About Us

test-vergleiche.com and the team of authors and journalists behind it works every day to make your purchase easier. Our aim is to cover the widest possible range of products and product categories, including seasonal items. This service is free for consumers.

The sources on which we base judgments are varied. Not only the results of Stiftung Warentest are included, but also the experiences of customers. Only in this way can a holistic and above all honest judgment emerge.

The selection of the compared products also takes place manually. We consciously refrain from automation and the influence of our advertisers in the selection process. Instead, we employ a team of journalists who work each day into relevant product categories and make independent judgments.

This creates product comparisons that are considered relevant by consumers. Also for manufacturers is an award from test-vergleiche.com an attractive seal. For a nominal fee, our quality seal may be displayed on websites and product packaging. However, use is subject to strict control in terms of consumer protection.

We are not infallible either. Errors that we unknowingly adopt from other sources cannot be completely ruled out. However, we expressly assure that we will check all information on data, products and services to the best of our knowledge and belief before including them in our comparisons, but we cannot guarantee that they are up to date, complete and correct.

We do not test all the products ourselves. We understand it as our duty to summarize various reputable and credible sources such as Stiftung Warentest, Amazon customer reviews or renowned journals. From these our test grade will be calculated and an overall rating for you.

We search for reviews from different sources such as Stiftung Warentest, Amazon customer reviews and trade journals and, based on this, submit an overall result in the form of a test grade.

We make our selection based on the number of reviews that can be found on the Internet for each product. For products that are often tested by many sources and that are also among the bestsellers on Amazon, the likelihood of listing is very high. Our decision is always made independently of influential manufacturers and shops.

The product categories depend on the season. In the run-up to spring and summer, garden and holiday items are tested, as well as fan heaters or Christmas products for autumn and winter. We want to offer a comparison for everyday consumer products and therefore try to cover a variety of topics.

Some of the product data is automatically collected and partially entered manually by the team. Every day, new products are added to our database and errors are corrected as soon as possible

Our website Test-Vergleiche.com is free for all visitors. Our financing is only through advertising revenue. However, our advertising partners have no influence on our editorial work.

Our team of Test-Vergleiche.com You can only contact by email at the contact us under the email info @test-vergleiche.com, For press questions press @test-vergleiche.com as well as applications to info @test-vergleiche.com.

We are open to any kind of criticism and suggestions for improvement. That's why we always look forward to receiving an email from info @test-vergleiche.com send. Your e-mail will be processed as quickly as possible and you will receive timely feedback.