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Concrete milling machine - For individual use

A concrete cutter is ideal for large areas. But even edges, edges or corners can be wonderfully processed with a good milling machine. Important information as well as tips and much more can be found in our Concrete cutter comparison.

Concrete milling machine Bestseller can be used in the professional field, but also on private construction sites. They are usually equipped with a dust extraction, so that the fine dust does not reach the lungs when working. At the same time they have an ergonomic handle, which ensures optimal handling.

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Concrete Grinder EIBENSTOCK Concrete Grinder EBS 180 H
  •  First-class workmanship
  •  Saugschlaucharretierung
  •  Strong engine
  •  High extraction performance in conjunction with industrial vacuum cleaner
Price-performance winner


Concrete milling machine Bosch Professional GBR 15 CAG, 1.500 W Rated power consumption
  •  Extremely handy
  •  high smoothness
  •  Constant performance on hard surfaces


Concrete Grinder FESTOOL Diamond Grinding System DSG-AG 125 DSG-AG 125 Plus
  •  Moderate performance
  •  Easy handling with full ergonomics


Concrete cutter Makita PC5001C 125 mm Ø
  •  Removable hood
  •  High security
  •  Large base plate


Concrete Milling Machine Bosch DIY Wall Processing System PWR 180 CE Set
  •  Allrounder wall treatment system for all surfaces
  •  Easy Clean System
Name Concrete Grinder EIBENSTOCK Concrete Grinder EBS 180 H Concrete milling machine Bosch Professional GBR 15 CAG, 1.500 W Rated power consumption Concrete Grinder FESTOOL Diamond Grinding System DSG-AG 125 DSG-AG 125 Plus Concrete cutter Makita PC5001C 125 mm Ø Concrete Milling Machine Bosch DIY Wall Processing System PWR 180 CE Set
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
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Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentBetonfräse

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,6goodBetonfräse

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Manufacturers Eibenstock Bosch Festool Makita Bosch
Weight 8,4 kg 2,6 kg 2,7 kg 5 kg 3,6 kg
Wattage 2500 1500 1400 1400 1010
operating mode power grid power grid power grid Petrol power grid
Idle speed 8500 rpm 9300 rpm 3500-11000 RPM not specified 450-1650 RPM
Disc diameter 1 x diamond pot & 180 mm 1 x diamond pot 1 x diamond pot & 125 to 135 mm 1 x diamond pot & 125 mm can be purchased
quality of workmanship Very high Very high High Very high High
storage box
Professional fit
Features Monthly tools included 3 x replacement brush ring included Monthly tools included Monthly tools included Dust container including 3 liter volume
  •  First-class workmanship
  •  Saugschlaucharretierung
  •  Strong engine
  •  High extraction performance in conjunction with industrial vacuum cleaner
  •  Extremely handy
  •  high smoothness
  •  Constant performance on hard surfaces
  •  Moderate performance
  •  Easy handling with full ergonomics
  •  Removable hood
  •  High security
  •  Large base plate
  •  Allrounder wall treatment system for all surfaces
  •  Easy Clean System
Summary The Eibenstock concrete grinder is considered excellent and is a real gift for professionals, in continuous operation. After the soft start, it provides maximum performance, which pleases customers. The Bosch concrete grinder is a true professional and thanks to its rubberized handle very handy. Previous buyers especially appreciate the strong performance, even in the toughest jobs. The Festool Concrete Cutter is a solid aid, which is especially recommended for the private sector. According to customers, the ability to pull through even longer projects is sufficient. The Makita concrete grinder is of high quality workmanship and serves the layman as well as the professional. Thanks to restart protection, the device offers a high degree of safety. With this Bosch renovation router, you get a practical all-rounder, with which you can sand down wallpapers, paints and co thanks to various panes supplied.
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Our comparison chart for Concrete cutter comparison does not replace one Concrete cutter testin which a special Concrete cutter test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external concrete milling test of trustworthy sources. Only you decide which model your personal Concrete cutter test winner is.

Concrete grinder Purchase guide - ideal tool

Anyone who likes to take a hand at home or is a real professional craftsman needs the best equipment. If Chop saw, Cordless drill or jigsaw, With a solid equipment a craft project is implemented in no time. in the Concrete grinder comparison of We inform you about the tool, which makes work a lot easier. Afterwards we recommend the Concrete grinder test on site to discover the benefits of the device itself.

