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Lubricant Joydivision Aquaglide
  •  many flavors available
  •  dermatologically tested
  •  very productive
  •  approved as a medical device
Price-performance winner


Lubricant Ritex HYDRO Sensitive 50ml free of preservatives
  •  suitable for sensitive skin
  •  can be used with any type of sexual intercourse
  •  without preservatives


Lubricant Loovara with natural cannabis aroma 100 ml water-based aloe vera
  •  excellent sliding properties
  •  vegan recipe
  •  Made in Germany
  •  üßlicher smell and taste


Lubricant Durex Natural Feeling Gliding and adventure gel
  •  liquid consistency
  •  Suitable as massage gel
  •  gives a natural feeling


Lubricant Durex Perfect Glide
  •  easy to wash out
  •  very productive
  •  does not stick
  •  oily consistency


Lubricant Megasol EROS Action Fisting Gel UltraX
  •  available in two pack sizes
  •  slightly numbing effect
  •  ideal for anal sex
  •  Can be used with all latex or rubber materials
Name Lubricant Joydivision Aquaglide Lubricant Ritex HYDRO Sensitive 50ml free of preservatives Lubricant Loovara with natural cannabis aroma 100 ml water-based aloe vera Lubricant Durex Natural Feeling Gliding and adventure gel Lubricant Durex Perfect Glide Lubricant Megasol EROS Action Fisting Gel UltraX
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comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,4ExcellentLube

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,6goodLube

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodLube

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodLube

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodLube

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com2,1goodLube

Manufacturer/Model Joydivision Ritex HYDRO Loovara Durex Natural Durex Perfect megasol
Quantity 200 ml 50 ml 100 ml 50 ml 50 ml 500 ml
Basic water water water Silicone Silicone Silicone
Suitable for condoms
PH optimal
Taste Neutral, Banana, Cherry, Strawberry, Exotic, Raspberry neutral Various neutral neutral not specified
fitness Vaginal, oral, anal, toys Vaginal, oral, anal, toys Vaginal, oral, anal Vaginal, oral, anal, toys Vaginal, oral, anal, toys Anal, vaginal, toys
Features Joydivision's lubricating cream has been clinically tested and approved as a medical device. This makes it suitable for people with sensitive skin. The Ritex Hydro Lubricant is made in Germany and subject to strict quality controls. This ensures the very good skin compatibility. Vegan, produced with continuous quality controls in Germany. In conjunction with sentimental condoms, nothing stands in the way of intense pleasure and simultaneous protection. does not stick, can be washed out easily, can be used as massage oil dermatologically tested, slightly anesthetic effect, easy to wash, suitable for rubber and latex
  •  many flavors available
  •  dermatologically tested
  •  very productive
  •  approved as a medical device
  •  suitable for sensitive skin
  •  can be used with any type of sexual intercourse
  •  without preservatives
  •  excellent sliding properties
  •  vegan recipe
  •  Made in Germany
  •  üßlicher smell and taste
  •  liquid consistency
  •  Suitable as massage gel
  •  gives a natural feeling
  •  easy to wash out
  •  very productive
  •  does not stick
  •  oily consistency
  •  available in two pack sizes
  •  slightly numbing effect
  •  ideal for anal sex
  •  Can be used with all latex or rubber materials
Summary The Joydivision Lubricant is suitable for every kind of lovemaking. Especially oral sex is tingling and more exciting due to the numerous flavors. With the Hydro Sensitive Lubricant Ritex has created an all-rounder for the bed. Due to the very good skin compatibility, it is also suitable for anal and oral sex and can be used with any type of condom. The Loovara Lubricant is oil and fat free, exudes a sweetish smell and has excellent sliding properties. The vegan recipe is another reason to choose Loovara. The Durex Natural Lubricant has been developed for a very natural feel. It is slightly more fluid and can therefore be used on the whole body or for oral sex. Durex Perfect Glide offers good gliding properties even in small quantities. In addition, it keeps you moist for a long time without sticking or drying out. The Megasol Fisting Gel is especially designed for anal games or fisting. It stuns the area easily, without compromising the sensation during intercourse.
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Our comparison chart for Lubricant comparison does not replace one Lubricant testin which a special Lubricant test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external lubes test of trusted sources. Only you decide which model your personal Lubricant test winner is.

