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Fountain Pen - Simply beautiful writing

At the present time a lot of work is done with the computer. But there are still areas where a handwritten word is much more valuable because it expresses something personal. Whether in a letter or on a card, with the help of a fountain pen your own handwriting is simply unmistakable.

The fountain pen ensures a relaxed hand position and a fatigue-free writing. Whether at work or in the private sector, a fountain pen can be used anytime, anywhere. Thanks to its practical sizes, it can be taken anywhere to leave a personal, handwritten message anywhere.

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Fountain Pen Faber-Castell Filler LOOM Piano
  •  with piano lacquer look
  •  available in four colors
  •  different spring widths available
  •  usable with converter
Price-performance winner


Fountain pen Lamy Safari umbra pen
  •  Made in Germany
  •  different spring sizes selectable
  •  Spring is exchangeable
  •  usable with converter


Fountain Pen Pelikan Filler Twist universal for right and left-handers
  •  Fits comfortably in your hand
  •  uniform typeface
  •  suitable for left and right handed


Fountain Pen Parker Filler Jotter stainless steel with chrome surround
  •  Elegant stainless steel body with chrome elements
  •  resistant and durable


Fountain Pen Pilot Filler Parallel Pen
  •  Suitable for calligraphy
  •  with cleaning converter and tip cleaner
  •  Laser cut stainless steel spring
  •  different springs available
Name Fountain Pen Faber-Castell Filler LOOM Piano Fountain pen Lamy Safari umbra pen Fountain Pen Pelikan Filler Twist universal for right and left-handers Fountain Pen Parker Filler Jotter stainless steel with chrome surround Fountain Pen Pilot Filler Parallel Pen
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comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

The Best producttest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentFountain

Best Performance test-vergleiche.com1,7goodFountain

TOP Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodFountain

TOP Producttest-vergleiche.com2,1goodFountain

TOP Producttest-vergleiche.com2,3goodFountain

Manufacturers Faber-Castell Lamy Pelikan Parker Pilot
Material Metal ABS Plastic Acrylic Stainless Steel Acrylic
spring width Medium Fein Medium Medium 2,4 mm
grip Grooved handle bed handholds ergonomic, rubberized with a handle bed with a handle bed
Suitable for left-handers
cartridge type small Greater cartridge small small Pilot cartridges
usable with converter
Features The elegant look makes the fountain pen an ideal gift for adults. Lamy products are ?? made in Germany ??. Pelikan is suitable for both children learning to write and for adults alike. The Parker fountain pen comes in a classy gift box. The Pilot Parallel Pen is ideal for greeting cards, calligraphy and other occasions where a large and wide font is desired.
  •  with piano lacquer look
  •  available in four colors
  •  different spring widths available
  •  usable with converter
  •  Made in Germany
  •  different spring sizes selectable
  •  Spring is exchangeable
  •  usable with converter
  •  Fits comfortably in your hand
  •  uniform typeface
  •  suitable for left and right handed
  •  Elegant stainless steel body with chrome elements
  •  resistant and durable
  •  Suitable for calligraphy
  •  with cleaning converter and tip cleaner
  •  Laser cut stainless steel spring
  •  different springs available
Summary Faber Castell convinces in the fountain pen comparison by versatility and longevity. The filler is suitable for young people, as well as for adults due to its elegant appearance. In addition, it is operable with standard cartridges or with converter Lamy is one of the market leaders in the stationery segment and has been setting standards for years. Also, the Lamy fountain pen is made in excellent quality and allows left and right-handed users pleasant writing by hand. The Pelikan fountain pen is available in different colors. Due to its good writing properties, it is popular with both beginners and experienced scribes. Parker relies on elegance and design for this fountain pen. The noble gift pack completes this impression. We think: an ideal Christmas present for scribblers! Due to its wide spring, the Pilot Parallel Pen is not suitable for continuous text. His strength lies clearly in the calligraphy and the classic calligraphy. Handlettering is also very possible.
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Our comparison chart for Fountain pen comparison does not replace one Fountain pen testin which a special Fountain pen test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external fountain pen test trusted sources. Only you decide which model your personal Fountain pen test winner is.

Fountain pen: Ideal for learning not only for writing!

At a glance

  • Fountain or short ink pen called, are writing instruments with tradition. They are filled with ink and guide them to the tip as soon as light pressure is applied to them.
  •  When filling with ink, there are two variants: disposable cartridges that are unsealed and used, or refillable converters. Converters are environmentally friendly.
  • There are Fountainthat can be used by either right-handed or left-handed people. Of the best fountain pen is suitable for both and therefore ideal for children. Newspaper beginners often do not know exactly which hand they prefer to write with and try it out for a while before a fix takes place.

Während ink pen An integral part of every satchel, they usually disappear when leaving school from the daily lives of many adults. The really traditional and noble writing tool is quickly replaced by a cheap ballpoint pen with advertising imprint.

The digitization of the offices has also made sure that the slow and careful writing by hand has gone out of fashion. has this article the Fountain pen comparison Dedicated to you and shows you how the elegance of a fountain pen get back into everyday life.

