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Suitcase Set Pack Easy Boa Suitcase Set - Set of 3
  •  very stable
  •  exquisite appearance
  •  stackable
  •  360 ° roles


Suitcase set capital city suitcase - XBERG 3-piece suitcase set trolley hard shell
  •  expansion fold
  •  Storage legs
  •  number Schlos
  •  additional carrying handles


Case set FERGÉ triple case set CANNES - 3 hard-shell trolley cases with 4 wheels
  •  stowable
  •  2-stage telescopic pole
  •  combination lock
  •  360 ° roles


Suitcase set Trolley suitcase hard shell set - travel suitcase with 360 ° wheels 4 parts.
  •  stackable
  •  360 ° roles
  •  edge protection
  •  combination lock
Price-performance winner


Suitcase Set Twin Rolls 3 tlg.2033 Travel Suitcase Suitcase Suitcase Trolley Hard Shell
  •  twin roles
  •  combination lock
  •  expansion
Name Suitcase Set Pack Easy Boa Suitcase Set - Set of 3 Suitcase set capital city suitcase - XBERG 3-piece suitcase set trolley hard shell Case set FERGÉ triple case set CANNES - 3 hard-shell trolley cases with 4 wheels Suitcase set Trolley suitcase hard shell set - travel suitcase with 360 ° wheels 4 parts. Suitcase Set Twin Rolls 3 tlg.2033 Travel Suitcase Suitcase Suitcase Trolley Hard Shell
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,4ExcellentSuitcase set

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodSuitcase set

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodSuitcase set

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com2,0goodSuitcase set

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com2,1goodSuitcase set

Manufacturers Pack Easy capital case FERGE Vojagor BEIBYE
Material ABS plastic / hard shell ABS plastic / PC / hard shell ABS plastic / PC / hard shell ABS plastic / PC / hard shell ABS plastic / hard shell
Number of suitcases 3 3 3 4 3
Suitcase Gr. XL 78 x 53 x 29 cm 75 x 52 x 31 cm 70 x 47 x28 cm 71 x 51 x 34 cm 76 x 52 x 32 cm
Suitcase Gr. L 67 x (sizes are missing) 65 x 46 x 28 cm 60 x 41 x 25 cm 61 x 43 x 33 cm 66 x 46 x 29 cm
Suitcase Gr. M 55 x 34 x 23 cm 55 x 37 x 24 cm 50 x 34 x 21 cm 51 x 37 x 28 cm 56 39 x x 23cm
Suitcase Gr. S no no no 41 x 33 x 24 cm no
Volume 96 / 60 / 36 l 126 / 90 / 42 l 100 / 780 / 38 l 124 / 87 / 54 / 32 l 115 / 75 / 45 l
Weight 4,5 / 3,9 / 2,9 kg 5,1 / 4,2 / 3,4 kg 4,2 / 3,5 / 2,9 kg 5,0 / 4,5 / 3,8 / 2,7 kg 4,8 / 3,8 / 3,0 kg
TSA castle
Features wavy structure surface Front pocket with padded laptop and tablet compartment with Velcro fastener additional carrying handles Feet, creases stable due to wavy surface
  •  very stable
  •  exquisite appearance
  •  stackable
  •  360 ° roles
  •  expansion fold
  •  Storage legs
  •  number Schlos
  •  additional carrying handles
  •  stowable
  •  2-stage telescopic pole
  •  combination lock
  •  360 ° roles
  •  stackable
  •  360 ° roles
  •  edge protection
  •  combination lock
  •  twin roles
  •  combination lock
  •  expansion
Summary The cases are super stable, the handles are easy to pull out, the rollers run smoothly and without jerking and with a great look. Convincing design with practical features Solid cases that fulfill their purpose Suitable for vacation, business, short trip or once around the world Nice usable luggage set for little fliers for a small price
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Our comparison chart for Suitcase set comparison does not replace one Suitcase set testin which a special Suitcase set test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external suitcase set of trusted sources. Only you decide which model your personal Suitcase set test winner is.

Vacation, finally vacation ...

... come on, let's pack our seven things and we're going on vacation ...

No matter if you travel only occasionally, are summer vacationers or Globetrotter, without the right suitcase nobody goes on trips. The offer is large and quality and reliability come first. We from want to make it easier for you to buy the case on the following pages in our case comparison. Regardless of whether it is the cheap hard case, the best business trolley, the Samsonite suitcase set or you are interested in the best cabin trolleys, you will find it here.

