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As a In teenagers, many people had a diary with a lockby entering every personal and highly secret thought. There every line was safe from parents and nowadays the secrets of that time can be read with joy. Diaries are still very popular in the here and now and are often given away to children, young people, but also adults. in the Diary with lock comparison of test-vergleiche.com let's show what is important when choosing this particular book.

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Diary with Schloss Jaald 25 cm antique Celtic
  •  Coptic style
  •  thick leaves made of natural fiber
  •  high quality handcraft in a class of its own
  •  compact for every pocket


Diary with lock MOHOO 112 pages vintage
  •  made of sturdy PU leather
  •  special vintage look
  •  secured by code


Diary with Schloss Lirener leather book
  •  Successful vintage style
  •  Secured by a combination lock
  •  High quality and delicate PU leather


Diary with lock VWH Book with password
  •  extra secured with combination lock
  •  vegan synthetic leather
  •  card slots
  •  pleasant feel
Price-performance winner


Diary with lock gold book 44045
  •  simple but elegant design
  •  stable book cover
  •  secure closure
  •  environmentally friendly materials
Name Diary with Schloss Jaald 25 cm antique Celtic Diary with lock MOHOO 112 pages vintage Diary with Schloss Lirener leather book Diary with lock VWH Book with password Diary with lock gold book 44045
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Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentDiary with castle

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodDiary with castle

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodDiary with castle

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodDiary with castle

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,9goodDiary with castle

Manufacturers jaald mohoo Lirener VWH Gold book
Color brown brown black gold grey-brown black
Pages 100 112 130 222 96
Book cover handmade with leather PU leather PU leather artificial leather ribbed
stability Very high Very high Very high Very high High
Size 7x10 in 13,5 x 20,5 x 2,6 cm 15 x 21,5 cm 20 x 14 x 3,5 cm 16,5 x 16,5 cm
Lockable Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
Number of keys 1 none, combination lock none, combination lock none, combination lock 2
suitable as a gift Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
recommended for children No Ja Ja Ja Ja
Easy to use Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
Features The leaves are made of cream-colored natural fiber and thus appear particularly high-quality. Maritime design with combination lock security! Lined, in the style of a high-quality notebook. Different designs available! Different colors available!
  •  Coptic style
  •  thick leaves made of natural fiber
  •  high quality handcraft in a class of its own
  •  compact for every pocket
  •  made of sturdy PU leather
  •  special vintage look
  •  secured by code
  •  Successful vintage style
  •  Secured by a combination lock
  •  High quality and delicate PU leather
  •  extra secured with combination lock
  •  vegan synthetic leather
  •  card slots
  •  pleasant feel
  •  simple but elegant design
  •  stable book cover
  •  secure closure
  •  environmentally friendly materials
Summary This diary was designed in the Celtic antique look and is suitable as a gift for hobby poets, but also for personal diary entries. Previous buyers praise the handwork, which would be obvious at first glance. Buyers have positive comments about this diary model, which impresses with its timeless design and high-quality leather cover. It also offers space for a pen and is extra well secured by a numerical code! This diary is also suitable as a notebook and is extremely well secured by the special combination lock. Customers praise the additional compartments inside the book and are happy to recommend it to others. The diary is secured with a combination lock and keeps every thought a secret. Customers praise the slightly lined pages and the maritime look of the book. The Goldbuch diary with lock is perfect for young people as well as adults to safely write down and keep secrets. Satisfied customers say they are positive about the workmanship ("made in Germany") of the book and are happy to recommend it to others.
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Our comparison chart for Diary with lock comparison does not replace one Diary with lock testin which a special Diary with lock test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external diary with a lock test of trustworthy sources. Only you decide which model is your personal one Diary with lock test winner is.

Diary with castle

Diary with lock at a glance

  • Even in ancient times, people wrote down personal thoughts or important information such as the water level or weather conditions. The deeds and plans of the rulers and emperors of that time were also recorded on an experimental basis and today serve - more or less - as contemporary documents.
  • If you want to buy a diary in the present, you are spoiled for choice and can choose between a variety of designs. Whether made from vegan artificial leather, from real leather or in a very simple design. There is a suitable model for every taste.
  • Even notes should sometimes remain secret, which is why a diary with a lock is perfect. You can keep thoughts on a business idea, recipes or the like safe from curious readers.

