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Smoking utensils for hookah fans

Coal igniters are a must-have for the shisha smoker. To make the shisha wood glow, a special heating stove is used, which usually causes the coal to glow in 5 to 10 minutes.

That's why we stayed in the Shisha coal lighter offer look around. Shisha coal burners are available in various designs. To you the best heating plates we have written this guide.

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Shisha coal lighter M. ROSENFELD
  •  extremely durable
  •  long supply cable


Shisha coal lighter Cobus
  •  high edge
  •  two charred plates
  •  removable carrying handle
  •  Temperature warning light


Shisha coal lighter Zanabaq
  •  easy transport
  •  quick heating
  •  handle
Price-performance winner


Shisha coal lighter DXP hookahs
  •  adjustable temperature
  •  indicator light


Shisha coal lighter Pablos
  •  High performance
  •  fast
  •  adjustable temperatures
Name Shisha coal lighter M. ROSENFELD Shisha coal lighter Cobus Shisha coal lighter Zanabaq Shisha coal lighter DXP hookahs Shisha coal lighter Pablos
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

Best producttest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentShisha coal lighter

Best Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodShisha coal lighter

Best Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodShisha coal lighter

Best Performance test-vergleiche.com1,8goodShisha coal lighter

Best Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodShisha coal lighter

Manufacturers M.Rosenfeld Cobus Zanabaq DXP hookahs Pablos
Performance 1.000 watts, 650 watts, 450 watts, 1.000 watts, 1.000 watts,
heat settings infinitely variable 5 1 5 5
Screening / grid
suitable for cooking
Features E-Book Keep warm setting Thermostat Heating spiral made of stainless steel Instructions
  •  extremely durable
  •  long supply cable
  •  high edge
  •  two charred plates
  •  removable carrying handle
  •  Temperature warning light
  •  easy transport
  •  quick heating
  •  handle
  •  adjustable temperature
  •  indicator light
  •  High performance
  •  fast
  •  adjustable temperatures
Summary Shisha coal lighter in gift box Coal lighter for hookah charcoal can also be used as grill lighter or hotplate Shisha coal lighter with lots of accessories Heating plate for burning coal in a short time Hookah coal burner compact and simple
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Our comparison chart for Shisha coal lighter comparison does not replace one Hookah coal lighter testin which a special Shisha coal lighter test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external shisha coal lighter test trusted sources. Only you decide which model your personal Shisha coal lighter test winner is.

Shisha coal lighter

Hookah coal lighter at a glance

  • Shisha coal primers are smoking utensils, which belong to a well-kept handling with the ritual of the Pfeiferauchens. With the hookah coal burner, the wood is made to evaporate the tobacco to glow.
  • Pleasure consumers do not use auto-igniting coal igniters that contain black powder or magnesium. The spoiled shisha smoker likes more such wood, which consists of pressed coconut shells or olive tree wood.
  • The Shisha coal lighters are small electric stoves, with which the shisha coal is made to glow within a short time. Placed above special sieves or grids, the coal lies directly above the heat source.

Shisha coal lighter for the well-groomed Genussrauch 

Shisha bars are there, at least in big cities, almost every corner. For smoking hookah tobacco is used, which is heated with the hookah coal. Both are used in the hookah. The heated smoke is drawn through a vessel of water that cools the smoke and filters out suspended matter. Nevertheless, smoking with the hookah carries the same risks as normal tobacco smoke. With one good hookah coal lighter Shisha wood is made to glow. Shisha coal primers are easy to use and glow the coals neatly. Coal igniters are small and handling easy. There are also Gas coal burner, In our Shisha coal lighter comparison, but we only want to dhe best shisha hotplates They are electrically operated and entertain you with a lot of interesting facts about shisha smoking.



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How does a hookah coal lighter work?

Smoking a water pipe is a tradition in the Orient and is a not unimportant part of Arab culture. Shisha smoking has been part of the cultural landscape in Germany for years and is particularly popular with young people because it is easy to use. In addition to the water pipe, tobacco is needed. This can be made to glow with self-igniting charcoal tablets that are lighted with a lighter. Heating with preheated natural charcoal, which has a particularly long burning time and must be heated using a charcoal lighter, is more convenient and tasteless. The most practical are electric coal burner. The best hookah coal lighter are sets with tongs, sieve or grid shelf that make it easy to use.

Shisha coal lighter

Shisha coal lighter advantages / disadvantages


fast heating of coal


simple application

no pollutants due to admixtures


Power connection necessary

if used improperly burns

How is a hookah coal lighter constructed?