Trendy trends and current color combinations not only make for a chic look, but also provide a practical recognition value for the issue of luggage at the coach or on the luggage belt. Storage space and thoughtful layouts are not just a good solution for business travelers. Refined details, practical features and optimal dimensions are of great use in the train, in the car or in the aircraft cabin.

The different suitcase types make buying the suitcase not easy, because suitcase is not the same suitcase. Basically, one differentiates between four types:

Each suitcase is suitable for travel, one more, the other less. So here's a quick overview of which suitcase suits your trip best.

Top Product: Case Set at Amazon 

No products found.

case sizeSmallMediumLargeextra LargeXX-Large
Volume≤ 49 liter≤ 69 liter≤ 89 liter≤ 119 liter> 120 liter
Duration2 days≤ 1 week1 - 2 weeks2 - 3 weeks> 2 - 3 weeks

The small suitcase or hand luggage

Hand luggage for air travel has very special regulations regarding size and weight. The weight of the cabin luggage must not exceed 10 kg and most of the storage space in the aircraft can be up to a dimension of 55 x 40 x 20 cm for the suitcase or the cabin trolley. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all airlines by default. Before traveling, you should inquire what you are allowed to carry as cabin baggage into the cabin. If you buy a cabin trolley, the choice of material is not so crucial, because he hardly lands on conveyor belts, but is in your care.

The suitcase in medium size

A travel case with a volume of max. 69 Litern is the ideal travel companion for a weekend trip or a short trip up to a week. Soft case suit best here. They are lightweight and due to the low weight of the content they do not dent. Polyester or other synthetic fibers are very robust and are perfect for a short break.

The large suitcase

Case with a volume of max. 89 liters of content are suitable for a holiday of 7 to 10 days. If air travel is often associated with this, a hard-shell variant should be used here. These are almost indestructible and do not bulge. Soft textile cases also have their advantages if the volume can be expanded by a zip on the outer pockets. If you like to bring back a little more luggage from your vacation than you took with you, this option is the better solution.

The travel case in Extra Large

With their content of up to 119 liters, they are quite large and bulky. Aluminum or case with hard shells made of titanium or polycarbonate are clearly in the advantage here. Everything that is needed for a 14-day trip can be accommodated here.

The giant under the luggage, the XX Large

A lot fits in here. Globetrotters and world travelers absolutely need it. Due to the enormous weight, extreme stability is required here. A stable handle, a high-quality telescopic rod and smooth-running castors are essential, as is a high-quality shell that does not bulge or buckle.

The material question

Soft shell, hard shell or aluminum, what is the best? This decision depends on several factors. Those who travel mainly by train, car or bus will handle their suitcases with care. Mechanical impacts or stacking in airplanes are not exposed to these pieces of luggage. Here you can confidently choose the slightly lighter variants made of polyester, ie the soft shell.

Suitcase set

However, if your suitcases are pushed around when loading and unloading an airplane, a hard-shell suitcase or an aluminum suitcase is the better choice. In addition, the frequency of use also plays a major role. For little travelers who go on holiday only once in the summer, a suitcase set is cheap, which does not exceed the financial framework. Globetrotter, however, should afford only the best suitcase set, because it has a lot to bear.

Of course, the choice of material is always a sign of individual taste, design or color.

The weight is crucial for the selection of suitcases

The volume for your suitcase selection is one thing. The other is weight. You should choose the size of your suitcase so that you can still carry it yourself. Even if the best hard-shell suitcases are equipped with smooth-running wheels, the suitcase must be lifted onto the luggage belt or into the car. Big, heavy and bulky suitcases are more for strong guys. If it gets too difficult, it is better to order two hard-shell cases or buy a cabin trolley as a supplement.

Of course, the empty weight in our suitcase comparison plays a big role. The lower the weight, the more you can load. Even a cheap hard-shell case always weighs more than the best cabin trolley.

Of course you can also use a travel bag or the backpack Whether bag, backpack or TrekkinrucksackIf you keep the weight and the size, you can carry it as hand luggage.

Why roles and how many?