Famous diaries help us to better understand past ages and events. Well-known diary writers are for example Anne Frank who was only able to write down her experiences and secrets for two years (1942 to 1944) before she fell victim to the National Socialist Holocaust shortly before the end of the war. Diaries like this one serve as an indispensable contemporary document. Other interesting product comparisons in the stationery sector are:


Top product: diary with lock on Amazon

Jaald 25 cm Notepad Notes Notebook Pages Handmade Album Diary Leather with Leather Cover Gifts Antique Celtic Lock Key Clasp - Marron
488 Reviews
Jaald 25 cm Notepad Notes Notebook Pages Handmade Album Diary Leather with Leather Cover Gifts Antique Celtic Lock Key Clasp - Marron
  • BEAUTIFULLY MADE BY HAND: The cover of this notebook is made of real 100% natural goatskin. The treatment of leather ...
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: The notebook has 100 sheets / 200 pages (both sides of each sheet are counted). The paper consists of ...
  • PERFECT DIMENSIONS AND MULTIPURPOSE: 4 cm superimposed pages on which you write, draw, design and the inspiration flow ...
  • RUSTIC CHARM: The leather cover is handcrafted in the Coptic style to allow for a tighter alignment of the sides. The...
  • Features: The diary is 7 inches by 10 inches. The diary comes with a lock and key.

Diary with lock vs. Notebook

Diary writing only became “modern” with the Renaissance, when mankind had more time to deal with itself and its own journeys of thought. To this day, writing down personal experiences or even private secrets is a popular pastime and helps many authors to sort their thoughts, incidents and ideas.

In 2020, too, writing a diary will not lose its attractiveness and attract young and older people alike to write down personal events for eternity. Whether flashes of inspiration, feelings, expectations or experiences with yourself, friends and partners. One Diary keeps every experience secret, if desired.

Who is a Buy diary you can choose between countless designs, colors and sizes. Best diaries are of course particularly well secured and are delivered with keys or a combination lock. In this way, all entries remain private and protected from prying eyes.

Diary with castle

A diary with a lock as a gift - quality check

  • Material of the envelope

The best diary with a lock is not only compact and attractively designed, it also impresses with its sturdy cover and durable envelope. Good diaries have to be robust so that they can be read in the next generations if the author so desires. Real leather bindings are popular because they last forever and look very high quality. Vegan artificial leather is just as good as an alternative for animal lovers, of course. Another popular material is fabric, such as linen.

  • Quality of the pages

The high quality of the paper is particularly relevant if you are giving away a diary to adults. From a weight of 110 g / m², experts speak of a higher quality paper, which can be written on very nicely and is immediately eye-catching. Paper lovers will appreciate such a diary. For children, on the other hand, normal paper is suitable, as the design of the envelope is more important for kids. We also recommend paying attention to the number of pages, it should be at least 100, so that the diary writer can use them for a long time.

  • Target group

Whether a Diary with lock for boys or girl is better suited, often decides the appearance. One Girls diary with lock is not necessarily pink, but certainly more playful than its counterpart for boys. Depending on the age, there are very child-like models with a Disney print or those in the usual pastel colors. One Diary with lock for adults on the other hand, is rather timeless and simple in design and even offers slightly lined pages. If you have a Adult diary If you are looking for authors or hobby poets, high-quality copies with handmade paper are suitable. Make sure you have a paper thickness (weight) of 110 to 150 g / m².

Diary with lock from MOHOO

Diary with lock MOHOO

Diary with lock advantages / disadvantages


secured with a key or numeric code

high secrecy of all personal thoughts

also useful as a high-quality notebook

unique gift for anyone


A key is easy to lose, not all diaries come with two keys

What does Stiftung Warentest say about the diary?

A Diary with lock test we look in vain among the experts and rely on them own research. We recommend taking a look at the quality of paper to help you make the right choice:

Weight and usage

80 - 100 gsm

Standard office paper is perfectly adequate for simple printouts, photocopies or faxes.

110 - 120 gsm

High-quality paper for official or business documents, such as writing paper or brochures.

130 - 170 gsm               

Strong paper, it can be used for flyers, posters and the inside of brochures.

