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Soldering iron, the tool of choice for conductive connections

Every hobbyist will know it, the soldering iron. With it you can quickly and easily join two metals together and do it by hand. Without that good soldering iron some electrical connections would not be made. Since it requires the most diverse connections, that is Soldering iron offer very different in shape and performance.

But not all soldering irons are the same. In order to shed light on the darkness, we would like to introduce you to the soldering iron and deal with the various areas of application. Six of the best-selling Soldering iron bestseller you will find a detailed guide on the topic immediately afterwards and afterwards.

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Soldering iron Dremel 2000 VersaTip soldering iron - Burning iron
  •  Extremely long shot time.


Soldering iron Meterk Kit 60W adjustable temperature
  •  The distance from the tip to the tip of the stem is short and a cleaning sponge is used.


Soldering iron Holife Premium soldering station LED display 60W
  •  Very fast heating with LED display
  •  Automatic shutdown


Ersa PTC70 soldering iron Temperature-controlled soldering iron
  •  High quality manufacturing
  •  with storage rack
  •  pretty tough


ERSA soldering iron 30 S 30W 230V 0330KD soldering iron
  •  Rubber washer? Ergonomic? Good for long-term use.


Komerci ZD-967 soldering iron electronic set
  •  With accessory folder
  •  pretty tough
  •  rich accessories
Name Soldering iron Dremel 2000 VersaTip soldering iron - Burning iron Soldering iron Meterk Kit 60W adjustable temperature Soldering iron Holife Premium soldering station LED display 60W Ersa PTC70 soldering iron Temperature-controlled soldering iron ERSA soldering iron 30 S 30W 230V 0330KD soldering iron Komerci ZD-967 soldering iron electronic set
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Note on the comparative grade

The Best producttest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentSoldering iron

TOP Productstest-vergleiche.com1,6goodSoldering iron

TOP Productstest-vergleiche.com1,7goodSoldering iron

TOP Productstest-vergleiche.com1,8goodSoldering iron

TOP Productstest-vergleiche.com1,9goodSoldering iron

TOP Productstest-vergleiche.com2,1goodSoldering iron

Manufacturers Dremel Butane Versatip YES Meterk HoLife Premium Ersa PTC70 ERSA 0330KD Commercial ZD-967
Size: 33 x 18 x 5.5 cm 25 x 12 x 10 cm 31 x 15 x 14 cm 25 x 20 x 7 cm 20 x 15 x 8 cm 30 x 23 x 5 cm
Weight 136 g 104 g 778 g 300 g 200 g 1.300 g
Form chisel-shaped chisel-shaped chisel-shaped chisel-shaped chisel-shaped pin-shaped
Performance 60 W 60 W 60 W 75 W 30 W 130 W
Tip diameter 2.2 mm 2.2 mm 2.2 mm 2.2 mm 3.1 mm 1.2 mm
Maximum temperature k. A. 450 ° C 480 ° C 450 ° C 380 ° C k. A.
Heating time k. A. 120 s 15 s 34 s 120 s k. A.
Accessories Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
Adjustable temperature Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
Different tips Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
  •  Extremely long shot time.
  •  The distance from the tip to the tip of the stem is short and a cleaning sponge is used.
  •  Very fast heating with LED display
  •  Automatic shutdown
  •  High quality manufacturing
  •  with storage rack
  •  pretty tough
  •  Rubber washer? Ergonomic? Good for long-term use.
  •  With accessory folder
  •  pretty tough
  •  rich accessories
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Our comparison chart for Soldering iron comparison does not replace one Soldering iron testin which a special Soldering iron test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external soldering iron test of trustworthy sources. Only you decide which model your personal Soldering iron test winner is.

soldering Station

Soldering iron at a glance

  • Soldering irons are usually electrically heated and a built-in resistor ensures that the soldering tip is heated. The higher the power, the faster it heats up and the higher the temperature can rise.
  • The soldering iron includes various, mostly exchangeable soldering tips that are required for various soldering jobs. The shape of the same also determines what and how hot can be soldered with it.
  • The design of a soldering iron is usually slim, but there are also soldering guns. These have a loop-shaped heating coil, which in turn is used as a soldering tip. The name soldering gun comes from the shape of the soldering iron.

