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Paper Shredder Fellowes Powershred Shredder 73Ci 100% Anti-Jam
  •  High cutting performance
  •  Low noise pollution
  •  consumes little energy
  •  Long operating time of 10 minutes


Paper shredder Genie 580 XCD shredder
  •  Automatic start / stop function
  •  High quality design
  •  Large collection container
  •  Low energy consumption


Paper Shredder HSM shredstar X10 Security Level 4 Shredder
  •  Separate CD cutting unit
  •  Minimal noise
  •  LED display


Paper Shredder Fellowes Powershred M-7C Shredder
  •  Long operating time of up to 4 minutes without a break
  •  3 years warranty on cutting knife
Price-performance winner


Paper Shredder Peach PS500-15 Particle Cut Shredder
  •  High security level
  •  Solid workmanship
  •  Quiet run
Name Paper Shredder Fellowes Powershred Shredder 73Ci 100% Anti-Jam Paper shredder Genie 580 XCD shredder Paper Shredder HSM shredstar X10 Security Level 4 Shredder Paper Shredder Fellowes Powershred M-7C Shredder Paper Shredder Peach PS500-15 Particle Cut Shredder
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comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,4Excellentpaper shredders

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodpaper shredders

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodpaper shredders

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodpaper shredders

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com2,1goodpaper shredders

Manufacturers Fellowes Genie HSM Fellowes Peach
Performance not specified 220 Watt not specified not specified not specified
Weight 12 kg. 3,45 kg. 6,2 kg. 4,1 kg. 2,7 kg.
Dimensions 28,7 * 39,4 * 54 cm. 350 * 215 * 450 mm. 366 * 235 * 445 mm. 387 * 320 * 186 mm. 29,7 * 16,2 * 31,3 cm.
Section Cross-section / Cross Cut Cross-section / Cross Cut Cross-section / Cross Cut Cross-section / Cross Cut Cross-section / Cross Cut
average size 4 * 38 mm. particle 4 * 18 mm. particle not specified 4 * 46 mm. particle 4 * 40 mm. particle
Recycle Bin Capacity 23 liters 21 liter (220 sheet) 18 liters 14 liters 11 liters
For CDs DVDs and staples
Maximum number of papers per cut 12 sheet a 70g / m² 8 sheet a 80g / m² 10 sheet a 80g / m² 7 sheet a 80g / m² 5 sheet a 80g / m²
cutting speed not specified 1,50m / min. not specified 3,70m / min. not specified
Security level according to DIN 4 4 4 3 4
overheating protection N/A Ja N/A N/A N/A
Features Automatic stop when touched Shred cards into four parts Automatic return Available in three versions 1 sheet oil paper for maintenance included
  •  High cutting performance
  •  Low noise pollution
  •  consumes little energy
  •  Long operating time of 10 minutes
  •  Automatic start / stop function
  •  High quality design
  •  Large collection container
  •  Low energy consumption
  •  Separate CD cutting unit
  •  Minimal noise
  •  LED display
  •  Long operating time of up to 4 minutes without a break
  •  3 years warranty on cutting knife
  •  High security level
  •  Solid workmanship
  •  Quiet run
Summary This Fellowes document shredder model is ideal for commercial needs and meets the highest standards. Customers are looking forward to a very quiet operation, the perfect result of many snippets and the easy maintenance of the cutting unit. Even the minimal energy consumption scores, which is why the device is named shredder winner! The Genie shredder is already outwardly a great tool for the office. Thanks to reliable particle cutting, paper and co become confetti. Customers praise the quiet mode and the ease of use. The smart viewing window also ensures enjoyment, because you know exactly how long the capacity will last. The modern document shredder from HSM has a very good quality and has been carefully processed. Customers can even shred paper clips easily, minimizing the cost of annihilation. The Fellowes paper shredder does well at home and lasts a long time in a row. Customers appreciate the high-quality cutting system and its overall performance. He eats brochures, old contracts and co within a very short time and thus reliably destroys all sensitive data. The paper shredder by Peach is perfect for a small office, whether private or commercial. Customers are positive about the reliable paper feed and longevity of the product. For the small need highly recommended and reasonably priced! Our price-performance winner!
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Our comparison chart for Paper shredder comparison does not replace one Paper shredder testin which a special Paper shredder test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external paper shredder test of trustworthy sources. Only you decide which model your personal Paper shredder test winner is.

