Tick ​​set DocMed ticks first aid kit for humans and animals

Zeckenset DocMed Zecken Erste-Hilfe-Set für Mensch und Tier
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Type Zeckenset
Brand Docmed
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ConsistsTick ​​tweezers, gloves, loupe, scissors, plaster
MaterialTick ​​tweezers: plastic
Length tweezersunavailable
Length lifter / pliersPliers: not specified
cleaning cloths
usable for humans and animals
FeaturesAfter removal, the wound can be treated directly. All utensils are in a practical box and are perfectly protected.
  •  extensive assortment
  •  perfect for traveling
  •  easy to handle
  •  no prior knowledge necessary
SummaryThe set is practical and compact, so it fits in any pocket. It is all there to remove the tick and to care for the wound.

Product Description

Tick ​​set DocMed ticks first aid kit for humans and animals

The ticks set is your ideal companion for outdoor activities. Always be well armed against ticks! 14x tweezers 1x magnifier 1x scissors 1x disposable glove 2x disinfectant wipe 1x multi-com press 2x20cm 20x adhesive small 5x adhesive plaster 1cm Wide FREE SPECIAL: When ordering, you will also receive the guide from DocMed free of charge.

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