No matter if our suitcase set or the hard case case, such a model has a telescopic telescopic pole and wheels are called trolley. They are very popular, you do not have to carry the suitcase and can simply push it or drag it afterwards. Even bags and backpacks are available with rod and wheels. Especially convenient for women and children or older people. But even athletes who have plenty of power in their muscles like to use the trolleys. If you want to order a hard case, take one with rollers. The same applies when buying a suitcase set.

Trolleys without wheels are intended for short distances or for pure car tourism without the need to carry them over long distances. Out of the taxi - into the train or for caravan fans. You can still offer benefits, because telescopic rod and wheels take away unnecessary space, which can bring some benefits in the car. In addition, they are cheaper to buy.

The more comfortable alternative especially for air travelers or permanent train travelers are of course the trolleys. The same applies to checking in the large hotel area or the way to public transport. Level surfaces are particularly well suited to transport a suitcase to its destination. Also buy the cabin trolley wheels and telescopic pole should not be missing.

The wheels should be smooth running and not cause too much noise. Such rubber or soft plastic are very quiet and ensure uniform rolling. Clamping wheels are a no-go.

Whether two or four wheels is a matter of opinion. Lighter cabin trolleys or business trolleys with two wheels are best pulled behind, larger hard-shell suitcases are also pushed forward and they have a much greater advantage with four wheels. When buying business trolley, also pay attention to the interior design.

Suitcase set

Large or small with a Suitcase set are you perfectly equipped for one Short Trip or longer stay 

Determine the volume of the case itself

Whether you need a small or large volume depends on the wardrobe you have taken and on your family size. If you have difficulties getting your equipment for the holidays over and over again, we advise you to do a little trick. Put what you usually take on vacation on a table, clothing, shoes, toiletries. Lay it in length, width and height as you would put it in your suitcase, with no gaps. Pick up a tape measure and determine the approximate edge lengths. Your required volume is then composed as follows:

Long x width x height measured in cm = volume in liters / 1000

With this simple trick, you can calculate the optimal case volume for you. If you then order the next larger suitcase, leave nothing at home in your holiday wardrobe.

You have the best selection of suitcases if you opt for a 3-part suitcase set or even a 4-part suitcase set. The best suitcase set is the one that best suits your needs. Suitcase sets offer a large selection of suitcases of different sizes. When you buy a 4-piece suitcase set, the easiest way to choose is to find the right suitcase for a short vacation or vacation trip. But even a 3-piece suitcase set is sufficient for a family vacation with four people. When not in use, the case set can simply be nested inside each other and thus does not take up any unnecessary space.

Here is a short selection of the sizes of our suitcase sets from our suitcase set comparison:

Compare Suitcase Set 3-parts /XLLMS
Comparison suitcase set 4-parts
Suitcase set winner, the Boa suitcase 3er set by Pack Easy78 x 53 x 29 cmNo details available55 x 34 x 23 cm
MAIN CITIES - XBERG 3er Suitcase Set75 x 52 x 31 cm65 x 46 x 28 cm55 x37 x 24 cm
FERGÉ three-way suitcase set70 x 47 x 28 cm60 x 41 x 25 cm50 x 34 x 21 cm
4 tlg. Trolley Case Hard Shell Set by Vojagor71 x 51 x 34 cm61 x 43 x 33 cm51 x 37 x 28 cm
Beibye twin rolls 3 tlg.203376 52 x x 32cm66 46 x x 29cm56 39 x x 23cm41 x 33 x 24 cm

The business trolley for the business traveler

Field staff, executives or other people who have to be constantly on the move appreciate a mobile office. In a business trolley, also known as a pilot's case or laptop trolley, you can carry everything you need for working on the go. You always have important documents, files or your laptop with you. With your mobile office you are always up to date on every business trip. If it gets late, your business trolley also houses the change of clothes and hygiene items for one or two nights.

The best business trolley has many compartments for a perfect order inside. He convinces with many functions. Organizers should not be missing and a padded laptop compartment protects against damage. The majority of business trolleys offer laptops up to 17 "good storage.

With a telescopic handle and wheels provided, he does not even have to be worn and his dimensions, he goes on the plane as hand luggage. Stable and safe in construction, high-quality workmanship, partly lockable and easy to care for, the Business Trolley is a practical means of transport for the business sector. A good layout and comfortable openings make it clear in terms of functionality and order.