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Paper shredder guide - protect your data!

The Privacy policy has always been a serious topic in Germany to protect citizens living in Germany. To ensure this, there are many laws and regulations that must be adhered to. Above all, companies need theirs sensitive data secure customers and protect them from possible misuse. But how do you protect yourself in the private sphere? Data thieves are looking everywhere for useful information, which is why more and more private households for paper shredders to grab. This destroys private records, old bills and the like in a few seconds. In the paper shredder buying guide from We deal with the technology, the designs and quality features.

At a glance

  • Secret documents, company records or private papers of any kind are shredded by the paper shredder at the touch of a button to make them forever illegible.
  • Those who want to achieve maximum data security should pay attention to the protection class of the new document shredder. There are three classes, with only the highest possible safety guaranteed.
  • There are a variety of shredders that can be useful depending on the purpose. Some only destroy paper, others even CDs, DVDs and credit cards.

Document shredder price comparison - why do I need the paper shredder?

Um Documents of various kinds to destroy, there are special equipment. These can be found in every company, since data security is their highest order. No matter if mobile providers, electricity suppliers, medical supply or other service providers and processing centers. Important customer data, offers, invoices, duplicates etc. should always be destroyed correctly. Only so have Data snoopers no chance to get at the sensitive information.

Electronic shredders are therefore no fad for the office, but of high relevance. The best paper shredder offer optimal comfort and make the destruction easy. They work with metal teeth, knives and rollers. Thus, they split thin and thicker strengths, with the cutting performance differs depending on the model.

Paper Shredder Advantages / Disadvantages


Sensitive data no longer leaves your business or private rooms!

Secrets remain secret

Comfortable destruction without effort

Protection against data misuse of any kind


Strip cut vs. Cross cut in the document shredder comparison

Not all cutting machines work with the same technique. There are two different types of cuts that you should consider when making a selection.

strip cut

A cutting roller cuts paper in Strip from 2 to 12 mm. Ideally, these are cut very thinly to make the content completely illegible.


The cross cut is also called Partikelschnitt designated. The paper is cut both longitudinally and transversely. According to the selected security level, the size of a particle fails.

We recommend for private use cheap paper shredder, which work with strip cut. Of course, the cut into the smallest particles can also be used at home, although this technique is more relevant for industry and authorities. Especially secret services, offices and also large industries use the latter variant to destroy everything to 100 percent.


By quality check to shredder comparison winner - look twice before buying

Before yours Order paper shredder, it is important to take a look at some quality features. This is the only way to create a guaranteed good model and use it for a long time:

buying criteria

  • cutting capacity


How many Pages should shred shredder at the same time? Some models can only destroy 3 sheets per process, other whole 8 sheets. Manufacturers assume a paper thickness of 80g / m². So if you have a very high quality paper piece of double thickness, it counts as an 2 sheet.

  • collection capacity

The Size The built-in Recycle Bin determines how often you need to empty it. A large office needs a generous volume, while at home you might need a small version.

  • Class

There are three protection classes, which are divided into individual security levels. The highest you need, if your data is very confidential.

  • security_level

These levels range from P1 up to P7 and are used or even prescribed depending on the purpose.

  • additional benefits

Should the shredder also CD's and Chop up chip cards? Please note this when buying, so you get the right shredder.

Buy shredder - which manufacturer?

The market for Office and Organization is very large and includes many well-known companies. A small selection of the best known is as follows:

Genius paper shredder

Since the 1990 years, the wholesaler is also internationally active and in great demand. Electronic office supplies are the hobbyhorse of the company, which offers not only pocket calculators but also shredders.

