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Whiteboard Idena aluminum frame with pen tray
  •  low weight
  •  practical pen tray
  •  magnetic
  •  rounded edges
  •  movable hooks
Price-performance winner


Whiteboard Herlitz and magnetic board
  •  magnetic surface
  •  slightly dampened
  •  Installation in landscape and portrait format possible


Whiteboard magnetoplan
  •  Surface magnetic
  •  dry wipeable
  •  full-page pen tray
  •  Metal frame at the back


Whiteboard Franken SC2109 Magnetic writing board
  •  Tray available
  •  dry and wet wipeable
  •  Installation in landscape and portrait format


Whiteboard Jago magnetic board magnetic wall
  •  Hook for attachment freely movable
  •  easy cleaning
  •  individually usable
  •  magnetic
Name Whiteboard Idena aluminum frame with pen tray Whiteboard Herlitz and magnetic board Whiteboard magnetoplan Whiteboard Franken SC2109 Magnetic writing board Whiteboard Jago magnetic board magnetic wall
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Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,4ExcellentWhiteboard

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,6goodWhiteboard

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodWhiteboard

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodWhiteboard

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com2,0goodWhiteboard

Manufacturers Idena Herlitz magnet plan Franken Jago
Size 40 x 60 cm 40 x 60 cm 90 x 60 cm 100 x 150 cm 80 x 60 cm
frame Aluminium Wood Aluminium Aluminum with plastic corners Aluminium
including markers
pen tray
Features The practical hooks are movable and can be moved individually on the rail. In this way it can easily be attached to any wall. The assembly can be done in landscape or portrait format. The surface is provided with a white finish. The special painted surface can be used for writing, but also for attaching photos or notes. The accessory contains the right material to attach the whiteboard to the wall. The assembly can be carried out easily and conveniently. The hooks for the attachment can be moved freely at the top. The underside is characterized by a practical shelf.
  •  low weight
  •  practical pen tray
  •  magnetic
  •  rounded edges
  •  movable hooks
  •  magnetic surface
  •  slightly dampened
  •  Installation in landscape and portrait format possible
  •  Surface magnetic
  •  dry wipeable
  •  full-page pen tray
  •  Metal frame at the back
  •  Tray available
  •  dry and wet wipeable
  •  Installation in landscape and portrait format
  •  Hook for attachment freely movable
  •  easy cleaning
  •  individually usable
  •  magnetic
Summary The whiteboard is equipped with a shelf where a sponge and pens can be placed. Thanks to the magnetic adhesion magnets can also be used for the representation. The cleaning of the surface can be done with a damp cloth. Magnets can easily adhere to it. The back has a metal frame, which ensures sufficient stability. The lower area can be used as a storage area on the whole side. The whiteboard can be labeled on one side. It can be easily cleaned after use with a dry or damp cloth. Clear presentations can be excellently displayed with the whiteboard. The magnets included in the delivery can mark certain points.
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Our comparison chart for Whiteboard comparison does not replace one Whiteboard testin which a special Whiteboard test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external whiteboard test of trustworthy sources. Only you decide which model your personal Whiteboard test winner is.

Whiteboard - a must for successful presentations

A school blackboard certainly knows everyone from their own school days. It has remained an important element of school to this day. On a blackboard, also called chalk board, can be written with chalk in different colors. The chalk can be easily and quickly wiped away and thus provides space for many new information. In addition to the blackboard for the school, boards are also required for presentations in professional life or at a university. Even in the reception area in one XNUMX star hotel find these popular panels again. Often you can find information here Rental car or Journeys in the closer environment. Here, however, not the known blackboards are used, but so-called Whiteboards which are an evolution of the normal panels. They consist of a smooth white surface, which can be labeled with specially designed markers. The various sketches or texts can be removed without any residue and replaced by new ones. The user-friendly whiteboards provide a completely new way of presenting and additionally attracting the attention of the participants.

At a glance

  • A Whiteboard are available in different sizes, so that it can be used individually. For a while there were these practical boards only with a white surface coating, which has become a trademark. Today, the popular panels are also found with a colored surface, so that they can be adapted to different circumstances.
  • Labeling from a whiteboard requires special markers. The advantage is that they can be easily wiped off without leaving any residue. If there were only black markers at the beginning of the special boards, they are now also available in several color versions.
  • Not only can whiteboards be labeled correctly, they also impress with their magnetic properties. With the aid of various magnetic points, special markings can be set to highlight different points in a presentation.

