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Ergonomic office chair - Ideal for back and neck
An office chair is standard equipment in every office. Especially if you spend most of your time daily on the computer or are busy on the phone, you should attach great importance to an ergonomic office chair. At the ergonomic office chair There are often models that are ergonomically shaped to ensure a relaxed working environment.
In the ergonomic office chair offers These are models that impress with their high level of comfort. The normal swivel chair scores more for a good price and is perfect for a small office. For more comfort, the executive chair with armrests and an adjustable neck pillow offers. The swivel stool, however, permanently ensures an upright position and a relaxed back.
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Office chair Ergonomic hjh OFFICE Office chair Executive chair
  •  double rollers
  •  depth springing
  •  Armrests 5-fold adjustable
  •  Carpet rolls
  •  stable base


Office chair Ergonomic AMSTYLE, office chair, Bari, black
  •  Anti-shock protection
  •  high backrest
  •  contrasting contrast stitching


Office chair Ergonomic Head Point RS including armrests
  •  Sport seat character
  •  Double rolls for carpet
  •  GS sign
  •  for persons up to 1,92 m
Price-performance winner


Office chair Ergonomic AMSTYLE office chair MILANO
  •  Anti-shock protection
  •  contrasting contrast stitching
  •  thick padded


Ergonomic office chair Topstar Open Art 2010 including height-adjustable armrests
  •  Net Optics
  •  Comfort Muldensitz
  •  GS mark
  •  for persons up to 1,92 m
Name Office chair Ergonomic hjh OFFICE Office chair Executive chair Office chair Ergonomic AMSTYLE, office chair, Bari, black Office chair Ergonomic Head Point RS including armrests Office chair Ergonomic AMSTYLE office chair MILANO Ergonomic office chair Topstar Open Art 2010 including height-adjustable armrests
Price Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price
comparison result
Note on the comparative grade

Best Recommendationtest-vergleiche.com1,5ExcellentErgonomic office chair

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodErgonomic office chair

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,7goodErgonomic office chair

PricePerformance test-vergleiche.com1,8goodErgonomic office chair

Top Producttest-vergleiche.com1,9goodErgonomic office chair

Manufacturers HJH Amstyle design Topstar Amstyle design Topstar
Material reference Leather Leather Softex Leather / leather Synthetic Leather / polyester
load-bearing capacity 120 kg 120 kg 110 kg 120 kg 110 kg
Head / neck support ja integrated ja Hochlehner ja
Overall height 119 ?? 142 cm 122 ?? 132 cm 121 ?? 150 cm 119 ?? 125 cm 117 - 144 cm
tilt mechanism
synchronous mechanism Yes, 3 adjustable Yes, 5 adjustable Yes, multiple adjustable no yes, not adjustable
Headrest adjustable
adjustable height
adjustable armrest
Armrest upholstered
Features according to DIN EN 1335 T.1-3 XXL executive chair with extra wide backrest and seat 3 years warranty TÜV Rheinland LGA type tested 3 years warranty
  •  double rollers
  •  depth springing
  •  Armrests 5-fold adjustable
  •  Carpet rolls
  •  stable base
  •  Anti-shock protection
  •  high backrest
  •  contrasting contrast stitching
  •  Sport seat character
  •  Double rolls for carpet
  •  GS sign
  •  for persons up to 1,92 m
  •  Anti-shock protection
  •  contrasting contrast stitching
  •  thick padded
  •  Net Optics
  •  Comfort Muldensitz
  •  GS mark
  •  for persons up to 1,92 m
Summary Office chair in a class of its own with ergonomically optimal adjustment options Ergonomic office chair with high backrest and rocking function Office chair, ergonomically shaped with red stitching Design office chair with shapely aluminum base Office swivel chair in network optics for optimum climate
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Our comparison chart for Office chair ergonomic comparison does not replace one Office chair ergonomic testin which a special Office chair ergonomic test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external office chair ergonomically test trusted sources. Only you decide which model your personal Office chair ergonomic test winner is.