Suitcase Set Bestseller on Amazon:

Offer for your event.Bestseller no. 1
BEIBYE hard case suitcase trolley trolley case travel case combination lock 4 twin wheels (black, suitcase set)
  • ABS plastic: robust ABS material + matt outer shell + high quality + stable and unbreakable + 14 color variations
  • Good user experience: fully retractable telescopic rod + made of anodized aluminum + adjustable with push button + on various levels...
  • high-quality combination lock with adjustable number combination
  • 4 Twin Wheels: Light and comfortable. 4 spinner wheels (rotatable 360°) for perfect mobility
  • Suitcase set stackable: Large Size (external dimensions): 76 x 50 x 27 cm (H x W x D); Weight: 3,90 kg ; Volume: approx. 110 L. Middle...
Bestseller no. 2
NUMADA - Luggage set and toiletry bag 4 pieces Mod. Newteck Gray, large 75cm, medium 63cm, small 53cm and toiletry bag, ABS, rigid, resistant, 4...
1.096 Reviews
NUMADA - Luggage set and toiletry bag 4 pieces Mod. Newteck Gray, large 75cm, medium 63cm, small 53cm and toiletry bag, ABS, rigid, resistant, 4...
  • LUGGAGE SET RIGID BLUE: Large suitcase (49 x 29,5 x 75 cm / capacity: 78 l / 3,5 kg / maximum weight: 25 kg), medium suitcase (63...
  • Structured ABS MATERIAL. Luggage set rigid, light and shockproof suitcases. Waterproof and water-repellent, washable ...
  • 4 DOUBLE 360 ° multidirectional and quiet WHEELS on smooth surfaces slide smoothly with the movement and make it ...
  • TELESCOPIC HANDLE AND HANDLE: 3-stage aluminum telescopic handle (2 levels in the large case) and upper handle enable quick ...
  • SAVE SPACE: Luggage set with divided interior with inner lining, adjustable elastic fastening straps and divider with ...
Bestseller no. 3
KESSER® 4 pieces Hard Shell Case Set Hard Shell Basic Hard Case Trolley Case Travel Case Travel Case Set Luggage Rolling Case Lock 4 Wheels ABS Hard Shell ...
1.314 Reviews
KESSER® 4 pieces Hard Shell Case Set Hard Shell Basic Hard Case Trolley Case Travel Case Travel Case Set Luggage Rolling Case Lock 4 Wheels ABS Hard Shell ...
  • ROBUST CASE SET: The cases are made of robust ABS hard shell, which is resistant to bumps and scratches. Flexible ...
  • SPACE-SAVING: When you are not using the case, you can simply stow all sizes S, M, L and XL one inside the other.
  • HANDY DESIGN: Each case has a height-adjustable telescopic handle and 4 roller system made of plastic, which can be rotated 360 ° ...
  • VOLUME: Set of 4 cases, sizes Gr. S 34L Gr. M 55L, size. L 84L and Gr. XL 120L can be stowed one inside the other
  • MORE SECURITY: The suitcases each have a built-in number lock into which the zipper can be inserted. So...

Our results in the case Price comparison from

Suitcase comparison

Suitcase sets, hard-shell suitcases, cabin trolleys and business trolleys were compared

Suitcase set comparison winner

The best suitcase set 3-part in our comparison comparison the Boa 3er-set from Pack Easy

Hard case comparison winner

Winner of the hard case Samsonite Neopulse Spinner

Cabin Trolley comparison winner

The best Samsonite S'Cure Spinner cabin trolley

Hard case test - Stiftung Warentest

The Stiftung Warentest regularly takes hard-shell suitcases under the microscope but on a representative basis Hard case suitcase winner we can not fall back at the moment.

Suitcase set test - Stiftung Warentest

Unfortunately, Stiftung Warentest Koffer Set Tests is currently out of date in their test program.

Business Trolley comparison winner

Pro-Dix 4 Rolling, the best business trolley Samsonite in our comparison comparison

Cabin trolley test - Stiftung Warentest

Unfortunately, Stiftung Warentest is having a hard time with it, regularly Cabin Trolley Tests to be included in your test program and therefore cannot present you with a cabin trolley test winner. We therefore want to make your choice a little easier and give you a guide to buying a cabin trolley with you.

Business Trolley Test - Stiftung Warentest

Unfortunately, the Stiftung Warentest Business Trolleys is currently not up to date in their test program.

Our Youtube video Tip for you: From check-in to the machine: This is the way your suitcase takes you at the airport

At the end...