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At a glance

  • Lubricants are the perfect complement to all sex practices. They increase the feeling and thus increase the desire, whether alone or with a partner. Do the lubrication test yourself!
  • Many lubricants are safe in terms of skin compatibility and contact with mucous membranes, so they can prepare for oral sex tingling pleasure. Tasteful variants, such as the comparative winner Gleitgel by Joydivision, offer both partners a special experience.
  • Some lubricants are not suitable for use with condoms. Above all, oil-based products can attack the latex and reduce the prevention of contraception, as we researched in the Gleitgel price comparison.

Formerly still a taboo topic, are Gleitcremes Nowadays a popular supplement in the bed of many couples. The use goes far beyond the simple penetration into the vagina in lack of moisture, because the best lubricant is so versatile that it can also be used, for example, for sensual massages. In addition, there is a lubricant in many different variations, from the most diverse tastes It goes beyond extra natural feeling to numbing agents. There are hardly any limits to their use. In the large Lubricant comparison by we show you how to do that best lubricant Find and reveal important tips for your needs. Use our information, take the lubricant test and find a personal one Geittgel test winner!

Buy lubricant gel - know the differences

A Lube is a mostly transparent, viscous liquid based on water, silicone or oil. It is perfect for situations where extra moisture is needed during sex. There are no limits to the application: In so-called lack of lubrication, so if the woman does not produce enough vaginal fluid, helps best Lube Penetration of the penis or sextoys into the vagina. In addition, it is Lube in anal sex an indispensable tool, as you in your own Lubricant test surely already noticed.

The use of home remedies is to be advised against. Many want to avoid the alleged embarrassing passage to the drugstore or pharmacy and resort to replacement funds from household and kitchen back. However, the use of, for example, edible oils or saliva may pose health risks and is therefore not recommended. An alternative to stationary trading is the Order lubricant online The products come discretely packed directly to your home, some online sex shops offer the printing of false senders on the label of the package. So the purchase is sent as a shipment disguised by the mobile phone shop.

By yours Buy Lubricant onlineSo nothing stands in the way of increasing your own sexual fulfillment. After receiving the goods, you can do your own lubricant test and convince yourself of the advantages of our comparison winner. Maybe your new one Lubricant test winner in bed?

Without lube? Access blocked ...

  • water-based

Lubricants that are water-based offer versatile fun with and without a condom. The gels are basically suitable for all applications and can be used depending on consistency and personal preference as a massage gel. However, due to the water contained after some time an evaporation effect, which can show depending on the product in sticky or dry form. This has the result of a prolonged lovemaking, that in the meantime several times must be helped. Water based lubricant However, it is very easy to remove from the skin and textiles and is very suitable for sensitive skin.

  • silicone-based

The use of silicone base offers Gleitcreme the advantage that the drying effect is delayed. This makes them perfect for use in anal sex as they retain their moisturizing properties for a long time. Most Silicone based lubricants are suitable for use with condoms, however, it is always advisable to read carefully when purchasing on the packaging.

  • oil-based

Some manufacturers offer Lube on oil or fat basis. However, these are not suitable when condoms are used as they attack the latex and there is no longer sufficient protection against contraception. Couples, for example, with a cycle computer can prevent, with Oil-based lubricant but great fun, since the sliding properties on the skin last a long time. Unfortunately, oil or grease also has the property of being difficult to wash out of textiles, so a silicone-based lubricant may be a good alternative. Oil-based lubricant was used in the Lubricant comparison not considered.

Lube variants

Depending on the application, there are various additional effects that make the love game even more intense. We have evaluated two products that promise a special effect for you.

Durex Natural Feeling Lubricant:

The Durex lubricant with natural feeling effect is relatively fluid and promises a sensual experience that makes him and her almost forget the condom. According to users, the Durex lube keeps what it promises. Couples who use condoms benefit from the thin film that the lubricant forms when used and can thus enjoy intense climaxes.


Megasol fisting gel:

According to the manufacturer, the fisting gel is ideal for anal use, as it has slightly anesthetic or desensitizing properties. It is also ideal for use with a condom, latex glove or sex toy. Users describe with this Lubricant no painbut to feel only pleasurable sensations. Due to the anesthetic effect, the Megasol Lubricant should be used rather carefully in the vaginal area and not at all during oral sex.

In addition to the products presented here, there are still special Lubricants with taste or for improved orgasms. which Lubricant the best is, in the end, each couple must decide for themselves. Here is, trying is about studying.