Ergonomic office chairs test
  • For those who spend many hours in the office, an office chair must have ergonomic features to prevent fatigue and back problems. For this, a good office chair must be comfortable and comfortable.
  • If an office chair is to be ergonomic, it must have certain characteristics. The armrest, headrest and neckrest are just as much part of it as are the comfortable adjustment options and the rocker and synchronous mechanism.
  • The best ergonomic office chairs can be adjusted in the seat height, seat position, backrest and armrest so that a dynamic sitting over many hours is possible. It can be adjusted to the weight of the individual and thanks to padded seat and back surfaces makes a long sitting more comfortable.

Ergonomic office swivel chairs are now standard equipment in every modern office. Too long sitting is not very conducive to our skeleton. From back complaints, the problems go all the way to cardiovascular problems or metabolic diseases. Constant sitting impedes blood circulation and is often the beginning of varicose veins. Back pain or cardiovascular disease causes most workplace outages. Physiotherapists and orthopedists have been raising the alarm for a long time. Wrong sitting and too little exercise lead to long-term health problems. The right office chair helps to ensure that your sitting activity does not negatively affect your muscles. We want you in our Ergonomic office chair comparison explain the advantages of such a seat closer. We want to show you how the best office chair ergonomic must have been built up and collected the customer's opinions from numerous customer recessions for you.

The office chair ergonomic - preventative against back problems

An office chair is one of the most important office furniture. People with office work spend almost all of their working time on them. It is all the more important that the office chair is ergonomically designed for the user. A healthy sitting is thus guaranteed and should not be underestimated as a prevention measure against back problems.

If an office chair is to be ergonomic, it has to meet certain conditions. Most office workers sit at your desk for eight hours on an office swivel chair. Since such features as seating comfort and ergonomics are important to prevent poor posture or muscle tension. A comfortable and ergonomic office swivel chair determines the well-being and efficiency of the user. When making a purchase, make sure that the chair meets the most important requirements. Then you will enjoy it for a long time.

Top product office chair ergonomic:

Topstar Open Point SY Deluxe, ergonomic synchro-disc swivel chair, office chair, desk chair, incl. Armrests (height-adjustable), fabric, black
2.153 Reviews
Topstar Open Point SY Deluxe, ergonomic synchro-disc swivel chair, office chair, desk chair, incl. Armrests (height-adjustable), fabric, black
  • Product suitable for both private and commercial use; Seating recommendation max. 8 hours; GS tested and EN ...
  • Ideal syncro-disc-swivel chair in a trendy net look; Including height-adjustable armrests
  • Breathable mesh backrest ergonomically shaped; Point synchronous mechanism
  • Stablies steel base cross, gas spring & undercarriage glossy chromed
  • Load-dependent braked safety double rollers

Office chair ergonomic Advantages / Disadvantages


Suitable for long comfortable sitting

ergonomic body adaptation

many functions

relieves the skeletal muscles

robust and easy to clean

comfortably padded


Attitude takes time

takes up more space than a conventional chair

A well-meant advice for all office workers

A sporty balance to the seated office work, however, is highly recommended. But you do not have to be a competitive athlete. Already 30 minutes are enough daily to stay active, that means to move moderately. Run around the square for a lap exercise bike or a treadmill at home are also well suited to get exercise.

Note: Lie down for control activity Tracker to. It helps you to persevere and supports your efforts.

Ergonomic office chair or executive chair where is the difference?

There are many different types of office chairs. So is an office swivel chair ergonomically shaped or a Executive Chair, The racing or Gamer chair also.

While a executive chair always has armrests, the armchair-style office chair is just as often on the market as one without an armrest. The office chairs without armrests are generally cheaper than those with armrests. Armrests provide good support for the shoulder and neck area, especially when sitting for long periods. Executive chairs are big and heavy, but a smaller one ergonomic office chair cheaper to insert into an office.

The ergonomic office chair offer

Office swivel chair is not the same as an office swivel chair. If you want to buy one, you must choose the following basic specifications:

Seat Duration:

Home office office chair4 hours a day
Professional office chair ergonomic8 hours a day
High end office chairThe executive chair with the highest quality workmanship and the best materials


Small office chairs ergonomic<90 kg loadable
Middle class office chairs110 - 120 kg load capacity
XXL office chair ergonomicYou will find it when searching the Internet under the terms "150 kg office chair ergonomic" or "200 kg office chair ergonomic".


permanent mechanicsThe seat can not be adjusted and the backrest only moves backwards when leaning against it. Such office chairs are only offered and sold in the low-cost sector.
synchronous mechanismWhen leaning backrest moves and also delays the seat. This mechanism is the most common. Unfortunately, every manufacturer calls this movement differently, which can lead to irritation in the buyer.
tilt mechanismIt is a further development of synchronous mechanics. The backrest is pushed back and relieves the intervertebral discs so that it does not come to a monotonous posture.