Fellowes paper shredder

The main concern of the company is the efficient and ergonomic work in companies. Storage, organization, business machines and more includes the large portfolio of goods. Paper shredder, of course, as well!

Ideal paper shredder

The company has been operating since 1951 and is valued for its long-lasting products. Everything here is about the office and efficient solutions. Cutting machines are the main focus of the company and shredders are available for all needs.

HSM paper shredder

The data protection expert is a professional in the field of document destruction and therefore always a good choice. There are also XXL solutions for the business sector to buy, which is why the company since the 1970er years is highly frequented.

Paper shredder comparison - know protection classes and play it safe

Inspired from an italian pasta machine, Adolf Ehinger developed the first document shredder in 1955. Since then, much has been done in this area, which, of course, is also due to the extension of our privacy laws.

You used to know five levels of security, which from the DIN 32757 sprang. The last level of security was basically written to secret services, which is why it was hardly ever used. It even circulated a sixth stepwhich, however, was more or less invented by various companies and did not correspond to any standard at all. Since 2012 the gradations are considered obsolete and new ones have been launched. The following crushing stages Since then, they are considered relevant and are specified on the product during sales (for example, P2 = security level 2):

1. General data (restoration with simple effort)

2. Internal data (recovery with special effort)

3. Sensitive data (recovery with considerable effort)

4. Especially sensitive data (restore with extraordinary effort)

5. Data to keep secret (restoration with doubtful methods)

6. Secret high-security data (restoration not technically possible)

7. Top-Secret High Security Data (Restore excluded)

Note:  If you need a policy for your company, you should use the PDF of the TÜV. A practical overview for printing!

How to properly maintain the shredder!

Equipment that is permanently shredded also needs regular maintenance. The cutting rollers are very stressed and therefore require oil. Especially the knives in the particle cut shredder need the care unit, so that they can continue to work long.

If you waited too long to take action, your device might not destroy many more leaves at the same time, or it would always end up jamming. This costs a lot of time and especially nerves! There are three recommended ways to preserve the paper shredder function for as long as possible:

Oil lpapier

This method is very simple and therefore extremely popular. You buy a pack with Oily leaves and chase a leaf through the â € œreceiverâ €. This will lubricate the tool and maintain the function. Many manufacturers already supply oil leaves or offer them in addition to the purchase.


Filled in one pump dispenser The oil can be used easily. It is a very light oil and can easily be sprayed on the cutting rollers.

Oil from the bottle

typical Maschinenöl Many have them in their workshop, which is why they can easily use it to care for shredders. Give it directly to the factory and thus spare the device.

Note:  If you want to save money, spray a piece of paper with oil and use it to make your own oil paper in seconds. An effective way to save your shredder cost-effectively.

Paper shredder guide - what do experts advise?

Only 2016 file shredder were subjected by the Stiftung Warentest a paper shredder test. Of the Paper shredder test winner can feed up to 7 leaves at once and make confetti.

Especially the renowned Brand "Fellowes" convinced as a paper shredder test winner with their operating licenses and innovative devices. According to the test experts, a shredding apparatus should be equipped with a large wastepaper basket, which can be emptied easily and quickly. Nobody wants to fumble with the device until the lid finally releases the contents. Of the best shredder of course also cuts old credit cards and Co and thus offers the highest security. According to the Stiftung Warentest all plants are voracious, unfortunately they are often very loud.

We recommend also powerful paper shreddersthat destroy all data by means of particle cutting. Read our guides too laminators, office chairs and table fanto equip your private or business office perfectly!

Video: Paper shredder from Fellowes

Other recommended paper shredders selected for you

What kind of item received when comparing paper shredder a "very good"?

The Paper Shredder Fellowes Powershred Shredder 73Ci 100% Anti-Jam was rated as “Very Good” by far in our comparison and was chosen as “Best Recommendation” compared to other articles.

Which manufacturers dominated in the paper shredder comparison places 1 to 5?