The Whiteboard Compare test-vergleiche.com is a helpful little guide that shows the different features as well as features of the best magnetic boards shows and compares with each other.

What is a whiteboard?


The concept of the school blackboard has remained and has only been partially redesigned on a whiteboard. The surface of the magnetic board is not green, but is characterized by a smooth white coating. It is very easy to label and easy to clean with a dry sponge. Different colors are available in the form of a special marker for the lettering, which make a sketch or a text appealing. The size of a whiteboard can be quite different and depends on what it is needed for. Lots whiteboards are additionally equipped with a frame and moving rollers. This has the advantage that they can be cleared after use space-saving again to the side.

Helpful tips on a whiteboard


with a whiteboard is a stable and above all robust execution. The surface should be such that it is suitable for long-term use without damaging it after a short time. For the labeling special markers are required, which can be removed without leaving any residue. For flexible use, the board should be equipped with a handy turn and tilt mechanism.

The surface texture of the whiteboard


As already mentioned, the surface is characterized by a smooth structure. It can be used for labeling or to give a projection again. Below is a brief overview of possible materials that are used in a Whiteboard be used:

PVC coating

A whiteboard with a plastic coating convinces by a high adhesive force for magnets. Various documents can be readily attached to the board without them falling down permanently. The board has a robust and stable construction and is versatile. The frame is mostly made of aluminum and is equipped with corner joints. In addition to the high stability, this shows Whiteboard a very low dead weight.

Enamel or glass coating

The enamelled surface ensures that the board is particularly resistant to scratches. Especially in intensive and permanent use, for example in schools or universities, it is characterized by their low wear. The surface can be labeled properly and cleaned without residue. Their stability is preserved whiteboards through a sturdy and sturdy aluminum frame.


paint coating

The surface of one Whiteboard painted steel is not as tough as the others. As a result, she is not so resistant and receives scratches faster. It can, however, like the other whiteboards, label easily and can be easily used with magnets.

The different whiteboards


Differences become with the whiteboards between an analog and an interactive board. Both model variations are not very similar in their physique, but both bear the name whiteboard. Which panel will ultimately be short-listed depends on the respective purpose.

The analogue whiteboard

The concept of the analog Whiteboard is based on the normal school blackboard. They are available in large and small versions so that they can be used in all sorts of areas. Extra-large models can be fixed to a wall or wall for permanent use at all times. The smaller models, on the other hand, are often equipped with a base frame and also have practical castors so that mobile use is possible. A particular advantage of the whiteboard is that some models are equipped with a helpful tilt or rotate function. As a result, both sides can be easily used for presentations, without having to clean them directly again. The top of the magnetic board may have a glass or enamel layer, a white finish, or a plastic cover. The smooth surface is also available in many other colors to make it more visually appealing. The whiteboard usually has a magnetic property that allows various magnets to be used to set special highlights. The smooth surface allows simultaneous use with a projector that flawlessly displays on the projector Whiteboard can represent.

The digital whiteboard

Especially in the age of modern technology, it is important to allow digitization in all areas, if possible. With a whiteboard, this is possible because it is great as an interactive medium. By hand movements or by the signal of an associated pen computer-controlled commands can be implemented. For this purpose, the interactive Whiteboard connected to a computer to receive and process the commands. The resulting image is projected on the whiteboard in the format of 4: 3 by a beamer. Only very rarely is the format 16: 9. In order for data transfer to work properly, an interactive whiteboard not only requires constantly updated software, but also the technology used in processing should always be up-to-date.

Analog Whiteboard

Digital whiteboard

Important purchase criteria for the whiteboard

  • Material of the surface

The material plays an important role, as it does in the Whiteboard There are quality differences. Very good is therefore a coating of enamel or glass, as it is very robust and not so easy scratched. Not only can it be labeled perfectly, but cleaning does not pose any problems at all.

  • Size

Which size ultimately comes into question depends on the particular use and the occasion. The practical magnetic boards often have a turn and tilt mechanism so both sides can be used for a presentation.