Our suitcase set comparison has shown that the combination of several suitcase sizes is very practical when different trips are made with it. A 3-piece suitcase set fulfills the wishes for a large suitcase for a 2-week trip, a smaller suitcase for a short trip and a cabin trolley that is usually suitable for aircraft. A practical hand luggage item is added to the 4-piece suitcase set.

For the hard case comparison, we have mainly dealt with models that are suitable for aircraft travel. Polycarbonate or an aluminum or titanium hard-shell case provide the necessary strength to withstand loading and unloading at the airfield without damage.

The cabin trolley report was primarily aimed at being carried as hand luggage on the aircraft. According to its dimensions, it should be easy to accommodate in the aircraft. It's also good for short trips when you don't need a larger suitcase and waiting at the baggage carousel isn't an option for you.

And last but not least, the business trolley comparison report for the businessman who travels a lot and always wants or needs to have his mobile office with him.


Which suitcase set model was rated as the winner in the comparison?

The article was rated as very good in our comparison Suitcase Set Pack Easy Boa Suitcase Set - Set of 3 cut off and prevailed against the other 5 other articles listed in the comparison.

Which manufacturers dominated in the case set comparison of places 1 to 5?

From the many different manufacturers that are available in the case set offer, we have for you in our case set comparison such recognized manufacturers as Pack Easy, capital case, FERGE, Vojagor and BEIBYE selected for you.

Which product had in the case set comparison of a good price-performance ratio?

All in the case set comparison of The items presented are among the best currently on the market. As the price-performance winner, the Suitcase Set Twin Rolls 3 tlg.2033 Travel Suitcase Suitcase Suitcase Trolley Hard Shell crystallized out.

How inexpensive or cost-intensive are the case set products that are included in the Comparison were presented?

In our Suitcase set In comparison, you can find excellent and high quality Suitcase set Products whose maximum price is up to €278,95 can be. However, we also have cheaper alternatives for you €129,90.

Why did the editors of in the case set comparison these items taken into account?

How did the editors compare in the suitcase set set the order of precedence?

Which top products were in the case set comparison of still selected?

In addition to our comparison winner and the one with the best price-performance ratio, the products that were not included in the rating also turned out to be remarkable. These include Suitcase Set Pack Easy Boa Suitcase Set - Set of 3, Suitcase set capital city suitcase - XBERG 3-piece suitcase set trolley hard shell and also Case set FERGÉ triple case set CANNES - 3 hard-shell trolley cases with 4 wheels.


Suitcase set test & comparison guide

So choose the best Suitcase set Product from our Test- Or settlement proposal

Greetings, I am Jonas and my hobbies are all related to nature. I'm a hobby mountaineer, have a trekking bike and sometimes go fishing. I usually spend my holidays on campsites in the world. But I'm also interested in sports events and being a professional in the automotive industry, including car and motorcycle.

As an author, I like to write about my hobbies. If I could animate you to participate, I would be happy. That's why I have this one too Suitcase set comparison written for you.

My little table gives you an overview of my five Suitcase set Bestseller, The basis of my research was sales figures, surveys, Suitcase set reviews or opinions from customer reviews.

I always look for one Suitcase set test of the Stiftung Warentest around. If I find it, you will find out in my guide text. This should also make my comparison the cost-benefit factor in mind in order to facilitate the right choice.

Write me a feedback if you liked my article. About your experience with it, I would be very happy. My portal is 24 hours reachable for you

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Further information about our article can be found under Wikipedia, a platform of the most popular free encyclopedias on the Internet. Here you will learn a lot of interesting facts and information about our selection on the Suitcase set to look up.

If you are on the YouTube video portal real and concrete information about our products Suitcase set search, this source of information gives you direct access to the appropriate video clips.

On the platform of The Amazon You can discover almost every product you want to buy online. So you will find this too Suitcase set Product on Amazon. At the same time, many more articles can be found for your search on this portal.

Ebay is one of the world's largest online marketplaces where you can also discover our articles. Next to the Suitcase set from commercial traders you will also find the Suitcase set as used items from private sellers

Best recommendation

Suitcase Set Pack Easy Boa Suitcase Set - Set of 3

4,9 / 5 - (197 votes)
Price-performance winner

Suitcase Set Twin Rolls 3 tlg.2033 Travel Suitcase Suitcase Suitcase Trolley Hard Shell

4,5 / 5 - (163 votes)

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