For the kindling of coal is a Shisha coal burner cheapbecause it effectively makes the small coals glow within minutes. The coal burner is nothing but a hot plate or a electric grill lighterin which the heating coil is not covered with a heating plate. As soon as the appliance is switched on, the heating coil starts to glow. In most cases, an attachable grid ensures that the coal can be placed well over the spiral. But there are also in the Hookah coal burner offer Models that have a removable screen.

A good hookah coal burner rating get devices from us that can be heated in several stages and have temperature control or a warming level. This is particularly practical Hot plate offer, which is also suitable for cooking. If the coal burner still has a long supply cable, the whole thing is perfect.

Shisha coal lighter from Cobus

Shisha coal lighter

3 methods to light hookah coal

1. Electric hookah coal lighter

He is the safest solution to safely fire hookah coal. It is a clean affair and except for a shisha coal lighter of a socket and a barbecue tongs nothing else is needed. You can also use this to hang up Grillbesteck Use your charcoal grill. Our Hookah coal lighter recommendation clearly tends to electric models.

2. Gas coal burner

There are also Gas hookah coal lighter, They are especially for traveling or for Outdoor & Camping best for. They are operated with a replaceable gas cartridge. If necessary, also the gas Grill to use for annealing.

3. Blazn Burner

He belongs to that Professional hookah coal-firing at least that's what Coal lighter price As for. The shisha coal is annealed here with an infrared lamp. However, turning the coal is required because only the side on which the infrared radiation impinges heats up.

Shisha coal lighter Bestseller on Amazon:

No products found.

Shisha coal lighter Note:

To light up you need some practice and the right temperature is crucial for the taste. Natural charcoal glows for a long time and does not produce any aftertaste

What should one know about hookah coals?

Shisha coals are needed as an energy source for the tobacco, so that it can evaporate. This requires a temperature of at least 290 ° C. If the temperature is below, no evaporation takes place. That is why the glowing coals are the best energizers for the waterpipe. But there are two types of coals:

Self-fire coal

Self-igniting coals are made of fine coal dust and, for example, saltpeter and can easily be ignited with a lighter, so to speak Shisha coal lighter without electricity , They are ready to use in seconds and you do not need them Gas heating plate or electric heating plate, Before use, they must be thoroughly annealed.

natural charcoal

She is ours Shisha coal lighter buy recommendation, It is mostly made without chemicals from coconut shells or bamboo. They have a high carbon content, which when burned with a high heat formation and at the same time leaves hardly any ash. It usually consists of the shells of coconut fruit and is therefore not contaminated with pesticides. Since she has no inflammatory ingredients, she must with a good hookah coal burner be brought to operating temperature.

Build coal ignitor yourself


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How to build an outdoor shisha coal lighter yourself?

Anyone who would like to enjoy his hookah pipe in nature can get one Shisha coal ignitor build yourself, And so you get one Heating plate without electricity, You need:

  • empty can without lid and bottom
  • Lid of tin can
  • a few wires
  • charcoal
  • Hookah charcoal

Drill small holes all around in the can and build in the lower part with wire a grid on which the shisha coal comes later. Now build a bowl from the lid, which also gets a few holes. In it will be burned one to two grill lighters later. Use the tongs to place the tin can on this tray. After about three minutes you should turn the coal once and after another 3 minutes it is ready for use.

Shisha coal lighter Note:

You can use one Shisha coal lighter cheap In addition, tinkering in the wild makes a lot of fun and stimulates the imagination.

Shisha coal lighter purchase advice

You should pay attention to the following when buying:

  • Electric or gas powered shisha coal lighter

  • several heating levels

  • Thermostat

  • overheating protection

  • device performance

  • Length of connecting cord

  • Accessories of the device

  • Also suitable for cooking?

  • Special features of the device

Shisha coal lighter Note:

A Hookah coal burner turbine it is very fast. It can be compared to a hair dryer burning charcoal for the Grill.

What to do if you buy a hookah hot plate?

From Shisha coal lighter reviews We have learned that you should burn the coal burner for a while without coal at full heat for a while. This is the only way to remove residues or grease that adhere to the device during production. Do not worry if the hotplate spreads unpleasant odors. Place the heating plate on a non-combustible surface as the burner gets very hot. Also remove flammable objects from the vicinity of the burner and keep children away.

Is There A Foundation Warranty Shisha Coal Lighter Test?

Unfortunately we found only messages and specials about shisha smoking at the Stiftung Warentest but unfortunately none Shisha coal lighter test winner.

The main manufacturer of hookah coal lighter

Shisha coal lighter Note:

An electric shisha coal lighter is only suitable for natural coal. It has the advantage that several coals can be annealed at once.

