries such as Construction Market, Drug Store, Electronics or Fashion at. The team of authors and journalists relies on well-founded results from test institutes, but also on the reviews of customers as well as specialist pages and magazines. In a clear table, the most relevant products in a category are analyzed on the basis of objective considerations such as material, handling, and special features Price-performance ratio compared and summarized the properties in a concise conclusion. The contents are supplemented by lists of advantages and disadvantages of the individual products as well as general information on the individual categories. Thanks to maximum transparency, the comparison portal finally achieves a result that the reader can trust. Conveniently, every product listed on the website can be easily purchased via an integrated Amazon link, which saves a lot of effort and work. In the meantime, the comparison portal has succeeded in covering a large number of products and services with the comparison procedure. Already published on the 1.000 Counselor Article More will follow to offer even more Tests and Compare available to as many end users as possible.

Behind the scenes - this is how the comparison portal works

Before a product for that Ranking must be selected by the editors. Only products that have already done well in other tests or even for test winner are listed on the website. The portal does not test itself in most cases, but compares quality and prices of different manufacturers in an objective and independent way based on pre-defined criteria. By intensive familiarization with the respective topic and the abandonment of automated procedures, the team can carry out technically correct, honest and high-quality comparisons and evaluate the various products. Only after an editorial quality check has been carried out and the Compare is released by the respective department manager, is a Counselor Article published.