The ergonomic office chair adjustable

An optimal one Office chair, ergonomically adjustable, the armrests, lumbar support, backrest, seat height and seat as well as the headrest have to be adjusted and adjusted to personal requirements. Has a Office chair ergonomically the best Setting options are individually adaptable to the respective user. It is also important that the seat mechanism can be adjusted to its own weight. Only when the revolving office chair is adjusted correctly, it promotes a dynamic and back-friendly sitting. The circulation of our muscles is ensured and they relieve the delicate intervertebral discs.

Note: Try many different seating positions before deciding which one is best for you.

The ergonomic office chair armrest

Armrests are important. They relieve the shoulder and neck area. If space permits, you should always have one ergonomic office swivel armrests have. Professional office chairs, ergonomic shaped, have adjustable armrests that can be changed in height and width. If they are still soft padded, no pressure points on the forearms occur. Armrests also relax the back muscles.

The ergonomic office chair headrest

Just as important as the armrests is a headrest. You can either support the head or the neck. Adjustable headrests, which can be adjusted in height and depth, are particularly practical because they can be adapted to the exact body. At our Evaluation of ergonomic office swivel chairs We have also found many models with fixed and integrated headrests.

The office chair lumbar support

A lumbar support increases sitting comfort and is nothing more than a bulge that provides support for the natural spinal column shape. Most high quality models have such a support, which is individually height adjustable. It creates a pleasant, noticeable and upright hold. From the orthopedic point of view, the support at the level of the belt is most useful, but it can also support the lower spine or the bony iliac crest.

Note: Do a lumbar support test and adjust it according to your subjective feelings.

What chair to buy - our ergonomic office chair buying advice

The most important purchase criterion when choosing an ergonomic office chair or office swivel chair is that the chair can be adapted to your size, your weight and your individual requirements. The best office chair does not use very much, if complaints appear after a short sitting and no individual adjustments can be made.

buying criteria

  • The armrest


Armrests are responsible for a good seating comfort. In addition, you can rest on it when getting up. However, if you have to get up a lot, they are more of a hindrance. Optimal are armrests for ergonomic office chairs that can be folded away. The optimal length is 20 centimeters and a width of at least 4 centimeters. The adjustable height should be between 20 and 25 cm.

Note: Armrests that are too long prevent you from rolling against your desk. Smaller people should pay more attention to shorter armrests.

  • The upholstery

This ensures a comfortable seating. The upholstery must not sit through after a certain time. When sitting down, the seat should slightly cushion the weight of the body. In addition, a breathable cover is very beneficial, which also applies to the back padding.

  • The chair rolls

The five arms of the undercarriage are usually 360 ° rotatable rollers, which are easily brought to roll under pressure or load. So that the office chair can not roll away unintentionally, he must have a locking device. This also ensures that you can sit down without the chair rolling away when it is off. Locate the rollers according to the floor.

  • The backrest

The backrest has a relieving or supportive effect and can be individually adapted to each user. It should be adjustable in height and inclination. Equipped with a synchronous mechanism that influences the backrest-seat inclination, dynamic sitting is possible, which at the same time supports intervertebral discs and muscles, but also relieves the strain.

  • The seat

The seat height should be adjustable between 42 and 50 centimeters and the seat depth between 38 and 44 centimeters. If the seat width is still adjustable, the office chair offers an optimal seat adjustment

To the right one buy ergonomic office swivel chair to be able to pay attention to these points:

  • Choose five instead of four feet. So your office chair is tip over.
  • Pay attention to the specification for which seating time the ergonomic office chair is suitable.
  • Choose between rigid or adjustable headrests and armrestsDecide the right mechanics
  • Covers and upholstery should be comfortable and easy to clean
  • Choose the right equipment and adjustments
  • All adjusting levers should be operated in a sitting position
  • An easy-to-understand instructions help you to adjust to your body measurements
  • Pay attention to quality and test seals. She is a statement to Evaluation of ergonomic office chairs
  • Pay attention to warranty and warranty

What are the ergonomic office chair bestsellers?