Advantages and disadvantages of lubricant

No matter which Gleitcreme You in the end to your personal Gleitgel comparison winner The use offers countless possibilities and can help your sex life to a new upswing. Below are the pros and cons of one Gleitcreme summarized again:


Good sliding properties

donate moisture

condom safe

Provide intense sensations


help with lubrication deficiency


Lube water-based dries

Too much Lube weakens the sensation

not easy to remove from textiles

Order lubricant online - purchase criteria

Whether for the fun alone, with the partner, during pregnancy or for use with a sex toy: Everyone has their individual needs, so it is difficult the best lubricant to determine. The following purchase criteria can help you find your individual Lubricant test winner to find.

Condom compatible?

Especially with anal sex or changing sexual partners, the use of a condom should never be renounced. If a Lubricant condom appropriate is, in most cases, described on the packaging. The im Lube cream comparison Lubricants are all suitable for use with condoms.

PH value

The so-called pH comes from chemistry and indicates how acidic or lye-containing a substance is. Human skin has a pH of 5,5. Whether our skin on creams, cosmetics or just Lube Irritation and redness, among other things, depends on the pH of the product. Especially for use in the sensitive vaginal area one should pH-neutral lubricant Kaufen.


There a Water based lubricant dries faster than a silicone-based product, it is generally less productive. at Silicone based lubricant Often enough already a small amount for a clearly changed feeling.

Smell and taste

Most lubricants are tasteless and hardly emit any odor. Our Comparative winner lubrication There are next to the tasteless variant in five other varieties with fruit flavor.

Lubricant application tips


  • The right amount

When using Lube applies: is allowed, what pleases. Many women like it when it is really moist, others like it in intense wet conditions. Which amount should be used, so each pair must find out for themselves. It makes sense to start with a few drops and then slowly grope to the most comfortable amount.

It can do that Lube either applied only in the vaginal area and around the clitoris, but also on the penis. The second is not only very exciting for the man, but helps both to feel the intrusion intensely.


  • Use with a sex toy

If the Lube the game with one vibrator or Lustperlen should intensify, offers itself a similar procedure as with sex. In addition to the vagina can be a small amount Gleitcreme be given to the top of the toy, or it will ring out Gleitcreme applied to the toy. For easier insertion, it is also advisable to turn on the vibrator after penetration.

Home remedies in the lubricant test: what can be used?

As described in the beginning, many people are Buy lube embarrassing in the trade, or they simply have no suitable Gleitcreme at hand, when lust comes over her. Therefore, more or less good alternatives are regularly reported. Explains what resources are actually suitable and what women should better keep their fingers off.


At first glance Vaseline may be a good idea, skin-friendly and moisturizing. However, Vaseline has the property of removing water from surfaces, which is why it is not suitable for vaginal use. It dries vaginal flora and increases the risk of infection by up to 40%.

baby oil

Many users think that what's good for a baby will hardly hurt me. However, baby oil contains Fatsthat can cause fungi and viruses to spread faster. Burning and white coating in the genital area can be the result, so definitely not a possible lubricant gel test winner!

olive oil

Similar to baby oil, edible oil, when used as a lubricant, can promote the spread of yeast, bacteria and viruses. In 44% of the women surveyed, the yeast fungus Canida was detected. Women who professional lubricant were only affected to 5%, according to a study.

Bio coconut oil It is often recommended as a home remedy for body care because it is completely natural and has special nourishing properties. In small quantities it can be considered Lubricant replacement However, this procedure should remain the exception and should not be used regularly in the home lubrication test.


Medical lubricants, for example, used for ultrasound examinations are not suitable for use during sex. Although they are cheaper, but have a different recipe and can be harmful to health if they get into the vagina or anus.

Lubricant test Stiftung Warentest - a verdict?

Stiftung Warentest, one of the most renowned consumer institutes, tests and assesses products and services from all walks of life. In the year 2007 became one Lubricant test released. This examined 14 Water based lubricants and 1 oily lubricant. Microbiological and dermatological were all Stiftung Warentest Lubricants Alright. You can on Make a detailed lubricant price comparison and choose your personal lubricant test winner.

LOOVARA lubricants - our recommendation

Within the framework of a cooperation with the company LOOVARA we got the opportunity, even one Lubricant test perform. The LOOVARA lubricants are available in different flavors, including more unusual variants, such as the LOOVARA Cannabis Lubricant.