What distinguishes a fountain pen?

The Fountain, or short ink pen called, is one of the most traditional writing instruments that still exist today. Long before pens or typewriters were developed, people knew the fountain pen. Originally composed of a real feather that was dipped in a small inkwell, the Fountain developed into a modern writing tool in the last decades.

The spring is now available in stainless steel and in different widths. In addition, there are models that are only suitable for left or right-handed people. Some fountain pens are shaped so that they can be used by both.

The times of inking on every desk are largely over. Apart from a refillable converter nowadays mostly disposable cartridges are used. These are standardized. This is how a largely uniform system emerged.

The letter with a Fountain not only fun, but also offers other benefits:

Fountain Pen Advantages / Disadvantages



Longer lasting than other pens

Elegant typeface

Various designs, colors and patterns available

Ideal as a gift for people who like to write

Gives letters, greeting cards, and other documents an elegant, playful, and unique note

Blue ink is removable with special pens


Ink causes stains when it runs out

Fountain pens are partially intended only for right or left-handed people

Which filler types are available today?

The diversified Filler offer can be distinguished on the one hand according to the target group, on the other hand according to the width and shape of the spring:

Filler for writing beginners

Especially in elementary school are ink pen still very widespread. No wonder, they are ideal for learning to write. The blue ink is removable with an "ink killer pen". Fountain pen are either ergonomically shaped, so that no prolonged writing spasms and pain in the hand. But you can also buy a universal filler, if your child does not know exactly, if he prefers to write left or right.

Filler for adults

Not only authors or creative people enjoy the careful writing by hand, but also many secretaries and office employees use one Fountain, He makes signatures look particularly noble and represents an elegant accessory on every desk.

Also suitable as a present Fountain Perfect! On request, you can order an engraving fountain pen or choose a classically simple stainless steel fountain pen.

Calligraphy fountain pen

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. Expansive and widely verzänkelte letters are in careful lines with the Fountain drawn. The ink makes the work look authentic and elegant.

A calligraphy fountain pen contains a special, laser-cut stainless steel spring, which is designed for the special requirements. The Pilot Parallel Pen is a typical calligraphy pen.

Typing according to spring width and shape

The spring is the heart of every fountain pen. Their strength, width and shape significantly determines the typeface and writing. The ink consumption is also determined by the spring used.
To you in the big one Fountain Pen Offer To give an overview, we have summarized the most common spring types in the following table:

type designation

Fine (F)

spring width

0,8 mm


Good for very graceful typefaces, as the line width hardly changes during writing.

Medium (M)

0,9 mm

The most common spring size, as it is suitable for many fonts. In addition to spring size A also ideal for beginners.

Wide (B)

1,0 mm

A wide feather works best with a large handwriting.

Extra wide (EB)

1,2 mm

Almost suitable for calligraphy is the EB spring. It goes well with signatures, but text does not look good.

Beginners (A)


A stands for beginners. These feathers are particularly stiff, since many beginners are not yet able to gauge the pressure properly.

Purchase criteria for your best fountain pen

Surely you have already read it between the lines: a Fountain is a very personal accessory and not meant to go through many hands.
So you easily yours Order fountain pen online At this point, we have compiled the most important purchase criteria.

buying criteria

  • spring width


The spring is the most important and at the same time the most insignificant part of the fountain pen. She is the best fountain pen from selected gold foil punched and carefully processed. Often there is an enchanting imprint on the top.
Which width and spring strength you need depends on your handwriting and your typeface. If you are very baffled, we recommend trying out some springs in specialty stores.

  • Length and weight

Some people describe writing with a light plastic filler as unpleasant, because the weight of the filler supports the movements of the hand. Others are bothered by the heavy weight of one Stainless fountain pen.
Again, the selection is a very individual and personal. Try it!

  • grip

The grips of the filler in Fountain pen comparison are designed very differently. Round handles without preformed recesses are ideal for left and right handed users. However, anyone who has ever had to write an exam or an essay for several hours knows that these handles will lead to cramping and pain in the long run.
Ergonomic grips are matched to the writing hand and allow longer writing without pain.

Speaking of exam: The best Energy drinks and coffee capsules we already compared! So nothing stands in the way of a good grade!

  • Cartridge, converter or both?

From the own school time most know the problem with the ink cartridges. While in some Fountain Both the typical small cartridges and the large Lamy cartridges were matched by others that accepted only one type. If you did not have your own, you had to find a helpful classmate who had the right size.
The systematics has changed little until today. Although most of today are no longer surrounded by classmates, you should join the Fountain buy inform about the cartridge size.
An environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cartridges is the converter. It is larger than the cartridges and refillable. For example, Faber Castell can buy ink in glasses.

Which known manufacturers for Fountain is there?

Among the most famous fountain pen manufacturers are:

Faber-Castell | LAMY | Pelikan | Parker

Tips and tricks for the fountain pen

1. Why is my pen running?

A leak ink pen is always annoying, especially if it has caught textiles, such as bag or jacket. As a rule, ink is difficult to remove. An expiring ink pen can have many reasons. Either you accidentally inserted a wrong cartridge or you did not press it firmly enough into the holder. Also, an insufficiently screwed filler often runs out.