At a glance

  • The concrete grinder is also called a screed bur, because you can use it to sand off the dried screed.
  • Depending on the nature of the work in hand, a suitable design serves as a tool. There are smaller and larger models available to work on very hard surfaces. The grinding wheel, a diamond pot, also serves this purpose.
  • Also in terms of technical details, the best concrete grinders differ from others. In the quality check you will learn more about the differences. Especially in terms of performance, the price decides in the end!

Concrete grinder price comparison - abrading mineral substrates

No matter what kind of grinding work you have to do, with the so-called Buy renovation router You a first-class sanding specialist. It is an electrical device that is guided by hand to provide a smooth surface.

On a Drive axle is a round sanding plate installed, which can work at a high speed. What the electrical appliance abrades soon, you could not create by hand or would spend endless hours with it. The alternative would be traditional sandpaper that would keep you busy for a long time. You can with the hand-held apparatus easily work the screed or make walls into shape. How you use the tool is up to you.

From the Operation Here you can compare the concrete grinder most likely with the angle grinder. The gear, which sets the sanding pad in motion, can develop very high forces in order to be able to process the hard mineral substrates. Once the device is at operating temperature, you can work with a light pressure and circular hand movements soils and co. Typical applications are:

  • For removal of adhesive residues (carpet ...)
  • Preparing different substrates
  • Removal of old paints and other coatings
  • Removal of formwork seams

For the renovation of your own home or apartment, the device is indispensable and provides quick success. Even professionals do not come on the construction without the aid and use mostly high quality Makita concrete grinder, Festool concrete grinder or a Bosch Professional concrete grinder.

Top product concrete grinder:

Arebos concrete grinder Concrete milling machine renovation milling machine 1500W (including 9-piece replacement blade set)
132 Reviews
Arebos concrete grinder Concrete milling machine renovation milling machine 1500W (including 9-piece replacement blade set)
  • [POWERFUL] Robust, powerful 1500 W motor and 5 variable speeds from 2500 to 4500 rpm for perfect and ...
  • [EASY HANDLING] Spindle lock for quick and safe changing of the sanding disc and bail handle for ergonomic ...
  • [WIDE APPLICATION] Our lightweight drywall sander is ideal for sanding ceilings, walls and floors and removing ...
  • [ADJUSTABLE COMFORT] Your renovation milling machine comes with an ambidextrous auxiliary handle that gives you total control ...
  • [EXTRACTION] Including extraction device and extraction adapter. This reduces dust pollution and makes work easier. dust free...

Concrete Grinder Advantages / Disadvantages


Easy to use

Fast result

Thorough processing of the underground


Power source necessary

noise source

Renovation router test with different types

Depending on the purpose of the project, we use different species Concrete grinder price comparison want to introduce in more detail. Somewhat confusing are the many names, which partly serve for the same device. Basically, each one serves Grinding and smoothing device the grinding of material, as needed. All devices are manually operated and usually electrically operated. Depending on the sanding attachment, a milling cutter can become a concrete milling machine, so do not be surprised. There are many combo devices on the market, for example from Bosch.

Scouring Machine

It is also called a scraper, because it can remove remnants of plaster with ease. For renovation work, whether private or operational, it is ideal tool.

Drywall Leifer

The typical drywall sander is used to grind Rigibs plates. As a rule, the device is equipped with a telescope, so that it can also work overhead.


In combination with the diamond pot disc hardest deposits, for example concrete, can be processed.

ceiling sanders

If, for example, you want to remove plaster on the ceiling, the ceiling grinder serves. This is a remedial tiller with telescope.

Order Screed Tiller Online - Quality Check

Before you do that Order concrete grinder, you should use the technical specifications to balance carefully. Often, performance data differs like the maximum idle speed, which is crucial for long-term use. Compare the concrete cutter offer and do not buy the first one Concrete milling machine Bestseller.

buying criteria

  • What's in the box


Ideally, you will get an attractive set, with Storage case included, Various grinding wheels should also be there to be able to use a suitable object for every need.

  • Weight

If you have to work with it for a long time, you are looking forward to a light work tool. About 4 kg weighs an average device. To save power, you should pay attention to a lightweight, after all, it must be done by hand. However, concrete grinders are a lot lighter than 2,5 kg. In the concrete milling comparison, we find that some models even weigh 8 kg and more.