Since the engineer Ernst Sachs had the electric soldering iron patented in 1921, it has been indispensable in the craft and in the hobby workshop. Although today there are also many electrical connections with the Crimping Tool and wire end ferrules, the soldering iron belongs in every tool bag. Regardless of whether the cable of the lawnmower has been cut or a resistor on a circuit board has to be replaced, unthinkable without a soldering iron. However, not every soldering iron is suitable for every soldering process. You can find out what differences there are and what to look out for in our Soldering iron comparison of


Top product: Titan case at Amazon

Dremel 2000 VersaTip soldering iron - Burning iron and soldering set (with 6 interchangeable tips for soldering, hot cutting, welding, pyrography, wood engraving, ...
  • Location-independent: Wireless and easy execution of your projects without mains power - indoors or outdoors
  • One tool for 6 different uses: soldering, melting, hot cutting, shrinking, pyrography and paint removal.
  • Versatile: The hot glue gun is suitable for any kind of DIY project - be it gluing plastic, wood or ...
  • Good ergonomics: The VersaTip enables a stable stand and quiet and precise work with easily exchangeable glue sticks

This is what a soldering iron consists of

The electric soldering iron consists of a soldering tip, a heating element and an insulated handle. With the earlier ones cheap soldering iron encloses the heating element, the soldering tip made of copper and shaped cylindrically on the shaft. Such soldering tips oxidize quickly and must be replaced quickly. Sometimes you can extend their lifespan by filing or brushing them off. Good soldering iron therefore have a hollow soldering tip that is provided with a permanent protective layer. The heating element is located in the hollow soldering tip. Such soldering tips are also referred to as permanent soldering tips.

soldering Station

This is how the soldering iron works

Power is supplied directly via a socket outlet or by means of low voltage via a transformer. The temperature is regulated using three different methods:

  • Temperature controlled soldering iron

It works with a temperature sensor, which is usually located near the soldering tip. This means that a certain target temperature is maintained, which is always constant. In some models, this is also evaluated via the electrical resistance in the heating wire.

Soldering iron note:

Our Soldering iron purchase recommendation A temperature-controlled soldering iron is required for particularly temperature-sensitive electronic components.

  • Self-regulating soldering iron

Self-regulating heating elements work with the steep increase in electrical resistance in the area of ​​the soldering temperature. The thermoconductive material of the heating element does not let any more current through when the temperature is reached, when the temperature drops the current flow increases again and thus regulates the temperature of the soldering iron.

  • Electromechanically temperature-controlled soldering iron

A ferromagnetic material on the soldering tip sets the temperature here. When the soldering tip is cold, the soldering tip attracts a movable magnet, which in turn switches on the heating current. Once the set temperature has been reached, the magnet is no longer attracted and switches off the heating current.

Soldering iron evaluation of the properties

Depending on the application, there are soldering irons from around 5 to 6 watts up to several hundred watts. Not every soldering iron is suitable for every job. Therefore, no statement can be made about which the best soldering iron is. We differentiate:

Soldering iron typePerformanceBenefitsDisadvantages
Soldering needle5 to 15 watts• Use in confined spaces
• Soldering the finest wires
• Fine work on conductor tracks, SMD components
• A sure instinct is required
Fine soldering iron15 to 30 watts• Small to medium-sized soldering jobs
• Work on distribution boxes
• Assembly of circuit boards
• Soldering in model making
• Not for larger components
Universal soldering iron30 to 60 watts• Exchangeable soldering tips
• universal use in the household
• affordable soldering iron price
• No temperature control
• not for fine work
Temperature controlled soldering iron30 to 60 watts• Electronically regulated
• for fine work with constant temperature
• Soldering iron price
Great soldering iron<60 Watt• For all rough work on thick cables, batteries or solar cells• Not for electronic components

Holife soldering iron

Holife soldering iron

Soldering, that's how it's done

In order to join two metals together, another, lower-melting metal, solder or solder, is required, which hardens after cooling. A so-called flux is also required as an auxiliary substance so that the connection is made. These connections are called soft soldering. The temperature range is a maximum of 450 ° C. There is also a brazing process, but this is mostly only used in industry. The solder required for this only becomes liquid at over 450 ° C.

Soldering iron note:

There are also cordless soldering irons that run on either gas or batteries and are therefore independent of the mains. However, they have a very low output and are only to be regarded as an emergency solution.