Bestsellers are those office chairs that are sold the most. We can easily divide them into three groups:

  • The ergonomic office chair with fabric-Reference
  • The ergonomic office chair imitation leather-Execution
  • The ergonomic office chair genuine leather-Execution

Fabric office chairs are standard in most offices. They are easy to clean and cheaper than the leather version. Of course, the color selection also plays a role in the bestseller list. So is still the classic ergonomic office chair black, made of leather and especially popular in the executive suite.

Where can I buy an ergonomic office chair?

Before buying, you should have a detailed Price comparison of ergonomic office chairs carry out. Because there are differences. This is best done on the internet, because here you will find the largest selection. If you are lucky you will also find an ergonomic office chair with top features reduced. Often, the previous year's models or stock clearing, which are always offered at bargain prices. It is best to order your ergonomic office chair online as well, because here you will find enough besides the large variety of models ergonomic office chair opinions other buyer.

Who represents the best ergonomic office swivel chairs her?

In addition to the company Topstar, which is represented with abundant offers, we have found other popular brands, such as:

At the moment ergonomic office chairs are bestsellers:

BonusBestseller no. 1
Ticova office chair Ergonomic desk chair, high back Ergonomic chair with adjustable lumbar support, headrest & 3D metal armrest, ...
330 Reviews
Ticova office chair Ergonomic desk chair, high back Ergonomic chair with adjustable lumbar support, headrest & 3D metal armrest, ...
  • 【Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair】You can adjust the height and depth of the lumbar support; Height and angle of the headrest;...
  • 【Ergonomic backrest & seat】 Our adjustable backrest fits your spine perfectly and can reduce fatigue and ...
  • 【Unique metal armrest】 Compared to other plastic 1D armrests of the desk chair ergonomic, our ...
  • 【Unique headrest & high-quality mesh】 Our large headrest made of curved foam provides a more comfortable neck and ...
  • 【Warranty】 We offer 30-day money-back guarantee, one-year warranty and professional after-sales service for our ...
BonusBestseller no. 2
Daccormax office chair ergonomic, desk chair with adjustable headrest, armrests, lumbar support, swivel chair rocker function up to 135°, executive chair made of ...
229 Reviews
Daccormax office chair ergonomic, desk chair with adjustable headrest, armrests, lumbar support, swivel chair rocker function up to 135°, executive chair made of ...
  • 【Ergonomic office chair】 The S-shaped backrest and rotating headrest (11cm, 120° rotation) of the desk chair offer a ...
  • 【What is adjustable】 With the 45 ° rocker function, you can relax well on this office chair for a moment and then continue ...
  • 【High-quality materials】 The seat cushion of the office chair is made of high-quality sponge. It is moderately soft and hard...
  • 【Safe and stable】 The Ergonomic Office Chair gas spring has BIFMA and SGS certification and a static ...
  • 【Assembly and service】 This office chair is easy to install, with integrated instructions, requires tools such as ...
Bestseller no. 3
SIHOO office chair Ergonomic desk chair, swivel chair has adjustable lumbar support, headrest and armrest, height adjustment and rocker function, ...
11.666 Reviews
SIHOO office chair Ergonomic desk chair, swivel chair has adjustable lumbar support, headrest and armrest, height adjustment and rocker function, ...
  • ★ [Ergonomic Design] 5 ergonomic settings help you find the most comfortable sitting position for long periods of sitting. The...
  • ★ [BREATHABLE MESH BACKREST] The high-quality mesh backrest is elastic and wicks sweat and moisture away by ...
  • ★ [CUSHIONED SEAT] The W-shaped seat ensures a central sitting position. The front edge of the seat is waterfall-shaped...
  • ★ [HIGH QUALITY & EASY ASSEMBLY] This home office chair passed the BIFMA test and the 1136kg static pressure test ....
  • ★ [100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE] Customer satisfaction is our constant motivation. If you have quality problems with the SIHOO office chair...

Is there a foundation product test ergonomic office chair test?