Of the many different manufacturers that are available in the paper shredder range, we have such recognized manufacturers for you in our paper shredder comparison as Fellowes, Genie, HSM, Fellowes and Peach selected for you.

Who had in the paper shredder comparison of the best price-performance ratio?

Customers who want to shop particularly price-consciously benefit from the price-performance winner in our paper shredder comparison Paper Shredder Peach PS500-15 Particle Cut Shredder in which the price and the offered service are presented in a particularly favorable relation.

What is the price range of the paper shredder products in the Comparison were presented?

With us you can paper shredders Products for less than 47,39 € acquire. For all those who place more demands on quality, prices should start 199,99 € be expected.

Which selection of paper shredder manufacturers and products was made in the paper shredder comparison by the editors of used?

In our comparison to paper shredders, we have selected the following manufacturers with one or more of their products for you. So you can choose between the product Paper Shredder Fellowes Powershred Shredder 73Ci 100% Anti-Jam, Paper shredder Genie 580 XCD shredder, Paper Shredder HSM shredstar X10 Security Level 4 Shredder, Paper Shredder Fellowes Powershred M-7C Shredder and Paper Shredder Peach PS500-15 Particle Cut Shredder Compare.

How did the editors of evaluate the ranking in the paper shredder comparison?

After thorough research on function, own test results or publications such as a Stiftung Warentest test report or other independent specialist testers, the editorial team crowned the article Paper Shredder Fellowes Powershred Shredder 73Ci 100% Anti-Jam to rank 1, followed by Paper shredder Genie 580 XCD shredder, Paper Shredder HSM shredstar X10 Security Level 4 Shredder, Paper Shredder Fellowes Powershred M-7C Shredder and Paper Shredder Peach PS500-15 Particle Cut Shredder.

Which top products belong to the paper shredder comparison of, in addition to first place and the price-performance winner

Our paper shredder comparison is mostly based on 5 different bestsellers, of which our editorial team chooses one in first place and one gets the rating as the price-performance winner. The other three Paper Shredder Fellowes Powershred Shredder 73Ci 100% Anti-Jam, Paper shredder Genie 580 XCD shredder and Paper Shredder HSM shredstar X10 Security Level 4 Shredder but are at least as good, but only one can be the winner.


Paper shredder test & comparison guide

So you can choose from our suggestions in our Test or comparison Their own paper shredders Choose a bestseller

Hello, I'm David and I love Do-it-yourself. Before a craftsman comes to my house with me, I try it myself and for the most part I succeed. Does not work, does not exist. It's scratching my image if I did not at least try it. Although sometimes there are setbacks, I learn from every mistake.

You can too. Show what is in you. That's why I have this for you Paper shredder comparison compiled. From the big one Paper shredder offer I have five the best paper shredder and best-selling models selected and compared in a table.

My research from customer reviews, surveys or opinions as well Paper shredder Tethat's it independent guidebook portals were reflected in my extensive guide. This always includes the advantages and disadvantages of a product group as well as the selection criteria that are important for the purchase.

Maybe you already have your personal one Paper shredder test winner found, then let me know. Here you can communicate with me and give your personal opinion. I'm happy about your posting!

Further links and sources too paper shredders

Further information about our article can be found under Wikipedia, a platform of the most popular free encyclopedias on the Internet. Here you will learn a lot of interesting facts and information about our selection on the paper shredders to look up.

If you are on the YouTube video portal real and concrete information about our products paper shredders search, this source of information gives you direct access to the appropriate video clips.

On the platform of The Amazon You can discover almost every product you want to buy online. So you will find this too paper shredders Product on Amazon. At the same time, many more articles can be found for your search on this portal.

Ebay is one of the world's largest online marketplaces where you can also discover our articles. Next to the paper shredders from commercial traders you will also find the paper shredders as used items from private sellers

Best recommendation

Paper Shredder Fellowes Powershred Shredder 73Ci 100% Anti-Jam

4.8 / 5 - (177 votes)
Price-performance winner

Paper Shredder Peach PS500-15 Particle Cut Shredder

4.3 / 5 - (156 votes)

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