What do you need the solder for?

Solder or soldering tin refers to an agent that connects metals together during soldering. It consists of a mixture of different metals, such as tin, zinc, copper, silver and in the past also lead, which is now largely prohibited. The heat during soldering triggers a melt in the solder which, after cooling, creates a mechanical and electrical connection.

The following metals can be soldered:

  • Aluminium
  • Bronze
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Copper
  • brass
  • Silver

Soldering iron note:

The melting point of the respective solder must be below the melting point of the materials to be soldered.

What do you need flux for?

The flux ensures better wetting of the surface during soldering. It uses a chemical reaction to remove superficial oxides and reduce the heat in the workpieces to be joined. For different jobs, the fluxes are composed differently, with different properties.

Fluxes can be made from these materials:

  • hydrochloric acid
  • Salicylic acid
  • Adipic acid
  • Zinc chloride
  • ammonium chloride
  • rosin

Soldering iron note:

Make sure you use the correct flux when soldering. Not everyone is suitable, as some can be caustic, corrosive or harmful to health. Therefore, always wear one when working Face mask.

Soldering iron bestseller on Amazon:

No products found.

Our soldering iron purchase advice

That there's no point in getting anybody Buy soldering iron you have probably already read above. That is why we would only like to go into the most important points in our purchase advice.

What service do I need?

With a soldering iron you can solder both gutters and resistors. Therefore, when choosing the soldering iron, it depends on which materials are to be soldered. A different soldering iron is required for the electronic hobbyist than for the plumber who wants to solder pipes. However, if you only want to buy a soldering iron for any soldering work, a universal soldering iron is best.

Soldering iron note:

As a good guideline you can remember: the less watt a soldering iron has, the more delicate you can work with it.

  • Do I need interchangeable tips?

With interchangeable tips you are always flexible. This allows you to do different jobs with the same soldering iron. Also make sure that differently shaped tips are ready to be changed, chisel-shaped ones for the coarser soldering work, pen-shaped ones for the finer ones.

  • Which accessories are useful?

On some models, such as the gas-powered one Dremel soldering iron from our comparison, other work besides soldering is possible. By replacing the soldering tip, you can use attachments that make hot cutting or hot stamping possible or use them for pyrography. Also the delivery of solder or flux is with one Soldering iron set mostly with them.

Soldering iron note:

More accessories usually mean a higher price. On the other hand, the items supplied do not have to be bought separately. Therefore, check in advance whether the supplied accessories are required.

  • What should you watch out for with the heating-up time?

As a rule, every soldering iron needs a certain heating-up time, which can sometimes take several minutes. Thinner soldering tips are faster than thicker ones. But there are also soldering irons, such as the soldering gun, that heat up immediately at the push of a button. If you have your soldering iron in constant use and only put it down for a few seconds, you should choose one with a long heat-up time. All soldering irons with a heat-up time of up to 200 seconds are considered fast.

  • Do I need an adjustable temperature?

If you opt for exchangeable tips, you should also choose a temperature-controlled one Order soldering iron or buy. So you are quite flexible and can decide on the right temperature for different jobs.

  • Where can I buy my soldering iron?

Soldering irons are available in hardware stores, electronics stores or on the Internet. We can recommend the latter to you because not only is the selection the largest here, but also the prices in a direct way Soldering iron price comparison are representable. Then there are those Soldering iron reviews other users who can be very helpful in choosing.

soldering Station

What else can you use for soldering?

That a soldering iron in each tool bag heard, we have already described above. A file for processing the chisel-shaped tips and a peen hammer is also needed to remove any residue from the soldering tip. A Vice an der Workbench can hold the workpiece to be soldered or serve as a shelf for the hot soldering iron. If you accidentally place the soldering iron on a flammable surface, the Fire Extinguisher not be far away or at least one smoke detector signal the smoldering fire.

Answers (FAQ) to the soldering iron comparison

The soldering gun is also a soldering iron, but in the shape of a pistol. Instead of a soldering tip, the gun has a metal bracket that is directly heated. Therefore, current flows through this tip here. The soldering tip of the soldering iron is only heated. Due to the round shape of the soldering gun, it is not so well suited for fine work.