  • performance

Depending on the application, you need a mediocre apparatus or a professional concrete grinder. For occasional tasks in the private frame, a small edition is enough. Up to 1000 Watt should be sufficient, while it may be the professional device 1500 Watt and more.

  • suction

Due to the strong dust, you should look for an integrated suction device good quality respect, think highly of. Thus, the dust is blown away directly and does not take away your sight. Ideally, no residues remain and the workload is correspondingly low.

  • sanding pad

On the one hand, this is about the size of the sanding plate, and on the other hand about the quality. To one very high abrasion To achieve the hard material, a diamond grinding plate is recommended. The pulley diameter varies between 125 and 240 mm, depending on the manufacturer and model.

Note: For self-protection, it is important to wear ear protection when working with a high-performance concrete grinder. In the personal concrete cutter test, you quickly notice that goggles are also recommended. This keeps the dust particles away from your eyes. Furthermore, a protective mask is essential in order not to breathe the remaining particles. Also pay attention to the general conditions, such as a well-ventilated room. Empty the dust collector immediately when it is full.

The best Drywall Leifer - obese manufacturers

The company is known for high quality power tools. Already since 1919 The different tools are produced in Germany and sold all over the world. Based in Saxony, the business is growing fast, thanks to constant expansion of the company. Especially professionals appreciate their tools, such as saws, mixers, drills and more. With the Eibenstock concrete grinder, customers receive a reliable aid, whereby there are models in many variants. With the Eiben 120.1 Eibenstock concrete grinder you get a lightweight with only 3,5 kg!

More than 90 years of experience brings the company, which focuses on the production of high-quality power tools. About 350 patents Enrich private customers, as well as professional craftsmen. It started with the repair of woodworking machines, but today the portfolio is more diverse. Whether drills, planers, milling, lighting, guidance systems or accessories and consumables. The offer makes craftsmen's hearts beat faster. The Festool concrete grinder is also an integral part of the range and can make renovations much easier.

Other manufacturers:

Makita - Bosch - S&R - Fixtec - Metabo - Rotfuchs - Trongaard - Einhell

The best-selling concrete milling machines are:

Bestseller no. 1
FANZTOOL concrete grinder, concrete milling machine set with diamond cup wheel and suction hood (1500W / 125mm +)
  • CONCRETE GRINDER: The robust and powerful 1500 W motor quickly achieves perfect results. The speed control allows...
  • DUST-FREE: The extraction hood ensures optimal dust extraction, while the brush ring and a connected ...
  • ERGONOMIC: The innovative design of the grinder with 3kg and the D-shaped bracket device as well as the ergonomic rubber handles ...
  • SCOPE OF DELIVERY: You will receive concrete grinder 1500W x1, diamond cup wheel 125mm x 1, diamond cup wheel 125mm Premium x 1, suction hood ...
  • SERVICE: Our service is completely processed in Germany, whether for technical queries, repairs or...
Bestseller no. 2
Concrete grinder set/renovation set/renovation milling machine/plaster milling machine/angle grinder set 125mm
  • - Makita 9558HNRG / 840W / 125mm with reinforced gear head
  • - Trongaard suction device
  • - 2x Trongaard sanding pads double row standard
  • - Makita Makpac system case including rubber insert
BonusBestseller no. 3
#1 FANZTOOL universal suction hood for angle grinder 125mm + diamond grinding cup
  • Universal suction hood with diamond grinding cup and cup wheel mount for many angle grinder brands
  • in one size for 115 / 125mm cutting discs
  • suitable for various surfaces eg paint, stone, concrete, tiles (not suitable for metalworking!)
  • easy attachment with universal quick release system

Hard facts of

1. Is there a concrete grinder test report by Stiftung Warentest?

So far, there is a special concrete grinder test of the experts, which is why we can not imagine a concrete cutter test winner. We recommend the individual renovation router test in order to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. You will certainly find your personal concrete cutter test winner, which makes your job easier.

2. Where can I get the drywall sander cheaply?

The concrete grinder range is diverse, which is why you can already find models for 130 Euro. These are enough for a beginner or for the occasional small need at home. Basically, we also recommend our price-performance winner in addition to the Amazon bestseller. Here is the price, with good performance. As a professional you would probably not be happy with the cheap devices for long.

