Lotus Grill von LotusGrill edelstahl G-SS-250

Lotus Grill von LotusGrill edelstahl G-SS-250
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Typ Lotus Grill
Marke LotusGrill
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ModellLotusGrill Edelstahl und Raucher G-SS-250
Abmessungen25 x 25 x 21,5 cm
Maße GrillflächeØ 25 cm
Gewicht2,1 kg
Tragetasche inklusive
Lieferumfang1 LotusGrill Edelstahl und Raucher
Zu kaufendes ZubehörLotusGrill Brennpaste und LotusGrill Buchenholzkohle
BesonderheitenIdealer Begleiter für Trucker, Camper, Wanderer und Picknick!
  •  LotusGrill
  •  Kaum Rauchentwicklung
  •  Leichter Transport
  •  Kann auseinander genommen werden
  •  Grillrost und Innenschale spülmaschinenfest
FazitDer kleine LotusGrill G-SS-250 ist gut für 2 – 3 Personen geeignet. Mit seinen 2,1 Kilogramm ist er ideal für unterwegs.


Featuring all the benefits of the original Lotus Grill, the new Stainless Steel Lotus MiniGrill Barbecue and Camping Stove is smaller, lighter and has a grill plate that converts it into a versatile camping stove. Measuring 24 cm in diameter and 22.5 cm high, the Lotus MiniGrill is compact, weighing in at just 2kg - making it the ultimate travel companion. Undoubtedly, its best feature is speed as it's ready to cook in just 3 to 4 minutes from lighting. The patented 'bellows' system features a fan that blows air directly onto the charcoal to create rapid high heat - up to 350 degrees Celsius, and your desired cooking temperature, much faster. It can also boil 1.5 litres of water in just a couple of minutes.German in design and engineering, Lotus Grill use 90% less charcoal. You can cook or BBQ for 1 hour with just 180g of charcoal. The built in battery operated fan rids nasty fumes and smoke, yet you still get that delicious BBQ flavour as natural hardwood charcoal emits these flavours through invisible safe gases and you don't ingest carcinogens or other harmful chemicals present in traditional Barbecue smoke. The Lotus Minigrill promotes healthy eating as excess fat and oil drips off the food into the removable catch tray instead of back into your food and no need to add oil as the grill reduces food sticking to it. The Lotus MiniGrill is designed with safety in mind; the temperature is controlled by adjusting the battery operated fan and the double walled construction ensures that the outer frame and base never get hot - making it safe for use around children. Whether you're at home, the beach, camping or on a boat, the Lotus MiniGrill provides a versatile, quick and easy way to BBQ. When you're done, you can dismantle and be packed up in minutes with its coal extinguish process. It also comes with a handy travel bag. : Ultra light, compact and versatile Lotus MiniGrill in Stainless Steel. Unique, patented 'bellows' system that creates rapid high heat in just 3 t

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