170 - 200 gsm

From a thickness of 170 g / m², paper is called cardboard. It is suitable for the outside of brochures or magazines, high-quality posters and flyers printed on both sides.

200 - 250 gsm

Stronger cardboard, suitable for the stable outside of brochures and magazines. Used for postcards, for example.

300 - 400 gsm

The ideal paper thickness for business cards. Can also be used for the outside of brochures, but is no longer that easy to work with due to its thickness.

More than 400 g / m²         

Stronger cardboard, e.g. suitable for high quality business cards.

Source: https://staples.de/kaufberater-papier-und-papiergroessen.html

Diary with lock Note:

A diary not only serves as a carrier of secrets, but is also indispensable in the field of medicine. Mental suffering and physical pain are specifically documented in order to develop solution strategies based on the detailed recordings. In order to process negative experiences, writing in a diary can have a healing effect and thus serves as a therapeutic measure.

Diary with lock Bestseller on Amazon:

Bestseller no. 1
Lockable Diary for Men and Women Leather Hard Cover Lined A5 with Password Lock
378 Reviews
Lockable Diary for Men and Women Leather Hard Cover Lined A5 with Password Lock
  • Dimensions: approx. 21,5 x 15 cm (L x W). Paper quantity: 130 sheets/260 pages.
  • Material: Made of high quality PU leather, soft in the hands, suitable for travel and as a personal diary, for...
  • Design: Creative antique metal password lock, hard cover with vintage leather and floral print, with pen holder, bookmark and ...
  • Jot down your travel experiences and memories. Don't forget a day of your travels. Perfect travel journal.
  • Note: Perfect for someone looking for a combination lock journal or a sleek refillable notebook...
Bestseller no. 3
Lirener Retro PU Leather Notebook Diary with Lock (Nautical Pattern), A5 Secret Password Notepad DiaryJournal Travel Diary Organizer with Combination Lock ...
164 Reviews
Lirener Retro PU Leather Notebook Diary with Lock (Nautical Pattern), A5 Secret Password Notepad DiaryJournal Travel Diary Organizer with Combination Lock ...
  • Pretty and Unique Design: The combination lock is easy to use and keeps secrets safely hidden. This...
  • Equipped with 120 pages of high-quality paper - thicker paper, which is also used by passionate artists ...
  • Multifunctional journal with a vintage look: Suitable for logging, spiritual or gratitude journal, journal, artwork,...
  • A good Christmas gift, Valentines gift, Mother's Day gift, wedding anniversary gift, birthday gift, engagement gift,...
  • Refillable Inner Pages - When you run out of pages, you can simply remove them and refill with a new one. Please search...

Diary with lock FAQ

Diary writing is a great way for children to learn to write down their thoughts in the correct order. Your child will certainly be happy about a colorful book cover that arouses the desire to write. You don't have to budget more than 10 euros for this, but you should also think of a particularly beautiful pen, such as a glitter pen.

A diary does not have to consist of masterful thoughts, first and foremost it should speak to you yourself and help you to sort yourself or to remember old times later. Whether you describe every day soberly or note down special ideas is up to you. Write spontaneously and without rules.

Despite the digital possibilities to write things down, a real paper diary is still the most suitable. As a memento, handwritten notes are worth a lot more than digital letters lined up next to each other. If, for example, you collect extraordinary recipes for the young, nothing beats your personal signature.

You can take the handy little book with you everywhere, whether on the bus, train or plane. It doesn't bother you and therefore always stays close to you.

It collects all the special memories of your own child and later serves as a fun and emotional keepsake. Many people keep a special baby diary and put a lot of effort into creating it. Pictures, prints and even the first ultrasound scenes can be found in it. The design of this book is much more complex than keeping a normal diary.

In addition to daily experiences, sayings that move you are suitable. If you notice a new beautiful saying, you should write it down immediately and enrich your book with it.

In a travel diary you write down everything you have experienced and enrich the pages with flight tickets, event tickets, hiking maps and maybe. dried flowers, as a nice memory.

Whether it is a key or a combination of numbers, the diary with a locking mechanism is the safest option and protects against unauthorized access.