2. Can I remove any ink with an ink killer?

Blue ink is removable in most cases. With black or differently colored ink it is often worth taking a look at the label. Guaranteed durable is only the color of one Deckfarbkasten.

3. Do I have to enroll my pen?

Registering the pen is a myth that persists. It probably comes from the time when the fountain pens were still made of soft gold and adapted over time to the owner's handwriting.

Nowadays, the filler springs are made of hard stainless steel that hardly adapts. Therefore, the need for enrollment has been lost.

Some suppliers professionally tailor the pen to their own needs. This is especially the case with an expensive one Fountain Sense.

Is there a foundation product test fountain pen test?

Unfortunately Stiftung Warentest has not yet devoted itself to the category of writing tools and in particular fountain pens. That's why there is none Fountain pen test and it was not Fountain pen test winner determined.


Even if Fountain be constructed today for the masses: the first ink pen remember most of them, as well as the scratching on the paper and the ink blots, if something did not work as it should. Even the myth that the blue side of the eraser can erase ink will have most of the adults still smiling in their memory. (By the way, this page is meant to be, but by scraping off the top layer of paper like a knife.)
Today hires Fountain a personal writing tool with class that should not be missing on any desk. Depending on the spring width of the fountain pen is suitable for different purposes.
The fountain pen comparison winner comes from the House of Faber Castell and combines good writing experience with sophisticated appearance and versatile filling options. Make one Fountain pen test and you'll see how beautiful the typeface looks over a ballpoint pen!

Other recommended fountain pens for you selected

Which fountain pen article earned in Comparing the top spot?

The article became the front runner in the ranking for the top spot Fountain Pen Faber-Castell Filler LOOM Piano which has successfully prevailed against 5 other competitors.

Which manufacturers cut the fountain pen comparison of with top marks?

In our fountain pen comparison, we chose a selection of the best-known manufacturers such as Faber-Castell, Lamy, Pelikan, Parker and Pilot decided. They all got top marks in the customer reviews of different sales portals.

Which product is correct in the fountain pen comparison of Price and performance?

As the fountain pen item presented with the best price-performance ratio, the Fountain pen Lamy Safari umbra pen from us the classification regarding the best constellation.

How expensive or inexpensive are the products from the fountain pen comparison

For expensive fountain pen products, all of which are of high quality, you have to price up to 23,38 € calculate. There are cheaper products 7,68 €.

Which fountain pen manufacturer was tested with which fountain pen products by the editors of included?

For the assessment of products and manufacturers, we usually select 5 different articles for comparison. In the present comparison it concerns these products: Fountain Pen Faber-Castell Filler LOOM Piano, Fountain pen Lamy Safari umbra pen, Fountain Pen Pelikan Filler Twist universal for right and left-handers, Fountain Pen Parker Filler Jotter stainless steel with chrome surround and Fountain Pen Pilot Filler Parallel Pen

In what order did the editors of the fountain pen item valued?

We research objectively, competently and independently of industry, media & Co. In our fountain pen comparison, customer experiences, our own test results and possible evaluations by Stiftung Warentest have led to this ranking: The item got 1st place Fountain Pen Faber-Castell Filler LOOM Piano, followed by Fountain pen Lamy Safari umbra pen, Fountain Pen Pelikan Filler Twist universal for right and left-handers, Fountain Pen Parker Filler Jotter stainless steel with chrome surround and Fountain Pen Pilot Filler Parallel Pen.

What was next to the comparison winner and price-performance winner in the fountain pen comparison of selected other top products?

All products from the fountain pen comparison were edited by Selected for popularity and top ratings, including these top products such as Fountain Pen Faber-Castell Filler LOOM Piano, Fountain pen Lamy Safari umbra pen and Fountain Pen Pelikan Filler Twist universal for right and left-handers.



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Hi guys, my name is Gabriel. My hobby is electronics, hardware store & household. As a technology freak, I am enthusiastic about everything that has to do with video, audio or TV and computer technology, as well as smartphones and cameras. They are part of my everyday life professionally and also privately.

Since I know that not everyone is familiar with this profession, I want to help you with my articles to deal with articles from this industry something. That's why I have the author as well Fountain pen comparison written. My Top 5 selection, should bring you closer to these articles.

My guide text with my purchase recommendations should make your selection easier. My tip: If you have the Buy fountain pen online you want, you can raussuchen you the best price, achievement relationship.

I hope I could with you Fountain pen Purchase advice make the decision for the right choice easier. If my article was interesting for you, I would be very happy about your response, especially if you already have one Fountain pen test have done.

My portal is always open for you and not only for praise but also for your experiences.

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Best recommendation

Fountain Pen Faber-Castell Filler LOOM Piano

4,8 / 5 - (190 votes)
Price-performance winner

Fountain pen Lamy Safari umbra pen

4,7 / 5 - (158 votes)

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