Questions and answers (FAQ) about shisha coal lighter comparison

Shisha coal lighters can be found in well-stocked hardware stores, in shisha coal lighter bars or in hot plate shops. We have also seen the Real Shisha coal lighter offers. Of course you can also order your shisha coal lighter online.

On the charcoal grill, of course, can also ignite the shisha coal. However, it takes much longer here until it comes to glow. The effect of heat is not as direct as with an electric coal lighter model. The same applies to the electric grill.

The lighting also works on the stove. But do not take any self-igniting shisha coals. Again, the coal must be turned.

This should be done outdoors, because in the apartment, it can quickly damage. However, this only works with self-igniting shisha coal. Simply hold over the candle with the barbecue tongs.

Yes, there is one, the Electro Fire Burner XL Toaster. It has been specially developed to ignite natural coal. However, we would not recommend heating the coals in a normal toaster.

You already get a coal burner for hookah charcoal for 10 to 20 Euro. Depending on the equipment, the purchase price may be higher. If you buy your coal burner online, we recommend that you make a comparison of a hookah coal lighter. Despite the same models, there are sometimes significant price differences here.

Real Shisha Coal Ignition reviews can be found in the customer reviews of each product and which Shisha Coal Ignitors have the best score.

Shisha Blogger can be found for example at Instagramm or other social networks or just googling for Shisha Blog.

shisha coal lighter

Conclusion Shisha coal primer

The tradition of hookah smoking comes from the Orient and finds more and more followers in our latitudes. Smoking is not necessarily healthy, but those who rely on natural coal and a shisha coal lighter can make a small contribution to healthier smoking.

Other recommended shisha coal lighter for you selected

Which Shisha charcoal lighter article stood out in the comparison as the "best recommendation"?

The Shisha coal lighter M. ROSENFELD was chosen by our authors on the basis of positive product reviews in connection with high sales figures among all other test subjects with the grade “best recommendation”.

Who are the manufacturers who compare the products in the Shisha charcoal lighter from produce?

Many different manufacturers offer Shisha charcoal lighters. So that you get the best possible overview, we have in our Shisha coal lighter comparison products from such well-known brands as M.Rosenfeld, Cobus, Zanabaq, DXP hookahs and Pablos selected for you.

Which product is correct in the Shisha coal lighter comparison of Price and performance?

As the Shisha charcoal lighter presented with the best price-performance ratio, the Shisha coal lighter DXP hookahs from us the classification regarding the best constellation.

How expensive or affordable are the products from the Shisha coal lighter comparison of

Of high quality Shisha coal lighter Products have their price. In doing so, you have to cost up to €29,90 calculate. We already have more affordable products €12,95 zu kaufen.

Why did the editors of in the hookah charcoal lighter comparison these items considered?

For each comparison, our editorial team looks at a wide range of suppliers before deciding which items from which manufacturers compete against each other in the shisha charcoal lighter ranking. Here were these 5 godfathers: Shisha coal lighter M. ROSENFELD, Shisha coal lighter Cobus, Shisha coal lighter Zanabaq, Shisha coal lighter DXP hookahs and Shisha coal lighter Pablos

In which chronology were in the hookah coal lighter comparison of the products classified?

When ranking, we are guided by the longevity, quality and popularity of the items. In our Shisha charcoal lighter comparison, the article won Shisha coal lighter M. ROSENFELD the top grade, followed by Shisha coal lighter Cobus, Shisha coal lighter Zanabaq, Shisha coal lighter DXP hookahs andShisha coal lighter Pablos.

What was in the Shisha coal lighter comparison of next to the comparison winner and the price-performance winner?

In addition to the best Shisha charcoal lighter articles and the price-performance winner, our selection also includes other, also very good products, which are: Shisha coal lighter M. ROSENFELD, Shisha coal lighter Cobus and Shisha coal lighter Zanabaq.


Shisha coal lighter test & comparison guide

So choose the best Shisha coal lighter Product from our Test- Or settlement proposal

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As an author, I like to write about my hobbies. If I could animate you to participate, I would be happy. That's why I have this one too Shisha coal lighter comparison written for you.

My little table gives you an overview of my five Shisha coal lighter Bestseller, The basis of my research was sales figures, surveys, Shisha coal lighter reviews or opinions from customer reviews.

I always look for one Shisha coal lighter test the Stiftung Warentest around. If I find it, you will find out in my guide text. This should also make my comparison the cost-benefit factor in mind in order to facilitate the right choice.

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Best recommendation

Shisha coal lighter M. ROSENFELD

4,5 / 5 - (139 votes)
Price-performance winner

Shisha coal lighter DXP hookahs

4,5 / 5 - (102 votes)

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