In the issue 02 / 2017 Stiftung Warentest has published a review of ergonomic office swivel chairs. The office chairs, which were well cut in this test, were certified as having good ergonomics. The tested models of the ergonomic office chairs of the companies Topstar and Amstyle ended up well in the top five places. As Ergonomic office chair test winner from this test, the Volmar office chair from Ikea emerged. The only drawback: The Ikea chair has no armrests.

Youtube Video Tip: Ergonomic workplace office chair and table set properly | Test Chiargo furniture store

At the end...

Ergonomic office chairs are a must for any office. You sit comfortably on them for many hours. With the many adjustment options, it can be individually adjusted to its user and thus supports a healthy posture. That's why you should possible ergonomic office chair professional models buy, they meet all requirements for a healthy sitting position and prevents postural damage.

Other recommended ergonomic office swivel chairs selected for you

Which office chair ergonomically earned in the Comparing the top spot?

The article became the front runner in the ranking for the top spot Office chair Ergonomic hjh OFFICE Office chair Executive chair which has successfully prevailed against 5 other competitors.

Who are the manufacturers that compare the products in the office chair ergonomically produce?

Many different manufacturers offer office chairs ergonomically. To give you the best possible overview, we have ergonomically compared products from well-known brands in our office chair HJH, Amstyle design, Topstar, Amstyle design and Topstar selected for you.

Who had in the office chair ergonomically comparison of the best price-performance ratio?

Customers who want to shop particularly price-consciously benefit from our ergonomic comparison office chair from the price-performance winner Office chair Ergonomic AMSTYLE office chair MILANO in which the price and the offered service are presented in a particularly favorable relation.

What products from the office chair ergonomic comparison of are expensive, which ones are affordable?

In the Ergonomic office chair Products in an exquisite version, the costs are correspondingly high and are with us up to a proud price of 309,00 € to find. On the other hand, you can already start the articles in the lower price category 249,90 € magazine.

Which office chair ergonomic manufacturer was made with which office chair ergonomic products by the editorial staff of included?

In which chronology were ergonomically compared in the office chair the products classified?

Which office chair ergonomically top products were when Comparison still presented?

Among the presented ergonomic office chair articles, there is one with the best price-performance ratio in addition to the comparison winner in first place. The remaining articles, like Office chair Ergonomic hjh OFFICE Office chair Executive chair, Office chair Ergonomic AMSTYLE, office chair, Bari, black or Office chair Ergonomic Head Point RS including armrests are also among the currently most popular bestsellers.



Office chair ergonomic Buy recommendation

We show you in our Ergonomic office chair Test & comparisonhow you the best Ergonomic office chair Buy product

Hi guys, my name is Gabriel. My hobby is electronics, hardware store & household. As a technology freak, I am enthusiastic about everything that has to do with video, audio or TV and computer technology, as well as smartphones and cameras. They are part of my everyday life professionally and also privately.

Since I know that not everyone is familiar with this profession, I want to help you with my articles to deal with articles from this industry something. That's why I have the author as well Office chair ergonomic comparison written. My Top 5 selection, should bring you closer to these articles.

My guide text with my purchase recommendations should make your selection easier. My tip: If you have the Ergonomically buy office chair online you want, you can raussuchen you the best price, achievement relationship.

I hope I could with you Office chair ergonomic Purchase advice make the decision for the right choice easier. If my article was interesting for you, I would be very happy about your response, especially if you already have one Office chair ergonomic test have done.

My portal is always open for you and not only for praise but also for your experiences.

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If you are on the YouTube video portal real and concrete information about our products Ergonomic office chair search, this source of information gives you direct access to the appropriate video clips.

On the platform of The Amazon You can discover almost every product you want to buy online. So you will find this too Ergonomic office chair Product on Amazon. At the same time, many more articles can be found for your search on this portal.

Ebay is one of the world's largest online marketplaces where you can also discover our articles. Next to the Ergonomic office chair from commercial traders you will also find the Ergonomic office chair as used items from private sellers

Best recommendation

Office chair Ergonomic hjh OFFICE Office chair Executive chair

4.9 / 5 - (174 votes)
Price-performance winner

Office chair Ergonomic AMSTYLE office chair MILANO

4.8 / 5 - (142 votes)

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