3. How do I properly clean the device after the concrete grinder test?

A regular care and maintenance is not lacking even with a concrete grinder test winner quality, which is why you should not disregard this aspect. Worn abrasives have to be renewed visually and the housing is simply wiped away from the mains. The deep cleaning with a brush is recommended to remove dust residues. With good care, you benefit from a long service life, as experienced in the personal concrete tiller test.

4. Are there in the drywall sizer price comparison also battery operated devices?

The concrete grinding experience shows that battery-powered variants would not provide the high performance. Therefore, the operation with cable and power is commonplace.

5. Which device serves the domestic DIY needs?

Here we recommend the appealing set from Bosch, the Bosch concrete grinder with a large scope of delivery. The maximum power of 1010 watt is sufficient for private needs, including renovations, completely. Do the renovation router test yourself and try it out!

Questions and answers (FAQ) about the concrete cutter

The performance of a concrete cutter should always be between 700 and 3.200 watts. The high difference is determined by the different fields of application.

In principle, all sanding discs can be used. It is important only that the correct size is observed.

Here it comes a piece on the model. Some manufacturers offer this setting, but this is reflected directly in the price.

If the plaster is not too rough, that is quite possible. However, a good industrial vacuum cleaner is recommended.

Generally yes. However, the settings are different and depend on the model.

Further recommended concrete cutters selected for you

What kind of product has been in the concrete milling machine comparison of earned a top spot?

The product took the top spot in our ranking Concrete Grinder EIBENSTOCK Concrete Grinder EBS 180 H earned and placed the crown among all other, also very good products.

Who are the main manufacturers of concrete milling products compared at

In our concrete milling machine comparison, a wide variety of manufacturers are represented in order to do justice to the extensive concrete milling machine offer and to facilitate the largest possible selection for you. You will find such well-known manufacturers as Eibenstock, Bosch, Festool, Makita and Bosch.

Who had in the concrete milling machine comparison of the best price-performance ratio?

Customers who want to shop particularly price-consciously benefit from the price-performance winner in our concrete milling machine comparison Concrete milling machine Bosch Professional GBR 15 CAG, 1.500 W Rated power consumption in which the price and the offered service are presented in a particularly favorable relation.

What do the concrete milling products cost, which are im Comparison are presented? 

You are already getting concrete milling products 87,69 € to buy. If you place more value on high-quality products, you should pay up to 739,12 € expected.

Which products were compared by the editors of considered?

How were the items in the concrete milling machine comparison of rated?

The colorfully mixed articles in the concrete milling machine comparison are almost all of the same class. The differences are not great and are mostly in the details. This results in the following ranking: The article is in first place Concrete Grinder EIBENSTOCK Concrete Grinder EBS 180 H followed by 2nd place Concrete milling machine Bosch Professional GBR 15 CAG, 1.500 W Rated power consumption as well as Concrete Grinder FESTOOL Diamond Grinding System DSG-AG 125 DSG-AG 125 Plus, Concrete cutter Makita PC5001C 125 mm Ø and Concrete Milling Machine Bosch DIY Wall Processing System PWR 180 CE Set.

Which concrete milling machines were top products at Comparison still presented?

In addition to the winner in comparison, there is also one with the best price-performance ratio among the presented concrete milling machine items. The remaining articles, like Concrete Grinder EIBENSTOCK Concrete Grinder EBS 180 H, Concrete milling machine Bosch Professional GBR 15 CAG, 1.500 W Rated power consumption or Concrete Grinder FESTOOL Diamond Grinding System DSG-AG 125 DSG-AG 125 Plus are also among the currently most popular bestsellers.


Concrete milling machine test & comparison guide

So choose the best Betonfräse Product from our Test- Or settlement proposal

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As an author, I like to write about my hobbies. If I could animate you to participate, I would be happy. That's why I have this one too Concrete cutter comparison written for you.

My little table gives you an overview of my five Concrete milling machine Bestseller, The basis of my research was sales figures, surveys, Concrete milling machine reviews or opinions from customer reviews.

I always look for one Concrete cutter test of the Stiftung Warentest around. If I find it, you will find out in my guide text. This should also make my comparison the cost-benefit factor in mind in order to facilitate the right choice.

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Best recommendation

Concrete Grinder EIBENSTOCK Concrete Grinder EBS 180 H

4.8 / 5 - (196 votes)
Price-performance winner

Concrete milling machine Bosch Professional GBR 15 CAG, 1.500 W Rated power consumption

4.5 / 5 - (170 votes)

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