Conclusion on the diary with a lock

With a Diary with lock or number combination receive a valuable gift for someone who means a lot to you. The better the quality of the envelope and paper, the more likely you are to please an adult writer. A diary is suitable in Test also as a notebook and is useful for collecting ideas, recipes and projects. With a simple lock, you can be sure that your thoughts are kept secret and don't necessarily have to hide it. A perfect gift anytime.

Which diary with lock model was rated as the winner in the Test-Vergleich.com comparison?

The article was rated as very good in our comparison Diary with Schloss Jaald 25 cm antique Celtic cut off and prevailed against the other 5 other articles listed in the comparison.

Who are the manufacturers that compare the products in the diary with lock of Test-Vergleiche.com produce?

Many different manufacturers offer diaries with a lock. To give you the best possible overview, we have compared products from well-known brands in our diary with a lock jaald, mohoo, Lirener, VWH and Gold book selected for you.

Who had in the diary compared to Schloss Test-Vergleiche.com the best price-performance ratio?

Customers who want to shop particularly price-consciously benefit from the price-performance winner in our diary with lock comparison Diary with lock gold book 44045 in which the price and the offered service are presented in a particularly favorable relation.

How high-priced can the products from the diary with lock comparison of Test-Vergleiche.com be?

Diary with castle High-quality products have their price and are with us up to an amount of 28,00 € to find. You can get our cheaper alternatives 10,55 €.

Which diary with lock manufacturer was chosen with which diary with lock products by the editors of Test-Vergleiche.com included?

For the assessment of products and manufacturers, we usually select 5 different articles for comparison. In the present comparison it concerns these products: Diary with Schloss Jaald 25 cm antique Celtic, Diary with lock MOHOO 112 pages vintage, Diary with Schloss Lirener leather book, Diary with lock VWH Book with password and Diary with lock gold book 44045

How did the editors of Test-Vergleiche.com judged the ranking in the diary with a lock comparison?

After thorough research on function, own test results or publications such as a Stiftung Warentest test report or other independent specialist testers, the editorial team crowned the article Diary with Schloss Jaald 25 cm antique Celtic to rank 1, followed by Diary with lock MOHOO 112 pages vintage, Diary with Schloss Lirener leather book, Diary with lock VWH Book with password and Diary with lock gold book 44045.

What was in the diary compared with Castle Test-Vergleiche.com next to the comparison winner and the price-performance winner?

In addition to the best diary with lock items and the price-performance winner, our selection also includes other, also very good products, which are: Diary with Schloss Jaald 25 cm antique Celtic, Diary with lock MOHOO 112 pages vintage and Diary with Schloss Lirener leather book.

Diary with lock test & comparison purchase advice

Good suggestions for you to help you find the right one Diary with castle Select product from our test or comparison offer

My name is Lisa and my children are already out of the woods. I am a balanced person and I attach great importance to a beautiful apartment, a well-kept garden and of course I like to travel. I like to cook, live well, go jogging and do a lot of cycling.

That's why it was very important to me as an author to give you this Diary with lock comparison imagine. I have five of them Diary with lock Bestseller chosen and I hope you like it as much as I do.

I have not made it easy for me and made a lot of research for you, collected surveys and opinions from customer reviews and at the Stiftung Warentest after a possible Diary with lock test Watched.

To give you your purchase decision and the Diary with lock selection To facilitate this, I have also written this informative guide text and listed the most important purchase criteria for you. Of course, you will also learn a lot about the pros and cons and some tips and tricks on the subject.

I would be very pleased about your response to my article. Write me your own experiences. A line is always open for you.

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Further information about our article can be found under Wikipedia, a platform of the most popular free encyclopedias on the Internet. Here you will learn a lot of interesting facts and information about our selection on the Diary with castle to look up.

If you are on the YouTube video portal real and concrete information about our products Diary with castle search, this source of information gives you direct access to the appropriate video clips.

On the platform of The Amazon You can discover almost every product you want to buy online. So you will find this too Diary with castle Product on Amazon. At the same time, many more articles can be found for your search on this portal.

Ebay is one of the world's largest online marketplaces where you can also discover our articles. Next to the Diary with castle from commercial traders you will also find the Diary with castle as used items from private sellers

Best recommendation

Diary with Schloss Jaald 25 cm antique Celtic

4.2 / 5 - (102 votes)
Price-performance winner

Diary with lock gold book 44045

4.7 / 5 - (77 votes)

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