The current price comparison on the whiteboard

As a Compare winner could that Whiteboard convince from the house Franken. It is characterized by excellent workmanship and individual handling. As prize winner however, the magnetic board enforced by Herlitz. It is very similar to the comparative winner in its properties, but is not scratch-resistant and has no pen tray. In the current price and test comparison, it was found that the individual whiteboards differ only very slightly in their shape. The size as well as the surface condition can be chosen individually and depend a bit on the application area.

Advantages and disadvantages of the whiteboard


individually usable

different sizes

mobile use possible


easy cleaning

no paper consumption


- Labeling with special markers

- limited writing space

Verdict on a whiteboard test according to Stiftung Warentest


Stiftung Warentest does not yet have one Magnetic board test done so no Whiteboard test winner could emerge from it. In 2006, only continuing education seminars were looked at more closely, but where a whiteboard was not mentioned further.

Questions and Answers (FAQ) about the whiteboard

That depends on the chosen model. There are whiteboards that can be fixed to a wall and there are whiteboards that are equipped with feet.

Basically not. Some models have this feature, others do not.

There are special pens that are suitable for writing on the whiteboard. These should only be used as other pens are usually not completely washable.

Whiteboards come in different sizes. You can be perfectly matched to the circumstances.

Whiteboards are usually supplied with a Schwann for cleaning. But it can also be used a damp cloth.



The Whiteboard comparison has shown that there are many different models that can be used individually. An important criterion is certainly the surface, which should be such that it has no scratches even after repeated use. Many models are also equipped with a turn and tilt mechanism, allowing for double-sided use.

Other recommended whiteboards for you

Which whiteboard model was rated as the winner in the Test-Vergleich.com comparison?

The article was rated as very good in our comparison Whiteboard Idena aluminum frame with pen tray cut off and prevailed against the other 5 other articles listed in the comparison.

Which manufacturers cut in the whiteboard comparison of Test-Vergleiche.com with top marks?

In our whiteboard comparison we opted for a selection of the most famous manufacturers such as Idena, Herlitz, magnet plan, Franken and Jago decided. They all got top marks in the customer reviews of different sales portals.

Who had in the whiteboard comparison of Test-Vergleiche.com the best price-performance ratio?

Customers who want to shop particularly price-consciously benefit from the price-performance winner in our whiteboard comparison Whiteboard Herlitz and magnetic board in which the price and the offered service are presented in a particularly favorable relation.

How inexpensive or cost-intensive are the whiteboard products that are included in the Test-Vergleiche.com Comparison were presented?

In our Whiteboard In comparison, you can find excellent and high quality Whiteboard Products whose maximum price is up to 68,99 € can be. However, we also have cheaper alternatives for you 8,33 €.

Which products were in the whiteboard comparison by the editors of Test-Vergleiche.com considered?

In order to offer you a wide range of products in a whiteboard comparison, the editors of Test-Vergleiche.com selected these 5 different products for you. You can find these products here: Whiteboard Idena aluminum frame with pen tray, Whiteboard Herlitz and magnetic board, Whiteboard magnetoplan, Whiteboard Franken SC2109 Magnetic writing board and Whiteboard Jago magnetic board magnetic wall

In which chronology were in the whiteboard comparison of Test-Vergleiche.com the products classified?

When ranking, we are guided by the durability, quality and popularity of the items. In our whiteboard comparison, the article won Whiteboard Idena aluminum frame with pen tray the top grade, followed by Whiteboard Herlitz and magnetic board, Whiteboard magnetoplan, Whiteboard Franken SC2109 Magnetic writing board andWhiteboard Jago magnetic board magnetic wall.

Which top products were in the whiteboard comparison of Test-Vergleiche.com still selected?

In addition to our comparison winner and the one with the best price-performance ratio, the products that were not included in the rating also turned out to be remarkable. These include Whiteboard Idena aluminum frame with pen tray, Whiteboard Herlitz and magnetic board and also Whiteboard magnetoplan.

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Best recommendation

Whiteboard Idena aluminum frame with pen tray

4.8 / 5 - (176 votes)
Price-performance winner

Whiteboard Herlitz and magnetic board

4.7 / 5 - (213 votes)

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