Especially good has us vegan recipe like. Some products, such as the LOOVARA Anal Spray In addition, they are expressly produced without animal experiments. So the conscience remains clean even in the dirtiest games.


Lubricant is used today by every third person and has long since lost its status as a taboo topic. No wonder, most glides are condom suitable or used as a massage gel. This hardly limits the possible uses.

Our lubricant comparison winner Joydivision is available on water basis and in many different flavors. But the taste-neutral version has many enthusiastic users. Due to its approval as a medical product, it is suitable for sensitive skin and can be used for any body area or with a toy.

The use of other substances, such as baby oil or Vaseline is not recommended. Women who have physical or psychological problems with the moisture during sex, should definitely resort to a lubricant and buy the best lubricant. Nowadays you can easily order lube online.

Further recommended lubricants selected for you

What kind of product did the lubricant comparison of earned a top spot?

The product took the top spot in our ranking Lubricant Joydivision Aquaglide earned and placed the crown among all other, also very good products.

Who are the manufacturers who compared the products in the lubricant gel produce?

Many different manufacturers offer lubricants. So that you get the best possible overview, we have in our lubricant comparison products from such well-known brands as Joydivision, Ritex HYDRO, Loovara, Durex Natural, Durex Perfect and megasol selected for you.

Which product is correct in the lubricant comparison of Price and performance?

As the lubricant article presented with the best price-performance ratio, the Lubricant Ritex HYDRO Sensitive 50ml free of preservatives from us the classification regarding the best constellation.

What is the price range of the lubricant products that are available in Comparison were presented?

With us you can Lube Products for less than 1,50 € acquire. For all those who place more demands on quality, prices should start 12,99 € be expected.

What lubricant manufacturers were from the editorial staff of with which products is considered for comparison?

In what order did the editors of the lube article valued?

We research objectively, competently and independently of industry, media & Co. In our lubricant comparison, customer experiences, our own test results and possible evaluations by Stiftung Warentest have led to this ranking: The item got 1st place Lubricant Joydivision Aquaglide, followed by Lubricant Ritex HYDRO Sensitive 50ml free of preservatives, Lubricant Loovara with natural cannabis aroma 100 ml water-based aloe vera, Lubricant Durex Natural Feeling Gliding and adventure gel and Lubricant Durex Perfect Glide.

Which top products were compared when comparing lubricants still selected?

In addition to our comparison winner and the one with the best price-performance ratio, the products that were not included in the rating also turned out to be remarkable. These include Lubricant Joydivision Aquaglide, Lubricant Ritex HYDRO Sensitive 50ml free of preservatives and also Lubricant Loovara with natural cannabis aroma 100 ml water-based aloe vera.


Lubricant test & comparison guide

So choose the best Lube Product from our Test- Or settlement proposal

Greetings, I am Jonas and my hobbies are all related to nature. I'm a hobby mountaineer, have a trekking bike and sometimes go fishing. I usually spend my holidays on campsites in the world. But I'm also interested in sports events and being a professional in the automotive industry, including car and motorcycle.

As an author, I like to write about my hobbies. If I could animate you to participate, I would be happy. That's why I have this one too Lubricant comparison written for you.

My little table gives you an overview of my five Lube bestseller, The basis of my research was sales figures, surveys, Lubricant Reviews or opinions from customer reviews.

I always look for one Lubricant test of Stiftung Warentest around. If I find it, you will find out in my guide text. This should also make my comparison the cost-benefit factor in mind in order to facilitate the right choice.

Write me a feedback if you liked my article. About your experience with it, I would be very happy. My portal is 24 hours reachable for you

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Further information about our article can be found under Wikipedia , a platform of the most popular free encyclopedias on the Internet. Here you will learn a lot of interesting facts and information about our selection on the Lube to look up.

If you are on the YouTube video portal real and concrete information about our products Lube search, this source of information gives you direct access to the appropriate video clips.

On the platform of Amazon You can discover almost every product you want to buy online. So you will find this too Lube Product on Amazon. At the same time, many more articles can be found for your search on this portal.

Ebay is one of the world's largest online marketplaces where you can also discover our articles. Next to the Lube from commercial traders you will also find the Lube as used items from private sellers

Best recommendation

Lubricant Joydivision Aquaglide

Price-performance winner

Lubricant Ritex HYDRO Sensitive 50ml free of preservatives

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