Unfortunately, Stiftung Warentest has not yet included a soldering iron in its test program, so we cannot present you with a soldering iron test winner from the foundation.

Soldering irons reach temperatures between 350 and 450 ° C. With gas soldering irons, the temperature even goes up to over 1000 ° C. These professional soldering irons are mostly only used by roofers or other craftsmen and are of no value for hobby craftsmen.

There are pen- and chisel-shaped soldering tips. The finer the point, the finer work can be done with it. Wide chisel tips, on the other hand, transfer a lot of heat to the workpiece and are suitable for rough work.

The smallest soldering irons start with a power consumption of 5 watts. Universal soldering irons work with 30 to 60 watts and large soldering irons have a power consumption of several 100 watts.

The soldering iron price depends on the equipment. You can get the inexpensive universal soldering iron from around 10 to 15 euros. Soldering iron sets can cost up to 50 euros.

For all electronic components, a soldering iron must be small and have a fine tip. Controllable temperature is also important. In terms of performance, it should be between 5 and 30 watts.

There are many manufacturers of soldering irons, here just the most important ones: ERSA, Dremel, Meterk, Holife or Komerci. But manufacturers such as AGT, Blusmart, Fixpoint or Vida and Weller also have a good reputation.

Conclusion on the soldering iron

There are several indispensable items that a hobby craftsman needs. This undoubtedly includes the soldering iron. It can be used for soldering, desoldering, partially welding or hot cutting as well as embellishing wood with pyrography. A soldering iron is indispensable for the electronics technician, is part of the plumbing process and repairs some cold connections in the household.

Which soldering iron article has emerged as "Best Recommendation" in the comparison?

The Soldering iron Dremel 2000 VersaTip soldering iron - Burning iron was chosen by our authors on the basis of positive product reviews in connection with high sales figures among all other test subjects with the grade “best recommendation”.

Which manufacturers dominated in the soldering iron comparison places 1 to 5?

Of the many different manufacturers that are available in the soldering iron range, we have such recognized manufacturers for you in our soldering iron comparison Dremel Butane Versatip YES, Meterk, HoLife Premium, Ersa PTC70, ERSA 0330KD and Commercial ZD-967 selected for you.

Which product had in the soldering iron comparison of a good price-performance ratio?

All in the soldering iron comparison of The items presented are among the best currently on the market. The has emerged as the price-performance winner.

How cheap or expensive are the soldering iron products that are in the Comparison were presented?

In our Soldering iron In comparison, you can find excellent and high quality Soldering iron Products whose maximum price is up to 59,01 € can be. However, we also have cheaper alternatives for you 19,99 €.

Why did the editors of in the soldering iron comparison these items taken into account?

Our editorial team deals with a wide range of providers for every comparison before deciding which articles from which manufacturers compete against each other in the soldering iron ranking. Here were these 5 godparents: Soldering iron Dremel 2000 VersaTip soldering iron - Burning iron, Soldering iron Meterk Kit 60W adjustable temperature, Soldering iron Holife Premium soldering station LED display 60W, Ersa PTC70 soldering iron Temperature-controlled soldering iron, ERSA soldering iron 30 S 30W 230V 0330KD soldering iron and Komerci ZD-967 soldering iron electronic set

How did the editors in the soldering iron comparison of set the order of precedence?

The determination of the ranking is not influenced by the manufacturer, brand or product, but only according to the objective criteria of our editors. So got the article Soldering iron Dremel 2000 VersaTip soldering iron - Burning iron from us the grade 1, followed by Soldering iron Meterk Kit 60W adjustable temperature, Soldering iron Holife Premium soldering station LED display 60W, Ersa PTC70 soldering iron Temperature-controlled soldering iron and ERSA soldering iron 30 S 30W 230V 0330KD soldering iron.

What was compared in the soldering iron next to the comparison winner and the price-performance winner?

In addition to the best soldering iron items and the price-performance winner, there are other, also very good products in our selection that last: Soldering iron Dremel 2000 VersaTip soldering iron - Burning iron, Soldering iron Meterk Kit 60W adjustable temperature and Soldering iron Holife Premium soldering station LED display 60W.
Best recommendation

Soldering iron Dremel 2000 VersaTip soldering iron - Burning iron

4,8 / 5 - (80 votes)

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