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Achilles tendon support

Adidas Women's Running Shoes

Adidas Men's Running Shoes

Asics women's running shoes

Asics Men's Running Shoes

Airtrack mat

activity Tracker

acupressure mat

Aluminum folding bike

swimming cap

badminton Rackets

Balance Board

balance pad

balance cushion

Ball pump

Abdominal toning belt

belly Roller


Pelvic floor trainer

bending barbell

Bicep isolator

Floor mat Fitness


Boxing dummy

Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves

Crosstrainer test

Damper pump

Dip belt

One-handed operation

Electric unicycle

electric Bicycle

Electric mountain bike

elbow brace


F-Bike exercise bike

Bicycle alarm system

Bicycle Cruiser

Bicycle bottle holder

Bicycle quick release

Bicycle indicators

Child bike seat

Bicycle bell

Bicycle repair stand

bicycle pump

Bicycle frame bag

bike computer

bicycle grips

Bicycle helmet for adults

bike light

Bicycle chain cleaner

Bicycle case

Bicycle basket

bicycle lift

bicycle pedals

bicycle tires

Bicycle tool case

Bicycle roller trainer

bicycle locks

bike mirror




finger trainer

Fitness bracelet

Fitnessband Loop

Fitness bands

Fitness towel

Fitness gloves leather

Frisbee disk

Soccer goal children

Soccer training belt

Football boots Adidas


Gel bicycle saddle

Weight lifting belt

ankle weights

weight vest

Golf watch

Grip pads

exercise ball

Indoor shoes ladies

Indoor shoes men

Indoor shoes children


Wrist splint


Mobile phone holder two-wheeler

Adjustable dumbbells

Weight plate


exercise bike

Hip band

hula hoop

Indoor Cycling

Protein Isolate

Cable pull station


Kids Caddies

Children's life jackets

Children's life jackets



Via ferrata set


Pull-up bar / gymnastics bar

knee Support

Knee support with joint

Knee support with stabilizer + silicone ring

Sports knee brace

Knee pad

compression stockings

Sports compression stockings

Head of Coordination

head protection boxes


Dumbbell set

Barbell stand

running belt


Running backpack

Running Watch

steering mat


Recumbent exercise bike


Medicine ball

MMA gloves

thigh bandage

Patella bandage

pepper spray

Pilates ring

Heart rate monitor

Cycling shorts with seat pad

Cycling shoes

Reflex ball

riding helmet

back trainer

rowing machine


sling trainer




shoulder bandage


swimming goggles


vibrating rod

Ski goggles


snowboard goggles

Sports towel

Gym bag

Skipping rope





Headlamp LED

Shin guards



Sweatband Wrist

Gravity Trainer

Swimming goggles children

Smart hula hoop

Skipping rope with counter

quilting board

Thermo drinking bottle

training mask


Drinking bottle stainless steel

Water bottle glass

Drinking bottle with fruit insert


Table tennis

table tennis racket

Goalkeeper Gloves

door bar

Training Gloves

drinking belts

forearm trainer

vibration plates

Wade bandage

Waist coach

Waist trimmer

Yoga block

Yoga towel

Yoga mat

Yoga Bolster





Our leisure category includes everything for fun or for a trip is indispensable and useful. Equipment for a hiking tour, travel accessories or fun sports equipment. There are many things that may not be missing for a vacation, for example, and some things that make a day off funnier.

Are you planning a well deserved vacation trip soon? No matter where you and your family are currently traveling, the luggage is at the center of the action. It has to endure a lot, which is why you're looking for a sturdy one suitcase and pay attention to bags. Read our comparison charts Suitcase sets and backpacksto find a suitable travel companion. We compare popular and current models, which have already been sold many times. Features such as ease of use, durability of the material and additional functions are very important to us in the purchase recommendation! Customer experiences to date also have a positive and negative influence on the result. In the leisure section we also take things like Poker sets and activity Tracker under the microscope. What makes a good fitness tracker and what are the benefits of the comparison winner? Guidebooks were written on each topic for in-depth information. These serve the enlightenment and help in the end to the purchase decision.

Thanks to mobile shopping and co. We can shop anytime, anywhere. A great feeling and a real enrichment. Before making a final purchase, however, find out about important aspects, customer opinions and recommendations.


Sports & strength training equipment

Everyone wants to be healthy today. But without caring, without reward. Home exercise equipment is therefore a good alternative for those who do not have the time and desire to go to the gym and prefer to adapt to the home without the numerous eyes of strangers. You can also use exercise equipment at home to participate in a heart race, to strengthen your muscles or to improve your mobility. But yoga and Pilates also do little miracles with regular training and do good things for both the body and the mind.

Which fitness equipment is available?

Whether endurance or strength training, strength training equipment is available today in almost all forms of training. But with a huge selection of fitness equipment, you can quickly return to normal. In order not to lose the overall picture when buying, fitness equipment is usually divided into two categories. For those who often have difficulty climbing stairs and want to improve their fitness, there are fitness equipment designed primarily to improve their fitness. This category includes fitness equipment such as treadmills, elliptical machines, ie stationary bikes or vibrating plates, which many consider as absolute favorites. But also rowing and treadmills belong to this category.

But if you want to tone your stomach, legs and buttocks, fitness equipment is just the thing for you. Strength training or muscle building are possible. This category includes small fitness facilities such as AB scooters, thumb trainers, power plants and big and small dumbbells. Small dumbbells are particularly popular with women, they are available in different shapes and weight classes and therefore more handy. AB scooters have become very popular in recent years, as they specifically train the abdominal and back muscles and are suitable for both beginners and advanced.

But if you don't like strength training, you can instead strengthen your muscles and improve your elasticity through yoga and Pilates. Since the introduction of yoga and Pilates, the range of fitness mats, breathable sportswear and other products such as massage balls and specially developed loops has doubled. The type of fitness machine or product you choose depends, of course, on what you want to train.


Which fitness equipment is available for which problem area?

Burns calories, reduces stress and feels good again. When choosing the right fitness equipment, the question arises: What do I want to achieve?

Is it about losing weight? Durability? Or maybe I want to strengthen my back muscles?

Fitness equipment such as the classic exercise bike or ergometer are suitable for burning calories. These fitness machines are basically a standing bike, as we know it from the 80 years. In particular, the leg muscles and the upper body train here. With modern ergometers, you can now effectively control and train your performance and heart rate monitors.

On the other hand, not only pounds fall into the careers. Regular running keeps the heart in motion and improves its performance after just a few weeks. That makes it easy to climb the stairs again. If you do not like running, you can run too.

An alternative to the treadmill is an elliptical trainer or coach. The gripper has become one of the most popular fitness equipment in recent years, and not without reason, because it is a versatile device that trains the whole body. Through constant movements, hands and legs are trained and calories burned. In addition, the side clamps are easy to connect, since no impact load as when driving occurs. Therefore, drainage is especially recommended for people with knee problems or obesity.

Rowing machines are not as popular as shaping machines, but they are a classic among fitness equipment. They stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the muscles of the arms, shoulders and legs. Who also wants to prevent back pain, can strengthen his torso muscles by rowing.

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