Shisha coal lighter Cobus

Shisha Kohleanzünder
  • Shisha Kohleanzünder
  • Shisha Kohleanzünder
  • Shisha Kohleanzünder Cobus
  • Shisha Kohleanzünder Cobus
  • Shisha Kohleanzünder Cobus
  • Shisha Kohleanzünder Cobus
  • Shisha Kohleanzünder Cobus

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Type Shisha coal lighter
Brand Cobus
comparison result
Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6good
Performance650 watts,
heat settings5
Screening / grid
suitable for cooking
Features Keep warm setting
  •  high edge
  •  two charred plates
  •  removable carrying handle
  •  Temperature warning light
SummaryCoal lighter for hookah charcoal can also be used as grill lighter or hotplate

Product Description

With our electric shisha coal lighter - ignite shisha coal quickly Of course our burner carries a CE seal | GS seal and was tested according to the VDE standard. Thanks to the many quality controls, the lighter is the safest solution. Lighting shisha coal with an electric coal lighter is clean and you do not need any other shisha accessories - just a socket and grill tongs. Before you put the coal on for the first time, you should turn on the device once empty and set it to the highest level. It is best to let it run for about 10 minutes. Your electric coal lighter is only suitable for natural coal. Place the charcoal lighter with coal on a hard, non-flammable surface. The Shisha charcoal lighter gets very hot, so please do not use flammable documents. You can light several coals at the same time. Depending on the setting, after about 3-4 minutes you have to turn it, after about 7-8 minutes you can enjoy the hookah. Shisha coal lighter 650W ● IDEAL FOR NATURAL COAL - With the electric coal lighter you can quickly and cleanly make shisha coal glow. ● COMPACT DESIGN - The dimensions of the electric coal lighter make it easy to stow and transport. ● SET WITH COAL GRID - The supplied coal grill protects the heating coil and increases the lifespan of the coal lighter ● 650W POWER - The heating coil from the electric lighter for shisha natural coal is heated up very quickly. With the built-in temperature controller, you can regulate the heating rate well and achieve the perfect result. FIXED STAND - The four rubber feet prevent the shisha coal lighter from slipping and ensure a safe stand. Technical data: Power: 650W Voltage: 16A 250V

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